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Professionally trained makeup artist teaching natural beauty, vintage, drag & glamour makeup in a trans inclusive environment.

I teach my classes by demonstrating the effect and explaining the technique, then guiding the client through recreating it themselves.

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I Dr.Nitika gives essential and important lessons on health , life style and medicine and have 3 years of teaching experience.

My teaching methodology is both practical and theoretical and i give main emphasis on how to increase the intellect of student with the subject knowledge.

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Experienced trainer for tuition in all aspects of Beauty therapy available in Newcastle area.

I am able to engage with students of all ages and abilities. I have a good sense of humor . The most successful training links theoretical components to practical skills and I feel that I achieve this.

Charles Sturt University
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Self taught makeup artist wanting to teach others the beauty of makeup

My teaching method is learning my experience and practice.

Mount Hawthorn
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American backpacker willing to help you master your basic or professional skills in Perth

My teaching method will be based solely on what your strengths and weaknesses are, let’s have a chat first so I can help you effectively

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19 year old German Girl, teaching Make-up Skills and Tricks. Have been doing Make- up for 8 years now.

A lot of practicing. Showing, explaining. Also teaching what colors do match to your face. What proportions your face have and how to embrace your features.

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Basic Makeup - Day and night - Sydney/ CBD surroundings I studied different styles of makeup in Colombia with L.A Girls and continued to learn new techniques, I like to teach how to prepare the ski

In basic makeup, the most important thing is to know what your needs are and your important points. - Know your face and know what makeup style is right when you start. - Begin to know the types of faces, eyes, and lips. - Make-up for day or night - Make-up for day to day or casual. - Corrections and contours. -Cold or warm tones.

Carrum Downs
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Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist Make Up Services Graduate offering lessons in Carrum Downs.

I use practical application and demonstration on models to give an extensive knowledge on make up skills. You can opt to sit in on the demonstration, take notes and then either recreate the look on our model or head home and go over the demonstration yourself. I can also offer solely theoretical lessons on colour matching and industry terminology for an additional $20 .

Mount Annan
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Sydney girl gives lessons on easy simple makeup for male and female

My teaching methods will be demonstrated, with follow me tutorials and links to YouTube videos and articles backing up my knowledge

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I can give you skills, tips & tricks I have gained from my own experiences.

Every individual has there own learning style & I work with each person differently so they can gain as much knowledge as possible.

Box Hill
Ratna ayu
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Learn to Mastering Make Up Fast with Easy Steps and Affordable Price

With a good tricks and techniques everyone can be an artist, I'll teach you how to maximize your make up skills with minimum equipment :)

Port Noarlunga
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Port Noarlunga resident is a Beauty Therapy student is willing to give lessons in person and online

I am 21 years old and has experience in makeup for teens and young adults. I would start with the make up basics, what make up you personally need or want. What make up is better suited for your age and skin type. Teaching different ways to apply aspects of make up.

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Self taught MUA with 4 years experience gives cheap lessons in comfort of own home

I usually like my students to tell me what they want to learn about and the experience they want to get out of our session/s.

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I have 4+ years of experience in teaching basic as well as professional makeup. I have been certified from Christine Valmy International Academy of Beauty.

I customise my classes based on the students' requirement. I teach them the various techniques of makeup giving them a hands on practice plus an in depth knowledge of the products available in the market and the recent trends.

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Professional and qualified makeup Artist in your Service. Around North Greenwich Area!

Always to start off with basics. Hygiene, allergies etc. is the most important information you need to obtain first. Then moving forward with skin care and makeup application. By the end of my course you will learn- Day look, Evening look also I provide bridal.

(3 reviews)
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Learn to Flatter Your Features with a Cosmetics Hobbyist who has 19 Years Non-professional Experience

I would start by asking what the client wants to learn specifically and what type of look(s) they want to explore. Then I would identify the facial features of the client such as face shape, warm or cool skin undertone, etc. Then I would demonstrate techniques with different types of cosmetic products that would flatter the features of the client.

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I am a professional make-up artist and I can teach you everything I know about products, professional techniques, facecharts and skin care.

I create study plans adapted to the needs and requests of the student, taking into account time availability and personal and / or professional expectations. Start the classes with a test to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the student.

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Licensed Cosmetologist and Educator providing accurate state-board written and practical test prep.

My teaching methodology is by thorough explanation. I like to take procedures step by step and assure the students can reiterate what is being taught. Then I use repetition to make sure the information is being retained. Once complete, I have the students demonstrate what they have learned and then correct where needed.

Dr ankita
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I believe all women are pretty but with the right make up they become pretty powerful. - Bobbi brown And I am here to guide you towards subtle yet attractive skin

I would be sharing skin related hacks and tips. Would be putting up videos also Can teach online. Or the students can come to my place. You can also check my you tube channel.

(2 reviews)
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Fashion makeup artistry student skills, tips and tricks of the trade class

Everybody has varying techniques and ways in which they learn I prefer to ask the individuals how they personally learn best and then use this to their advantage. I like to keep things interesting and exciting.

1st lesson free !

Makeup lover with experience with various products and methods gives makeup advice

My teaching method is relaxed, but focused. I approach teaching with passion, but I also look at it as a responsibility. I love to clearly describe and teach each student a certain topic to where they can show me how to do it without any help.

(7 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Experienced and talented make up and hairdressing tutor in the North West

My teaching methods are constructive, confident and supportive ensuring people have fun training for a new rewarding career in industry

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Everyone is beautiful in their own way but make up is only the thing to enhance your beauty. To change a lifestyle by your looks and to look beautiful in your own way.

My teaching method is based on the candidates and the type of methodology they want and in what they are comfortable.

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Certified Participant of Change Alfian Make Up Class by Trivia (Jambi Based)

I will make it fun and very easy. I believe that make-up is not about the brand or how expensive the product we use. Make-up is the way or technique we apply the product so that later the beauty from within us can emanate.

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Learn beauty skills from the screen of your computer from the comfort of your home

I build in what people already know and then develop their skills from there I prefer online teaching as I can talk to you from the comfort of your home and make this environment a comfortable place to talk about your beauty questions.

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Learn professional makeup by a Certified Event Makeup Artist. For all people, learn all types of makeup basics to advanced skills.

I teach concepts and fundamentals first then give a practical demonstration on how to apply those concepts and fundamentals practically, then students practise and i help them to become masters.

1st lesson free !

Wake up and make up with me and be the amazing you want to be

I am offering to tech you everything you need to know from basic to complex rules and application tips to enjoy and encourage your creative instincts. Look fantastic and feel even better, confidence is key but to be confident takes inner desire to thrive in a very social world.

1st lesson free !

Magical transformation on your personality through self grooming courses. Anytime available.. Hurry...

I teach students by theoretical and practical both till they didn't understand the topic by taking examples of there day to day life and understanding first there level till what level they know about any topic and then moving further with any topic.

Grootfontein Country Estates
(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Hairdressing and cosmetology student giving classes for cosmetology and always ready to provide extra help and knowledge for learners that need it.

Ill provide one on one classes and if needed demonstrate how to use certain products and i give extra tips and needed knowledge on products..

1st lesson free !

Make up artist with an experience in London Academy, now tutoring in Loughborough

My groups were around 9 people of different ages and backgrounds and lessons were held the following way: 1.5 hours of theory where I talk and then 1.

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