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Planning a hit dance for a party or want learn some new moves to flaunt? Groove with me and learn dance steps/routines - Be it Bollywood, Punjabi, Indian Classical or even Fusion in Sydney, Australia

I first like to understand what my students want to achieve at the end of their classes. Be it learning the basics, learning a completely new dance style, further developing what they already know or just preparing for a performance. My teaching style will vary depending on the comfortability of the student/s and their end goal.

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Indian Classical (Kathak) and Bollywood Dancing in Melbourne for your personal or group performance in events, functions or marriages.

Anyone who wants to dance, from kids to old people. Even f you are forced to perform on any family function, Don't worry..

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Need a Sangeet choreographed? Trained Bollywood & classical dancer gives training for wedding dance lessons

I will have a *free* consulting session with you or your group to understand what you want to achieve for your wedding Sangeet set. The session will include: 1. Discuss theme, audience, time 2. Assess what skills you already have 3. Provide examples of what we can achieve 4. Next steps/ how to move forward I will then come up with a plan of action with song selection and provide you a quote.

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Flinders university student interested in teaching Indian dancing to anyone who is interested in learning

I teach by showing others how the steps are meant to be carried out. If that doesn't help I will also show videos to make sure my student understands how to perform. To begin with, I will firstly make sure everyone is warmed up then I will start the dance lessons.

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I’m a Professional Bollywood dancer specialising in freestyle Bollywood, classical , indo western fusion with a touch of hip hop.

I start with warm up and dance routine with focus on technique and finish with streching and of course fun...

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Murdoch Vet student with a passion for teaching dance and yoga, and sharing my love for them.

Dancing is fun, and I love bringing that enthusiasm to class. I also add elements of yoga for a holistic experience. Based on the students' level of musicality and fitness, I design classes that improve on stamina, fitness, rhythm and technique.

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Bollywood and Indian dance forms near parkside. I am a Gold Medallist

It is a practical subject with knowledge of rhythm and beats. Start with aerobics and stretching and then basics of different dance form whether it is .classical, Bollywood and Folk dance of any Indian state.

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Me passionate about dance and willing to try out various dance style want few members to my dance troop

Always believe a tutor should be nothing but more than a friend. I will be flexible with my hours and is ready to work as a team. Will be approachable and showcase mature charactor. Will be well planned prior to classes.

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Residing at Sandy Bay. From Mumbai, India. Love dancing to Bollywood songs.

I would love to teach any Bollywood/Indian song. My choreography will be interesting but not difficult. It will be basic if needed. Anyone can dance to it. No age, weight, height restrictions. However, a person should be interested in learning.

White Hills
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Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.so i would like to teach dance for the children.....

I am not a dance teacher,but i love dance ....i practice dance.....i teach dance .....dance is simply Equal to my life.the method of teaching will be very simple...my dance floor will be always for kind of students....for me age is not a big deal for me...the teaching is not based on timetable ... because dance is a kind stress reliever.. etc...

New Town
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Hey guys.. I teach bollywood dance i used to teach in India.. now i am looking forward to teach in Hobart

I can teach any song which you want to learn. Time would be flexible no specific alloted time, it can be as per your time availability Even i do teach for functions Such as marriages, engagements,or any other functions Bollywood dance is just fun to learn.

Saint Kilda East
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Akshatha teaches Indian Classical Dance, KATHAK in Melbourne.Akshatha is a graduate in Kathak ,Experienced Indian classical Dancer with 17 yrs of rigorous training and performance

Email me on (concealed information) to get in touch(Sometimes the request button on the app does not work due to software issues) Depending on the experience and interest of the student , the course is customized specifically for each student to cater best to each one. Students are also taught to write notation and also learn to sing with taals.

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I am aparna studying at Murdoch University...loves to teach dance..with experience more than 10 years.

The best convenient method preferred by the student.I will suggest more practise than words . Practise makes things perfect. I will train the the student being a friend not as a senior or a teacher. Will be loyal and trust worthy.

Fortitude Valley
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Unique, attractive and expressive dancing with different unbelievable dance forms in Brisbane

1. in starting, i teach them to let them know what is dancing. 2. toward, i'll teach them how to express their selves 3. finally, i will teach them the unique style which probably make them unique then others 4. main aim is to be happy while you dance. FEEL IT.

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La Trobe Business student is giving Dancing lessons because I have a crazy passion for dancing.

Hi I am Tejaswini Patil.I love dancing.My teaching method for dancing Is pretty simple.You watch and learn. I will make sure that my students will learn the whole choreography in very less time. And I will monitor and teach each and everyone individually.

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Psychology student giving dance therapies ;)w ehn moody just move your booty!

My teaching method is usually based on feels, what dance demands is feels and not steps always.Dance is an expression and not perfection. Though some of my methods include Freestyling, hand movements , body and hip movements.The main focus is always on waist movements.

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Trained Kathak and Street jazz dancer giving lessons by choreographing a mix of Kathak, Belly dance, bollywood dance and jazz.

My teaching method is teaching like a friend but a strict friend because discipline comes first. But from my past experiences, my students have always loved coming to my classes and I make sure that my student start loving what they are doing.

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Student of Macquarie University in Sydney all set to share her Bharatanatyam dance knowledge with people who are interested in learning the art form

I follow a very traditional method of teaching dance where in you will start with exercises to warm up your body for further intense dance curriculum

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A fusion of Bollywood, Afro, HipHop and House dancing is what you will witness in my classes

My teaching is very simple but highly technical. My choreographies are mostly based on the character of the music and this way the steps are very creative and fun to watch and dance for it. This way people who are really looking forward to loosen up can start being more out-spoken in dance and can be more confident.

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Authentic Bollywood Choreographer and Instructor from Bollywood Film Industry direct from Mumbai, India

My teaching style is all about having fun. I have worked with experienced professional Bollywood film stars and dancers as well as absolute beginners, so no matter what your skill level is I can teach you the proper style and technique that will have you walking away feeling like a Bollywood superstar.

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Tap your feet and move your body with ANUSHKA! LEARN THE JOY OF DANCE:-)


1st lesson free !

My main intention is to make student feel happy, cheerfull and self-confident.

First and foremost I make comfort zone with students , so that I can take class in which they can participate and learn warmly. The n I make them learn basics and the history and essence of dance style and finally I start teaching them.

Trinity Gardens
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University of Adelaide student gives Indian classical (bharathanatyam) dance lessons for adults and adolescents

I start off with basic stretches. I always believe in slow progess when it comes to dance, so i do not rush my students. My teaching involves practicals and theory. I'd prefer students who come for classes on their own interest than being forced to do so. The practical aspects involves dancing and the theory would involve culture and history of the art form, bharathanatyam.

Melton South
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Being an Indian, I can tell you I’m good at Indian dance. I can teach you bollywood, bhangra and many other dance forms.

I’m Meelu. I’m from india i’m here on a student visa currently i’m studying in deakin university doing bachelors of animation and motion capture I’ve completed my high school in india and secured 72%.

Hoppers Crossing
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La-trobe cybersecurity student teaches dance to everyone would love to learn dancing.

just enjoy the music and u ll start dancing. My mantra is dance to express not to impress. so dance to enjoy and u ll love doing it. dance to stay fir and healthy. it will keep you always happy.

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I am an Indian student and i know various dance forms like Bhangra, Bollywood dance, Break dance etc. Moreover, I will be very happy if i will get a chance to teach my dancing skills to other person o

my teaching methodology is very simple. I starts each and every step from the basics, Firstly, i starts some exercise with my students , so that they can feel good as well as energetic.

Glen Waverley
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Student administrator (Casual) & key dance event organizer in Clarinda Council’s Women’s Community.

-Lesson planning -Pre-testing of prior knowledge, skills, understanding, and age -Effective teaching method -Clear explanations which are understood by the students -The safe progression begins with a warmup and stretching -Positive teaching environment- Supportive, encouraging and non-threatening -Encourage self-expression and creativity -Making time with the student to give assessments...

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I am an indian classical dancer(Bharathnatyam),I can teach single or group of students

I am teaching adavus (steps) at first,once all steps finished then start to teach dance (song). I teach students by singing song myself.Once children ok with that ,then slowly start to audio. I can teach online also and directly too.

Paris 11e
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Dance classes at home, EVJF, opening of ball, private lessons and birthday

I am David Issaly, I come to offer you my services as a professional dancer, I currently give 30 lessons per week in all Ile de France, I teach hip-hop, break dance, salsa, street jazz, modern Jazz.

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WINNER of Best Dancer Award gives classes to students in a fun way

My teaching method is by first starting with the basics. knowing the meaning of the dance and then learning the formation smoothly. It is essential to be an energetic atmosphere to have a great outcome in this field, I believe in that.

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