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💸 How costly is a private French teacher in Adelaide and the surrounding areas?

The average cost of French tuition in Adelaide is $32 per hour.


The rates will differ depending on:

  • the teaching experience and qualifications of the French tutor
  • where your lessons will take place (online, face-to-face, at your place/their place...etc)
  • the frequency of your lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • the over goal of your classes (are you learning French for exam revision, or perhaps you are studying to get a French language qualification)

89% of Superprof tutors give their first lesson free. Check out the rates of our French teachers in your area.

🏅 How many tutors are available in Adelaide to give French lessons?

There are currently 20 private French teachers available for presonalised French courses in Adelaide and its surrounds.


To find your private tutor, read their advert to find out more information about what they're offering.


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Find out about French courses as a native English speaker


In Adelaide, French is seen as no small feat as a language to learn, especially for those whose first language is English. You should however be quick to progress, especially with extra online courses and a native instructor. Like English, Italian and German, French is a very prestigious language and is approved as an official language in various global institutions.


The Alliance Française is the French culture and education body, so they can inform you about small, private classes or larger conversation classes offered all over Adelaide and Australia, so you won't have to go to bigger cities like Melbourne to get a decent French education; you can stay in your home city.


Thanks to its relative similarity with English and Italian, French is often viewed as one of the most practical tongues in Adelaide and Australia for beginners of language learning, requiring fewer teaching hours to master than harder equivalents like German. It's also fun to study and can be studied in a group with a focus on conversation, which keeps your motivation remains high throughout the learning experience. You'll notice improvements in no time, and will see your professional profile improve too, as you become employable in a small amount of time.


Like English, French is spoken in 29 countries, not just in France, meaning you'll find a lot of it online, and in Australia too. Thanks to the global spread of French during the last 400 years, finding a native teacher to assist you to learn face to face or online will be easy.


Content of French Lessons Adelaide


The experience you have in a French lesson will vary depending on your level, however, the main purpose of your study, whether it's for university education in France, formal French, French language for business, or for conversation. The things your tutor may face you within your courses often vary based on what best suits your profile, and what relationship you have to France and what experience you want in your learning.


As a beginner, the very first lessons introduce greetings and simple questions. This is a widely approved means of helping a student learn and feel native in the language themselves, as well as a means of giving you assistance to feel more in contact with the French language, all while complementing school or further studies. Your tutor is in the business to help you learn the language in the most efficient way possible, especially if they're a mother-tongue speaker.


The next step for French education in Adelaide is to learn commands, telling the time, and respond to questions about appearance and location, which improves your conversation skills. Starting slow is necessary, especially since the gendered nature of the language is confusing for English speakers.


Students with a higher level may want to seek a tutor for conversation classes, having already spent time consolidating their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Now might be the time to spend hours improving fluency in these areas, so students of languages at this level in Adelaide or Australia can ask their private tutor to organise their learning experience around this to best maximise their time together. The next step once the tutor has approved your progress here is to consolidate vocabulary and grammar. Then, you will be free to practice conversation with them fluently.


Who Learning French is Suited to


Most people learn French, Italian, English, or German all across their education, from when they are small in primary school, through secondary school, and into tertiary education. It makes sense then that the French language can take you as far as English, as these are always skills that look good on your profile, and can make you stand out of a group in a professional setting. 


Adelaide and Australia are far from the French-speaking world, but the best option is to contact a private tutor here before departing on a trip for face to face conversation. Finding a tutor online can give you a similar experience, and save you hours on a plane while leaving you free to learn in your own time. Your learning should take many forms, and depending on if you want small private classes, large university classes, or your education is more for fun in your free time thanks to your love of languages, there will be a tutor in Adelaide who can help you on your French education journey.


On top of this, a savvy business person could see plenty of opportunity in Canada, Africa, Europe, or the Pacific, and wants to improve their profile by showing their greater cultural insight. The nuances of the French language and culture can be tricky, so if you can refine your listening and speaking skills, this would endear you to clients, and make you sound more like a first language speaker. This kind of rapport building can greatly enhance both your experience and professional profile, and not in a small way either.


Taking French language courses is highly popular and high school and university, as many Francophone countries hold a very high standard of education, and have great university exchange partnerships with institutions in Melbourne and Adelaide. the Alliance Française also organises exchanges, so the availability and prestige of such programs make it clear why French would be so popular for students to learn. Regardless of your level, breadth in language studies has numerous benefits for your education, is a fun experience for a professional and student alike.


The benefits of learning LOTES are wide and far-reaching, as it the ease of starting to learn French as an English speaker. So what are you waiting for? Contact a private Superprof tutor, and colour your life with one of the great love languages, French, in Adelaide today!


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