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Personal Life Coach in Australia

Why should I see a personal life coach?

Have you recently been feeling like your life could use a little more direction, or that you feel you are drifting through your days without a drive or a goal? These are some of the many questions people ask themselves before finding a personal life coach to help guide them through aspirational personal goals. You may even already have a strong drive and desire to achieve what you set out to do, but in today’s busy modern world it can be difficult to find the direction you need to make the most of your personal drive without the help of a dedicated personal life coach.

It is important to consider what you aspire to achieve in terms of your own personal goals. You may desperately be wanting to improve your basic ability to be organised generally throughout your life, or feel that you could improve your ability to socialise and make friends. Investigating the benefits of having a personal life coach is a start to discovering how you can improve and develop your connection to yourself and appreciation for what you are capable of doing.

How do I find the right personal life coach?

Finding the right personal life coach for you is a part of the experience in knowing how to best utilise the time, wisdom and advice of your life coach. Superprof has a great number of experienced and certified life coach practitioners. Everyone has a unique and different personality but it is essential that you find a life coach who is able to listen to your needs and concerns. It is a life coach’s responsibility to take on board your dreams and personal growth goals. Life coaches are able to do this by listening to your aspirations and tailoring a self-growth program that is appropriate and effective for you. Superprof has many different life coaches available to you, simply peruse their profiles and contact a life coach who sounds like they would be a fit for you!


Deciding to invest your time in seeing a personal life coach is already a clear sign that you are an individual who is interested in self-exploration and achieving goals that you have envisioned you can be capable of. Having a personal life coach can function as that little extra push you may have needed to achieve those goals. A life coach is someone who you will engage with who believes you can be the best “you” you can be. Your life coach will be able to listen to you and acknowledge your emotions and help you identify what aspects of your life you are able to be your strongest self in. Discovering your strongest self is a beautiful way to carry that energy that is already a part of you into all aspects of yourself and your busy life.

What are the benefits of having a personal life coach?

There are many different benefits that you can experience from finding a life coach, it can be difficult trying to manage all aspects of your busy and multifaceted life. Seeing a life coach can assist you in your own self-management, which can include but is not exclusive to; your physical wellness, mental wellness, stress management, positive manifestation and thought, as well as personal fulfilment. A life coach is someone who will be able to teach you how to facilitate your own techniques of managing your approach and attitude towards life, and ultimately your happiness and overall satisfaction.


An important part of having a life coach is your desire to manifest positive thoughts and thinking into fruition. Without a positive mindset, it can be a struggle to focus on your basic physical and mental wellness, deciding to see a life coach regularly could change this. With the assistance of a life coach, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn the best ways in which to look after and care for yourself. Focusing on the wellness of the mind and body can be the first step towards feeling successful in all aspects of your life. It can also be beneficial to regularly see a life coach and discuss your concerns as well as aspirations as they will be someone detached from your immediate social circle. Having a life coach, not within your immediate social circle allows you to consider your life and the aspects of it you would like to develop further in a critical and reflective manner.

How does finding a life coach assist in my future career opportunities?

Having access to your very own life coach can assist you in your career opportunities by helping you to improve your essential life skills. These essential life skills can include abilities such as; self-organisation, time management, stress regulation and your aptitude for committing to and completing tasks and goals. Another aspect of life coaching to consider is the possibility of going on to provide life coaching services for others! If you find that having your own personal life coach has provided you with new found abilities to manage yourself in all aspects of your life you may feel inclined to pass on this new found wisdom to people around willing to learn and grow.


Entering into the world of life coaching can be an exciting way to connect with like-minded people who are also interested in self-development and growth. Many life coaches enjoy running group sessions, which may be another part of life coaching you would like to explore. Life coaching can open the door to a lifelong journey of self-discovery and a deep desire to reach personal fulfilment. It is important to consider yourself and your best attributes, having a life coach can help you realise these! Once you have identified the best qualities about yourself you immediately become more employable as future employers will be able to see your confidence, desire to learn and your ability to focus on your strengths. Being the best version of yourself you can be will assist you in all of your future career endeavours, so why not seek out the help of someone who is able to lift you up to the place you want to be!


💰What is the average price of Life Coaching lessons?

The average price of Life Coaching lessons is $27.

However, the price of lessons will depend on a number of factors:

  • The teacher's overall experience
  • The location and format of your lessons: whether you choose to take Life Coaching lessons online, in-home, at a neutral location, in a group or one-to-one.
  • The duration and frequency of your lessons. Many teachers offer 'Packs' of lessons at a discounted rate.

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