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Surry Hills
(5 reviews)
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Sydney uni student would like to give private IT lesson for all degrees and all ages

I need to see what you have been learning at school first then I would find a probable way to teach you. I would like to use the internet to find a Maths problem. About IT, I know a lot of algorithms and the way how to approach to find the solution for a problem.

North Melbourne
(4 reviews)
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Experienced student in computer science focusing on computational linguistics helps with programming of all kinds around University of Melbourne

Everyone you meet in your life can be a teacher to you, everyone can show you a different perspective. I have studied at four different universities and that's why this is an excellent opportunity for us to learn a bit from each other.

Sri vallabh
1st lesson free !

UniMelb data science student providing lessons on programming languages like python, java and markup language HTML

Learning a programming language can be a tricky thing if one doesn't puts their heart into it. The way I learned them was through practice every day and one can never be perfect at it, people keep learning new things everyday, they way I approach it is by giving lessons on certain topics and then give the student a homework to work on and then they will be graded based on the code.

Mill Park
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Gain practical teaching experience with a Deakin University's masters student pursuing Data Analytics in Melbourne.

My method is to work by examples in real life making students grasp things much easily and also help them remember it more easily. Suppose for a lesson I would divide the context into separate sections of consistent interests and then explain it in the easiest and relatable format possible.

Hampton Park
1st lesson free !

Currently doing my master in data science in Monash university Majors in computer science

My Teaching methodology is teaching a person with giving practical examples. I try my best so the student can understand but the student has to do a practical and homework.

1st lesson free !

University lecturer with 35 years management and teaching experience available for online tutoring in Python, artificial intelligence and basic computer principles. Step by step guidance provided with

Thoroughly real world in approach, combined with deep insight and decades of experience in guiding students to ace their assignments and seeing them succeed in their careers on graduation. Exams and assignment focused, I will guide you in strategic exam techniques and customised assignment guidance and tips to maximise your potential and grades for your assignments.

East Melbourne
1st lesson free !

Computer engineer helps graduate students with assignments for computer science subjects or coding challenges in java or python.

I am passionate about coding and problem solving using data structures and algorithms. I intend to give programming lessons to students along with the basic concepts of computer science fundamentals.

Mermaid Waters
1st lesson free !

Queensland University of Technology 4th year student gives programming lessons to high school or uni student in Brisbane or Gold Coast

With my experience as a private tutor. As long as you're willing to learn and have the strong passion about the subject. Approach me and I will give you the best tips and at the end of the day you will learn something that you've never learnt it before.

1st lesson free !

Experienced University Senior Lecturer tutoring IT courses from basic computer to advance courses such as Database, Programming, Website Design, Windows Server and more .....

I can instruct project management skills、programming language ( Visual Basic、C、C++、Java )、database (Access、SQL)、Windows Server 2012 network management 、network security、website design ( Dreamweaver CC、ASP、PHP and MySOL )、data structure、multimedia、e-business and computer softwares.

Brisbane City
1st lesson free !

Electrical & Computer Engineer | Ethical Hacker | Embedded Systems Developer | Lead instructor at Junior Engineers

University standard lecture materials with active and engaging challenges. Programming is just speaking out loud of your thinking.

1st lesson free !

Majors in computing from IIT Delhi gives programming lessons in a variety of languages like python, c, c++, AI

I usually explain the concept first and then ask/help/promote students to work on the same concepts. This gives them a better understanding of concepts.

Edmondson Park
1st lesson free !

Computer Subjects Tutor and Senior Software Engineer proficient in multiple programming languages

My teaching method is very flexible, and is tailored depending upon the specific needs of the student and the previous knowledge they have of subject. I can teach from complete basics to advance and latest topics of the subject. My sessions are quire interactive to know how much the other person is able to get the things I am teaching.

Byron Bay
1st lesson free !

Bachelor graduate in Computer Sciences and Master student in Visual Computing & Games Technology gives individual programming lessons in Byron Bay

I would like to completely focus on what you want to achieve and therefore build each lesson exactly for your needs. You would have to send me a brief description of your problem or a wished topic to discuss in order for me to be able to thoroughly prepare beforehand. Please do not shy away if you are a total beginner as I am more than willing to teach you everything I have learnt so far.

1st lesson free !

Learn from a programmer who has decades of experience, both as a coder and as a trainer.

Foundations: All subjects need to be discussed using the correct terms and rules. This is particularly important when working with ICT topics. Definitions need to be made clearly and as soon as a topic is addressed. Keeping notes: I insist on students keeping notes by hand. This improves retention immeasurably.

Kangaroo Flat
1st lesson free !

Michael W Barker trained in Computer Programming in many from Pascal which is able to add programs of other languages into it then C which is good then Basic simple yet is for learning students need t

Have hand outs ready after teaching about developing before Programming then hand outs for them to try out and allow me help were I can as long as we are on same page each time then if MT then have the 15 minutes then teach them A Structured Approach with Design Techniques unless they have this in place they will never be good programmers I also have Cobol and others ARE high level programming...

1st lesson free !

I am ICT Professional from Dubai, I have developed Education Management System and Many Web Control Panel. I am Owner of ICT Consultant company in Dubai which is working for Companies from Denmark and

My practical experience with real time examples and samples makes me excellent teacher. During my Professional Life I trained top System Integrator and Retails for Streaming Server and New latest technologies in Dubai. Also I exhibit for Taiwanese and Danish companies.

1st lesson free !

UTAS Alumni and programming enthusiast based in Hobart looking to share knowledge with interested students

I have a very simple teaching strategy. I believe that whatever I am am teaching it is always significant to focus on the basics. Sometimes we take basics very casually, but with a strong foundation even the most complex issues become easy to handle. I like to teach on individual topics on different days, going granular.

1st lesson free !

Basic Programming Technique, from Introduction to Computer Science from Harvard(online), Darwin, NT

My method of teaching is face to face/ webcam. Fundamental Programing Language cover (Variable, Loops, Functions, data type, logical etc.). Course fallows basic of programing technique and use that technique to build some program which help to grasp the programming method.

1st lesson free !

IT Specialist for basic programming skills for high school and uni students

My teaching style will include two way communication and there will be regular tests (Weekly) to test the progress of the student. A remarkable feedback will be provided to the students and will be taught improvement strategies. I will be more than happy to provide the lessons to the international students.

1st lesson free !

Swinburne Master of Information Technology student give tution on basics of programming and HTML/CSS

Online workshops help students but physically present in the class and having a Q/A session really helps students learn and get the best out of the class

1st lesson free !

Web Development - From Beginner To Expert (Suitable for students ages 12 and over)

Starting from the Basics of HTML , CSS and JavaScript each lesson is designed to help students learn the fundamentals introducing advanced topics with each lesson engraving the core concepts of web development. Upon completion my students will gain the skills necessary to create and develop their own web apps.

West Moonah
1st lesson free !

A tailoring Computer science class which is taught by Jonathan in Hobart

I will find out what the student's knowledge background, and find out his/her strength on studying. then I will customised a method to teach him/her to understand the computer science knowledge in most suitable and efficient way.

1st lesson free !

IT student at Deakin University gives programming lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

I approach topic by topic and cover them in such a way that they are linked and easy to understand by the students. I like to make study interesting because in that way the students also want to learn something different.

1st lesson free !

Software Engineer by profession would like to teach students on Mathematics, computer science and also interested in volunteer school related work

Mathematics for Grade 10 Lesson 1: Algebraic Expressions In this lesson on Algebraic Expressions, we focus on the following: multiplying a binomial by a trinomial, factorizing trinomial, factorizing the difference and sums of two cubes, factorizing by grouping in pairs as well as simplifying, adding and subtracting algebraic fractions with denominators of cubes.

Varsity Lakes
1st lesson free !

Let me help you learn how to create a game or program you would like to make.

First we will need to discover what level you are. I will give you some challenges and see if you can complete them. If you're a total beginner don't worry we will learn the basics to get you up and running in no time. I teach by making fun games and programs. I enjoy teaching and I'm always trying to make it as easy as possible for you to learn new ideas as quickly as possible.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

I'm a French freelancer in software development (Web and Android), and I also mentor students on E-Learning platforms.

I don't have a rigid way of sharing knowledge. I like to know my students, how they think, what are their objectives. While teaching I like to keep things practical, I think the best way to transfer knowledge is by exchanging with my students and putting things into application.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Passionate Programmer eager to teach anyone interested in Computers. I'm Pursuing Masters in Data Science at The University of Melbourne

I believe in practical learning and understanding. Programming is logical thinking and application. My approach to teaching is relevance to real life scenarios and practical implementation that is easier to understand and also I add in humour to make it easier to recollect concepts. I keep the lessons simple, basic and interesting (hopefully).

Box Hill South
(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Swinburne IT student give basic IT lessons for uni students or school students on weekends.

My teaching method would be one-on-one and practical based. I would demonstrate programmes from basic to complex step by step until students are confident doing them alone. Also, I am very easy to talk to and very understanding that my teaching methods would suit somebody who is willing to learn from the basics.

1st lesson free !

Master of IT student giving lesson in coding languages such as C++ and web development

I prefer teaching the concepts so that the student develops a more holistic understanding of the subjects. Conceptual knowledge is given more importance than theoretical knowledge as it would be required in the long run. Always clear basic first before going to advance level, so that the student feels more comfortable.

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Perfect! Great teacher! Explains everything throughly, very patient. Recommended!

Tetsu, Student
2 weeks ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Dinithi was courteous, more than punctual (arrived ahead of time ) and very gentle with our son. She knew her topics very well and even took some work back home to help him complete his assignment. My son understood her teaching very well and...

Frank, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! Best Algorithms tutor I've ever had, great guy very accommodating. Thanks mate

Augustin, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! Chaitra is very good at teaching computer concepts. I highly recommend this tutor.

Shana, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! Very good tutor, his teaching methods are very nice and easy to understand

Raxa, Student
4 months ago

Perfect! Sai is a great tutor, he helps make concepts very easy to understand by explaining them in multiply ways. He's very patient, professional and experienced. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to take lessons in any type of programming he...

Reema, Student
1 year ago
Sai rama rao
(1 review)

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