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North Ward
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Play The Blues - Sax and Harmonica. Degree in Music Performance and Touring Musician.

I believe in first giving the student the basics of expression and what makes a good performance. Listening is key. Technique comes a close second. Engaging the student with the joy and the fun of playing in creative ways is my way. Just telling what they are doing wrong is just wrong.

Ciudad de México
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Classes of diatonic harmonica: starting with the traditional blues and going through classical music and jazz

We will embark on a journey through the world of the harmonica, the history of the instrument, its parts, and music, with the support of several textbooks and audio materials. Indispensable to have a diatonic harmonica in C or G.

Ecole jjr
(2 reviews)
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Guitar lessons, bass, drums, ukulele, harmonica, keyboard, workshops rehearsals approved JJRébillard (Guitar hand) since 1999 in Besançon

Professor of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, ukulele, harmonica approved JJREBILLARD (formerly of Guitar Part) for 15 years. Individually or in pairs during pro from JJR methods, all styles, all levels. (From 7 years).

(8 reviews)

Professional musician gives private lessons of diatonic harmonica on Quimper (theory, technique, repertoire)

Traditional music of oral transmissions (blues, Irish music, traditional French music) and some excursions in jazz, jazz-funk, pop rock and the French and international variety. Theoretical (harmony, modes, pulsation, swing) and practical (repertoire, accompaniment, improvisation, podorythmy ...) approaches are used.


Ed - Brentford - Harmonica

Hello there, I'm looking forward to sharing my lifelong passion for music and teaching with you. Please get in touch! - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach the harmonica, guitar, drums and ukulele - Tell me about your qualifications.

(1 review)
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You can learn to play the blues, and other folk music on the harmonica, impress your friends and enhance your musical understanding. Your instructor from Russell will help you achieve your goals!

I base my lessons around the needs and goals of the individual student, crafting lessons and practice materials that will help them see progress and feel rewarded with the experiencing of learning. I am available for individual or group lessons.

(5 reviews)
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Music Theory and Piano, Málaga Centro, any age and level up to 3 higher.

I am an outgoing girl with a high level of empathy. My classes are especially aimed at students with a problem in music theory, music history, harmony, or even a passage that resists time study piano. I turn at any age from musical pre-induction to the second top, both theoretical and practical matter.

(10 reviews)
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Diatonic harmonica classes in madrid: blues, funk, rock, jazz, swing, manouche, country ... all levels. learn in a fun way and different

Madrid musician gives private classes diatonic harmonica to students of all ages and levels. various styles: Blues, Jazz, Swing Manouche, Funk, Rock, among others. All accompanied by harmony, analysis, encryption, auditory training ... It is not necessary to have previous knowledge of music. The classes are customized and adapted to the needs of each student.

Dr manash
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Got Music????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna Learn ? I can make you learn on an easy way so,lets begin.

My method is that i will plan a lessons for everyone not same lessons to all base on there vocal tacture ill design my lessons to only that particular student,and he should sing the lesson which i gave him in my previous class.

(6 reviews)
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Harmonica Classes - Professor with 25 years of experience and Methodist Blues Harp. Live Classes or Via Skype - Curitiba / PR

Blues Method Harp (Author Bene Chireia) One of the best ways to learn to play an instrument or to perfect your technique is through methods. With the harmonica of mouth could not be different. There are some methods promising miracles with suggestive titles such as "Learn Bagpipes in 3 minutes" on the market.

(5 reviews)
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Passionate and friendly tutor - Love Blues, love playing the harmonica, singing and writing new songs :D

Practice and huge passion are the key points to get better at playing a musical instrument. I would teach basic music knowledge and encouage students to practice more. I will also write songs with the student to develop the sense of music and creativity.

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O come near and get the knowledge' i will give you a tution

in my classes there is peace and i give peace also to them .

Bokaro Steel City
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Harmonica lessons for beginners to step into the magical world of music.

I normally play a chromatic harmonica which is best suited for any type of music. I am comfortable with light indian music. I teach by the method of notations which is best suited for keyboard as well.

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I teach only that students that learn seriously. I give harmonium lessons and also some vocal lesson.

I believe in practical more then theory my motive is only give knowledge not for money but only for happieness

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Harmonia er 7 Sur. Sa re ga ma Pa dha ni sa

Tal hoy Onek dhoroner. jmn kaharba, dadra, trital etc. Rag hoy jmn bhoirab, bilabol etc. Game r thake chondo.

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(1 review)
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Professional musician and youtuber gives vocal and instrument lessons and lessons on music composition.

I'll teach you the fast track method to sing better, play the guitar better and most importantly put your learning to use and create your own songs/tracks. Additionally I can teach lyric writing and working on a studio software and music programming.

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Lessons of chromatic harmonic and improvisation - How to play this instrument so versatile and in most varied musical genres, from pop to jazz to classical music to folk, among others

Regarding the harmonica, I will consider: a) technical issues such as the handling of the instrument, the method of draw and blow; b) musical issues, how the notes are organize on this instrument, the various scales and arpeggios in all tones, phrasing; Regarding the improvisation, I will consider: a) ear training (melodic, rhythmic and harmonic); b) knowledge of harmony (chords and chord...

Porto Alegre
(1 review)
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Harmonica lessons - Professional harmonica player with 15 years of experience. Teaches online.

I have been a professional harmonica player and harmonica teacher for over 15 years. My method focus on the student’s interests. Most of my students start with no prior music knowledge. If this is your case, don’t worry, my lessons are focused on practical study and music theory will be learned by demand.

Greater Noida
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I teach harmonica on line.mora than 20 years of experience in music teaching.

well its a different thing which I decide after seening the level of student.if its a beginner level I start with scales and if its an already learning stage then t I suggest lessons according to the level.

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Indian Classical Music - " It is the language of heart "

Hello, I am Ninad Deshpande i had completed my Graduation , From last five years i learn Indian classical music {flute} from my Guruji Pandit Shripad Kulkarni and also learning. while learning i was observed that the most people learn 2 to 3 months but this music,they do not have petitions and dedication.

New Delhi
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Learn Harmonica mouth organ a wonder instrument in your pocket enjo and have fun

Harmonica is a free wind instrument any body can play age is not at all a factor its only instrument which help you medically as well its a stress killer with a type of yoga i feel music is only bridge between man and God

(2 reviews)
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Diatonic harmonica lessons in Fresnes and surroundings plus Paris by Francois Spannenburg, twice French harmonica champion in 1994 and 1995

My lessons are based on a technical part (by level) and a lot of practice. Being one with the instrument is essential and practice is the only way to master the instrument. I also give a minimum of theory to allow a good understanding of improvisation.

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Students who are interested in playing mouth organ ,i.e., harmonica, any one

I want to teach from basic then i shall start them giving notations

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Hi, I'm Andrea and I've been a guitar teacher for over 20 years in civic and private schools.

Hi, I'm Andrea and I've been a guitar teacher for over 20 years in civic and private schools. My private lessons are for everyone, children and adults. Amateur or professional courses, are customized according to the level and gender of the student.

Colmenar Viejo
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Classes of harmonica Blues in Colmenar Viejo. First steps, improvisation and accompaniment. All levels.

Depending on the initial level, we will propose above all the live playing, rapport with the musicians and above all to contribute what we all have inside learning resources to be able to improvise with elegance and without "giving the note" For all this we will use audios of good bands of blues in which the harmonica is lacking, we will create our own solos with personality and we will learn to...

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I teach Hindustani classical music vocal, flute, keyboard, harmonium etc. I am from Manipal, Karnataka India

I look for the intellectual level of the students in all aspect if it is music or any subject that i want to teach.

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Learn Indian Classical Music / Light Music on Harmonium, Keyboard, (Home Tuition) Accompaniment with Kathak

1st month • Week One – Basic Information about Harmonium and Alankaar 1 to 3 • Week Two – Alankaar #4 to 6 • Week Three – Alankaar #7 to 8 • Week Four – Alankaar #9 to 10 2nd Month • Week One to four – Alankaar #11 to 30 + Few nursery Rhymes 3rd Month • Alankaar #31 to 45 + Few nursery Rhymes + • Starting of Raag Bhoop Astai as well as Antara 4th Month • Raag Bhoop As

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Famous singer , music M.A. , friendly teacher , various reality show winner available for individual and group music training .

unique training system for voice training , you can sing perfectly in tune , contact me for details ,

Jaswant singh
(1 review)
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All students who interested to learn music ,I gives the learning facility

My teaching method is very simple,I teach to play harmonica practicing very easy.I teach theory also .

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