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Masters in IT from Monash University Student gives Web Development lessons to High School and Uni Students

This course introduces students to basic web design using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The course does not require any prior knowledge of HTML or web design. We will use a html/css text editor to type the code and test it on the browser. I believe in "Learning By Coding....

Mermaid Waters
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Queensland University of Technology 4th year student gives programming lessons to high school or uni student in Brisbane or Gold Coast

With my experience as a private tutor. As long as you're willing to learn and have the strong passion about the subject. Approach me and I will give you the best tips and at the end of the day you will learn something that you've never learnt it before.

Aditya vikram
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University of Melbourne graduate student gives programming lessons to high school and university students

Everyone is welcome to my lessons, from students who just started programming for the first time, to students who already have some background and are looking for more advanced concepts. Languages like C++ or Java are just a means to the end, the key part is understanding the underlying logic and structure of computer programs.

East Devonport
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Software/Web Coder based in North West Tas. Graduate of BAComp Honours Degree.

Lessons will be based on any previous experience for each student. From there, the type of lessons will be based on the student's requirements. The student will be guided through several stages of building on their existing skills. The lesson structure will vary from session to session as needed in order to give the ideal guidance for each student.

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I am ICT Professional from Dubai, I have developed Education Management System and Many Web Control Panel. I am Owner of ICT Consultant company in Dubai which is working for Companies from Denmark and

My practical experience with real time examples and samples makes me excellent teacher. During my Professional Life I trained top System Integrator and Retails for Streaming Server and New latest technologies in Dubai. Also I exhibit for Taiwanese and Danish companies.

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Data Scientist @ University of Sydney, ex-Facebook programmer comfortable teaching any level.

I dissect advanced concepts down to its core. In essence, a computer takes some data as an input, process the data and gives an output. That's it! We have created functionalities on this ground to add more capabilities. You will learn some of the computer science fundamentals that I struggled with, but you won't.

Hoppers Crossing
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Diploma of IT graduate teaching web, virtualisation and some programming to students

I am a recent graduate with a Diploma in Information Technology from Melbourne Polytechnic. My lessons would be geared towards high school students and diploma students or anyone with a genuine interest in IT. The lessons would be taught one on one in person. Small groups are also an option.

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Web Development - From Beginner To Expert (Suitable for students ages 12 and over)

Starting from the Basics of HTML , CSS and JavaScript each lesson is designed to help students learn the fundamentals introducing advanced topics with each lesson engraving the core concepts of web development. Upon completion my students will gain the skills necessary to create and develop their own web apps.

Glen Huntly
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Swinburne University Student gives computer sciences lessons to needy students in Melbourne

I prefer teaching a practical approach to students so that they can remember things.

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Professional software engineer - teaching and tutoring in web programming. inc. Javascript, HTML, CSS

I have 5 years industry experience, working in companies such as Google and international experience working in London for a year. Throughout my 5 years in my industry I have: - Mentored students at General Assembly. - Run workshops in the Sydney community. - Given talks internationally. I enjoy breaking down problems and explaining things so that anyone can understand.

Box Hill
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RMIT Master Student helps high school and uni students to excel in computer skills

I believe in interactive teaching. I mainly focus on involving the student through activities and group discussions. I believe students learn easily with examples and practice. So, i would adopt teaching with examples and let them practice as much as they can through short exercises to master the subject.

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I'm a French freelancer in software development (Web and Android), and I also mentor students on E-Learning platforms.

I don't have a rigid way of sharing knowledge. I like to know my students, how they think, what are their objectives. While teaching I like to keep things practical, I think the best way to transfer knowledge is by exchanging with my students and putting things into application.

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Master of IT student giving lesson in coding languages such as C++ and web development

I prefer teaching the concepts so that the student develops a more holistic understanding of the subjects. Conceptual knowledge is given more importance than theoretical knowledge as it would be required in the long run. Always clear basic first before going to advance level, so that the student feels more comfortable.

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Programming/Coding and Web Development Lessons in Bunbury WA- From a Cert IV in Digital Media Studies

Contact me for programming or web development lessons. Beginner coding/programming or web development. Python, Java or C for general purpose programming. Or HTML/CSS/JavaScript for web development. We can discuss a lesson plan or project based on goals. Sometimes it helps to have somebody guide you in the right direction.

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Hobart CBD, uTas ICT students giving HTML lessons to individuals and groups

I dont have an exact teaching method. But i'll start with everything general related to my chosen subject. then step by step increasing the knowledge and work. i would also prefer researches in this specific area so it will be a win-win for both student and teacher.

Sunnybank Hills
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I am an ICT Professional looking to share my knowledge in Information technology

All learning is based on real world application, i prefer to teach with examples that make the students gain an interest. Individual attention is a mandate rather than a good to have.

Banu prakash
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Experienced software professional from the industry shares his knowledge & experience to students in Sydney

I consider teaching as a journey. As a teacher my role is to be an enabler of it not an enforcer. I share the concepts by exemplifying them making them easier to follow.

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Computer Science graduate; ready to teach computer basics, programming and web development.

Normally, I'll start the course with a course outline; comprising of all the areas to be covered with a timeline and any reference material. Classes sessions then follow as planned with tests every 4-6 iterations or after every topic. I encourage my students to read ahead and to ask as my questions as possible. I always prefer practical lessons/demonstrations over lectures, where possible.

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Senior Software Developer with more than 10 years of experience in ASP.Net (C#,VB.Net), MVC, Javascript Frameoworks like (JQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS) and Databases like SQL Server.

My methodology is based on interactive learning. Students can best learn any concept when they get to do hands-on. Depending on the level of student, I have plan for each course.

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I am computer teacher i have strong knowledge of computer science. i have been doing my master in networking

my teaching methodology is problem based. i would like to give specific problem to the students and focused them to solve that problem so that they can easily get solution of it in next attempt.

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UTAS IT student here to help you increase you computer skills no matter your educational level.

I approach each topic practically. I give many assignments to students where they can research and practice their programming skills. I like to have lessons planned beforehand. I also provide students with useful resources to help them build their skills.

North Albury
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Programmer with MIT degree to teach the Java Based Groovy language and Grails framework. Groovy is both easy and groovy. Will help you to set up your own Linux development machine. Albury and Wodonga.

Learning programming is hands-on. You will need a machine that can be set up to do what's needed. Of course, there's learning the basics from books, too. I will also teach you to deploy your applications to commercial hosts or your own machine.

Hampstead Gardens
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Web and Mobile developer offering tutoring in all things programming and development

I start with the basics which includes structure, logic and problem solving skills. We would build an application in the field of your interest with the possiblility that it would be a complete usable system ready for use in a production environment.

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Friendly, self taught coder to give you a fun introduction to coding with Python

I tailor each lesson to the individual based on their current knowledge, how they learn and what their aims are. You will find me to be a great listener, and able to explain concepts clearly in a way that you can understand.

Vermont South
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Master in Information Technology student with expertise in python and web development in Melbourne

I love to share my knowledge in practical way as far as possible. The students I prefer are those who have keen curiosity to learn the lessons and have wish to know about their applicability in the real life scenario.

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Software Engineer specialising in cutting edge front-end technologies ready to help you learn to program :)

I prefer to tailor lessons to every student by first understanding their individual goals. My teaching philosophy is to try give you and understanding of the underlying concepts so you can implement them in your own work or study. That means any theory learnt will be coded right away, NO rote learning, NO theory you don't use.

Saint Marys
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A software engineer with outstanding performance in academics wishes to share her skills

I provide online classes via Skype .I teach a particular topic starting from it's root with simple basic stuff, then move forward towards complex things.I acknowledge each person has different learning capabilities and I can mould my teaching methodology accordingly.

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Learn PHP, HTML, Javascript, css from a experienced developer in Bathurst NSW

My teaching method is face to face determining what the client requires then providing help based on the clients requirements. Training is unique to each client.

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RMIT Software Engineering students gives programming lessons to any students in Melbourne.

I show you what you can do with programming and let you do exciting projects while giving you guidelines on best industry practices. I believe the best way to learn is by building something you are excited about so you do not get bored.

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UniSA student is willing to teach web programming and basic operations of a computer such as internet surfing, Microsoft office and database functioning.

My teaching methodology is the delegator where I observe my student participation, organize group learning and provide a personal consultation to achieve their individual learning objectives. I prefer open questions and entertaining environment to encourage one another in the group for effective learning.

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Perfect! My first time coding, so a lot that I don't know. Suraj was able to explain python coding clearly, and most of the codes he demonstrated were beginner friendly, which helped a lot in solidifying my understanding. Thanks very much, intend to get...

Ken, Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! the best teacher ever! I've hired Lydia as soon as I got a reply which was almost instant. I have engaged her in a weekly tutoring on python since then. I intend to continue for a while. Lydia's is highly competent and knows a lot about programming!

Gayan, Student
10 months ago
(1 review)

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