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Native Finnish girl giving Finnish/English lessons to anyone interested in Perth area

I want to give lessons to kids who want to either learn Finnish or English. I can also help kids with their homework, with basically any subject. My teaching method is helping with possible homework, learning the vocabulary, fun interactive games, oral conversations, written tasks etc.. Lots of fun exercises to learn the language.

Fortitude Valley
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Native Finnish speaker gives help for language learning for people who are interested in to learn one of most hardest hardest language in the world, FINNISH

I’m interested in to teach people pronunciation, written and spoken language. Based on vocabulary what people liked to learn. I’ll include lessons some culture and general knowledge.

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Enthusiastic teacher and a native Finnish speaker currently in Helsinki. Experience as Finnish as a 2nd language teacher and a language tutor both for children and adults.

Creative, patient and supportive. We can agree together how to work on your or your child's Finnish skills based on your current level and interests. We can have conversations, practice grammar or vocabulary, writing, reading, do exercises or translate songs. With children I know various games and songs to motivate and encourage.

Mona Vale
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23yo finnish traveller happy to teach finnish to all level and age!

Depends on the students age and level but I'd say I use a lot of visual stuff to understand and learn better.

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I am native speaking Swedish Finnish person lived in Australia for 21 years.

Each Student is Unique and i will modify each persons lessons plan to their needs, wants and experience and most of all we will have fun! Now be the envy of all your friends and learn Finnish.

New Farm
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Native Finnish speaker with past tutoring experience gives Finnish lessons to students of any age in Brisbane

I grew up bilingual- speaking Finnish to my mum, and English to my dad. I will teach Finnish to anyone who wants to take on the enjoyable challenge of this Scandinavian language! Depending on the students' prior knowledge of Finnish, I will teach them grammar, pronunciation, written Finnish, and conversational Finnish, and any other help they may need.

El Pueblito
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Finnish teacher teaches Finnish classes in Pueblito, Querétaro with an effective method for a quick learning.

Finnish lady teaches Finnish classes at basic level. The method does not mix different languages, translating for example from Spanish to Finnish but from the first class we use only the Finnish language, occupying different methods like images, gestures and games.

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Achieve a superpower! Finish the Finnish course and learn a secret language! Experienced and effective native teacher!

Firstly. Learning needs to be fun! And I promise you it will be fun, cos I am nothing but fun to learn with! Our methodology depends on what you wish to learn and what your current proficiency in Finnish is. I also want to get an idea of how You learn best.

Tunbridge Wells
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“Study, not to know more, but to know better”, learning Finnish in a good atmosphere!

I like to get to know the students first and find out together the best way to learn and love the language for their own good. So I am all open ears to ideas! I am very openminded and motivated when it comes to tutoring.

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Hello. Moi! I speak 4 languages and one of them is Finnish. Write , read and speak . Fluent .

You learn by speaking it and visualisations help alot. I will trach you yhe meaning of various words and how to communicate with Finnish.

Bromley Common
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A computing student with fluent English and Finnish offering language lessons up to gcse

My teaching method is one to one so I can engage with the student and know they have understood everything.

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Looking to learn Finnish? I've got over 20 years experience of learning and speaking the language!

Did you know that Finnish is not an Indo-European language? That means its grammar and vocabulary are unlike anything you've probably encountered before! Fortunately, its grammar is strong and straightforward, even if unfamiliar, so we'll focus a lot on that.

Greater London
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Native Finnish speaker offering beginners lessons in Finnish language - A* in languages at A-levels

Relaxed teaching at your own pace, with lesson structures and methods to suit you. Some people prefer to start with the basics, others want to know particular things or start with grammar. I am flexible and will fit studies around your needs.

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A native Finnish speaking fashion student in Rochester, Kent offering language tutoring on Finnish language

Due to being just a tutor without any teaching degree I consider the most important way to learn is thrue communication and discussing the assignments thrue

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Double Masters in Finance and Business administration- 10 years of academic experience

I have 10 years of Academic experience with respect to teaching, My idea of teaching holds good with real life scenarios to relate with the conceptual concepts so that my students can grasp quickly. I believe that when you tend to narrate a concept with examples students can relate easily and can remember well.

Greater London
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Learn Finnish from a native Finnish speaker by having fun and interesting online conversations in any topic.

Learning languages can be fun when you talk about everyday topics. We will have a conversation and I will correct your mistakes immediately. This is a relaxed, but effective way of learning.

Parque Residencial Aquarius
Suvi kristiina
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I'm Finnish, and I teach Finnish classes. Now I am working for the Finnish governmental organization. I also speak ingels, swedish, and portuguese.

I base my classes on conversation and student interests. I believe that conversation is the best way to learn any language. I learned Portuguese when I arrived in Brazil and nobody spoke English and I was forced to find ways to speak Portuguese. At first you make many mistakes, but that's why I'm not only a partner in the conversation, but also a teacher who points out the mistake.

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