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West Melbourne
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Aerospace Engineering Graduate gives Engineering classes to High School and University students in Melbourne

I approach a topic by teaching the basic fundamentals and build on it as we go on. My lessons would be geared towards STEM students. Ideally my teaching method would involve writing on a whiteboard or book and give explanations through videos or animation.

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QUT student did Bachelor in Mechanical engineering and Master's in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

My teaching method is that i don't prefer more than two or three students at a time so that i can give sufficient time to each student. I will the subjects from its very basic and first i will go through the theory part and then the numericals will be practiced.

Cranbourne West
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Monash Fresh Mechanical Engineer gives engineering lessons to University Undergraduates in Melbourne

I prefer to give an introduction about the lessons to my students first. Followed by the theory. Right after the theory I make sure that I give practice questions to my students to ensure that they know everything that was taught. Also as a homework, I tend to give practice questions for students.

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Senior Mechanical Design Engineer with 10 years industry experience gives online lessons

My methodology is to get your headspace out of the textbook and prepare you for the real world of engineering. I can help greatly if you have an engineering project or about to graduate or you are a junior engineer in a company and struggling with real world design. Of course any ideas that we come up with are yours and kept confidential.

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Mechanical Engineering Graduate providing tutoring for uni students struggling with Mechanical Engineering subjects

My teaching method is problem orientated, meaning that the student provides the maths problem they don't understand and I will talk them through the process, ensuring that they understand each step. Alternatively, I can provide the questions based on the subject that the student is struggling with.

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Research PhD student in Bioengineering ( located Melbourne) with experience in tutoring at universities

I would prefer to work one by one and be in touch with my students. Normally I found it better to understand if a little bit of background is explained and complex problems introduce by introducing a series of small ones. All in one, I will try to find the best approach based on each person character.

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Production Engineer with Finance in MBA; Live in Dandenong; Want to provide support for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Operations Management, Production Management, Manufacturing, and Finance

I like to get into the subject matter and make the student understand it. I prefer to bring examples from real life so that student can assimilate the essence of the learning. I love to work on one to one while I am also comfortable with group teaching.

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Griffith (Gold Coast campus) PhD student giving lessons including Mechanical Engineering courses, Mathematics, Physics.

My teaching method is based on helping the student with basic principles and the theory of the course and then try to guide them to solve different examples from easy level to the tough ones. My strong theoretical background in the mentioned courses helps me to guide the students so that they finally get their ideal results.

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ECU student and a mechanical designer with experience in aero structures in Perth WA I'm a mechanical engineering graduate with design skills, trained in software tools such as solidedge, Unigraphics

I would want to figure out the student's weakest areas, and get to know the background of the student, regarding their previous performance in various subjects, because a solution at the root level can yield enormous results in ways which can never be imagined.

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Recently finished Masters in Mechanical Engineering with near to distinction score from university of Wollongong. Any doubt regarding same or related courses and subjects are tried to clarify.

I approach the topic using all the possible resources and make it simple to understand and explain it relating to common scenarios.

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I am a master's student from QUT, studying mechanical engineering and management.

My teaching methodology will be starting the subjects by giving a basic idea and introduction abt the concept and proceed further depending upon the knowledge level of the student.

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Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical , HVAC , Building Management Systems, Smoke control , Contract Management, Tutorials and Assignments for UNI and college students, Maths, Physics

I can teach individually or in groups or via internet. I make the subject very interesting to the students with lot of current world examples and with several supporting examples. I believe most like to listen to me.

Mill Park
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RMIT Engineering graduate gives physics and Mechanical Engineering lessons in Bundoora, MillPark

My teaching method is well organised according to the subject outline and duration. I will do theoretical lessons with tutorials from each section. I will guide the student until the examination and will have to allocate the time required for the student according to the student's skill level.

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Final year mechanical engineering student at the University of South Australia. Can help with advanced level maths and physics or other general courses

My approach when it comes to teaching is tailored for each individual and I mostly look at the weaknesses and try to strengthen them.

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Monash Aerospace Engineering Student - passionated in teaching Uni and high school student in relevant area

Teaching will be first based on strengthening theories and concepts, followed by practising related questions. I can also help with checking the academic assignments from uni and high school. I believe practice makes perfect, with the clear concept and problem-solving skills developed throughout my teaching, getting a good grade won't be far.

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Post graduate professional engineer gives high school level maths and physics lessons

My teaching method is based on ensuring active involvement of students. I work on helping students to be able to actually explain topics rather than just remembering and answering when asked.

Caulfield East
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I can give lessons to children’s in primary schools and secondary schools

My teaching method is practically in which I present my thoughts via presentation or a report on the particular topic

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Deakin university student gives maths ans triginometry lessons in and around Melbourne

My way of teaching would be understood by all and the syllabus I cover would be only important to students

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Curtin university research student to give lessons in Mechanical engineering to students in Perth

My teaching method is more focussed on understanding the basic principles associated with the topic. Explanation with real time examples. Organised approach for solving numerical problems. Special discussion for clarify doubts after the subject explanation. Provision of notes and relevant materials.

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Senior Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years experience available for assistance with Maths, Physics, Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics, HVAC systems design among other subjects

Generally, I like to apply real world examples to explain how the theory of a specific topic can be applied to an every day situation. I will then proceed to look at the theory and fundamentals of that specific topic before setting some questions or tasks to complete. I will then explain the solution as a step by step guide as best as i can.

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Engineering graduate giving Electronics lessons and related concepts to secondary college students in Melbourne

I like to believe that anything that is to be taught or learnt, has to be done slowly. I like to teach and read along or study along with the student aloud and slow. The method I believe to be the simplest and easiest way to teach and learn is to understand the concept through questions and as a story.

Saad ali
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Come and learn engineering subjects at the best way ! Including physics and chemistry

The methodology of my teaching is very simple for the students. Cover things topic by topic including all theory and numerical. Making things simple for understanding is my prime focus.

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Italian Master Graduated Energy and Nuclear Engineer gives lessons and wants to help high school and university students understand Engineering, Maths and Physics in CBD,Southern and Eastern Melbourne

I am a kind and friendly person who really cares for people's deep understanding of the subjects I love and they are in trouble with. That is why my lessons will be focused on you to overcome your issues for good but also to just learn what you need; I would like to discuss your needs first then the lesson type will be up to you (e.g.

Naga sai ram
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Edith Cowan University masters by research work student is willing to teach his expertise on various subjects in mechanical engineering domain

Based on teachings and letting my students learn from various examples and testing them though quizzes and small tests based assignments

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Mechanical Engineering University Private Home Tutoring - Online and Groups Sessions Also Available

Once I get to work with you for a session, I can give you customized problems that are tailored to your weak points. These problems will start with basic concepts, and move on to more difficult ones that will improve your performance.

Darling Heights
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USQ student teaching maths and science to high school students in toowoomba and engineering subjects for mechanical engineering students

I teach from the fundementals required to know the concept. I give a lot of similar examples for the students to understand. Then i help the students with mathematical calculations or make them think of alternative ideas and work it out.

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Mechanical Engineer gives mechanical design lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney

Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years experience in industry Happy to teach mechanical drafting, 3d design and 2d drafting in solidworks, autodesk inventor and autocad.

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The beauty of Mechanical Engineering can be seen only after experiencing it !!!

I've got good knowledge in this field. I'm practical in my approach rather than just being theoritical. I can ensure that the beauty of Mechanical Engineering lies in experiencing it and comparing with real time situations.

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Learn Mechanical engineering subjects with other core engineering field in Hobart, Tasmania.

My teaching method includes two way communication. I always prefer the equal involvement of the students to make session interactive. I ask question related to the engineering fields and try to have good discussion about different relevant topics to make learning a fun.

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