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UOW Materials Engineering student offering comprehensive Engineering classes to High school students

I approach a topic by seeing how each individual student learns and tailoring the experience to them. I believe that everyone is capable of learning anything so long as they have the right teacher.

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QUT student did Bachelor in Mechanical engineering and Master's in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

My teaching method is that i don't prefer more than two or three students at a time so that i can give sufficient time to each student. I will the subjects from its very basic and first i will go through the theory part and then the numericals will be practiced.

Oaklands Park
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Adelaide Chemical Engineering 2012 graduate with 4 years professional experience as a Metallurgist in the mining industry

I have 4 years professional experience as a Metallurgist in the minerals processing industry, which took me to over 10 mines in Australia; mining metals such as copper, lead, zinc, nickel, silver and gold. I am able to provide technical knowledge in the grinding and flotation aspects of minerals processing, as this is where my technical knowledge has been developed in so far.

Syed haider
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Metallurgy, Materials Engineering, Welding Inspection, Failure Analysis, Materials Testing, NDT, Quality Assurance

Failure analysis of metallic components to identify the root cause of failure and failure mechanisms. Microstructure analysis and characterization by metallographic examination of various metals ranging from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloys, nickel alloys, copper alloys, titanium alloys, haste alloys to super alloys.

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Production Engineer with Finance in MBA; Live in Dandenong; Want to provide support for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Operations Management, Production Management, Manufacturing, and Finance

I like to get into the subject matter and make the student understand it. I prefer to bring examples from real life so that student can assimilate the essence of the learning. I love to work on one to one while I am also comfortable with group teaching.

Muhammad salman
(2 reviews)
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A PhD Doctor in Physics with background in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering available to teach Science, Maths, Physics to school, high school and university students in Melbourne (or online).

My classes are usually based on text books, online helping material, and day-to-day examples. My approach is to first know the interest and understanding level of my student in the given subject and topic, then work from there to take them to the highest level of knowledge as per their education level. I use an interactive approach of learning as I believe learning is a two-way process.

Noble Park
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Mechanical engineer with 5 years of experience in Automotive Industry gives private Mechanical Engineering lessons at home

I can teach students from secondary school onwards. Encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before class, monitor student learning to provide ongoing feedback, draw a concept map to represent their understanding of a topic, Provide sufficient training in defining and stating the problem in a clear and concise manner.

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Curtin university research student to give lessons in Mechanical engineering to students in Perth

My teaching method is more focussed on understanding the basic principles associated with the topic. Explanation with real time examples. Organised approach for solving numerical problems. Special discussion for clarify doubts after the subject explanation. Provision of notes and relevant materials.

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Engineering graduate giving Electronics lessons and related concepts to secondary college students in Melbourne

I like to believe that anything that is to be taught or learnt, has to be done slowly. I like to teach and read along or study along with the student aloud and slow. The method I believe to be the simplest and easiest way to teach and learn is to understand the concept through questions and as a story.

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30 years old french boy, gives mechanical engineering lessons in Gold Coast region

My teaching method is based on 3 criteria: the aim set by the student (for example obtaining a diploma), his weakness that I have identified after 2 lessons, and his progress regarding the exercices I give.

Hasleen singh
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Experienced mechanical engineer teaching mechanical engineering subjects to university students in Melbourne

The different teaching methodologies used by me are: The Flipped Classroom Model basically involves encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before class. Design Thinking (Case Method) Self-learning Gamification Social Media Free Online Learning Tools Other duties are: • Developing course material. • Developing assessments.

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International student at Griffith, with 6 years experience in technical education, metalwork technology and a research savvy individual. also experienced in basketball coaching.

I am a very attentive and organised individual with the requisite academic and adaptive skills. Lessons will be student centered and highly interactive. I pay attention to details and employ the use of a variety of teaching techniques in order to ensure that learning is reinforced.

Milton Keynes
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Long-term experienced academic tutor in mechanical engineering, materials and civil engineering at undergraduate and postgraduate levels (math, static, dynamic, mechanics of materials, finite element,

- Tutoring based on providing solutions for previous and possible prosperous exam sheets - Tutoring based on flipped learning - Holding postgraduate certificate in academic practice (PGCAP) - Mainly providing one-hour teaching lessons, and giving 10min break between each hour lesson for more-than-one-hour lessons

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Assistant professor in sr group of institutions wants to teach students in mechanical subjects and maths, physics, chemistry for the students of class 6-12

My teaching method is to make every student to develop the basic fundamentals about the subject. The main structure of my class is to develop the concepts and when those concepts are being developed by the students i shall rather go for advanced learning. Proper learning with assignments makes a effortive approach for studying.

(4 reviews)
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I usually teach my classmates and friends on various topics. I also love to guide my juniors in the field. Any metallurgy student is welcome for any guidance for free, preferably 1st, 2nd and 3rd year

I can teach on paper or on ppt whichever is comfortable. I have gone through a number of industrial visits and have had practical exposures in Metallurgy related industries so apart from giving away the concepts I will also focus on the practical knowledge that I have received and will try to pass it on in the best possible way.

Bom Pastor
(1 review)
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Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, with advanced knowledge in technical drawing and softwares in drawings: SolidWorks and Autocad.

During much of my mechanical engineering faculty I worked as a private tuition teacher where I developed qualities and a totally intuitive method where the student is developing the content in a simple and clear way. I am constantly seeking training and in addition to a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I have taken courses in the areas of: Work Safety, Finance and Leadership.

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Want to explore mechanical engineering then contact me to explore mechanical engineering

I cover the topic according to exam requirement, firstly theory of the topic after than solve the related numerical problems

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I am quality manager and having the four different industries experience and have passion to teach math and also associated with urbanpro and also solution provider to LCT

My teaching method is both online and offline through online white board /digital pen and tablet and through Skype I provide math tuition up to degree level B.sc/B.tech/BBA/B.

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Join with me to hit the GATE- MECHANICAL pot with runaway success.

My teaching Methodology is based on practical approach in solving problems to clear the concept of students regarding preparation for GATE-Mechanical and General knowledge exam. I will stress-upon syntax error in grammar and word power development with regard to increase the General Knowledge of the students. In Mechanical Engineering part, I have divided the same in Thermal and Non Thermal part.

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Post graduate student in IIT BHU gives tuition in Metallurgy and materials engineering

A Post Graduate with 2 months’ project cum industrial training experience in the field of metallurgy. Acquired relevant professional education and training to get the right concepts of teaching. Hands-on experience in facilitating and guiding reading, writing, oral language skills as well as delivering reading intervention instructions.

Md taquee
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I am Mechanical Engineer from JNTUH Hyderabad... Train Your Brain by Taquee

I am Mechanical Engineer From JNTUH Hyderabad,look for teaching any Diploma and B.tech mechanical subject and high school science (Physic). My Teaching technique is to explain all topics with full physical diagram and graph untill student get full concept .

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Mechanical Engineering Graduate with strong basic concepts and ready to share knowledge

I approach the question starting from basics. If it is a complex question, these basics serve as the foundation. Hence, I go building on the basics depending on complexity of the question. Other doubts regarding the subjects and basic questions will be answered smoothly. The student can be assured of clearing the concept.

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IITan from Pune giving classes in Physics and Metallurgy from his home on line

I believe in using case studies while teaching to bring practicality and thus better understanding. I have conducted classes for the industry engineers, interns as well as college students and in some cases school students also. I prefer to provide examples from day to day work and life.

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Open to teach students physics , maths and mechanical engg from 10th class to engineering college students

My methodology is simple first throughly overview of topic then making every topic clear to students with the help of day to day life examples and builiding their concepts and then after clearing doubts proceed with numerical problems.

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Research Scholar @NITK teaches mechanical Engineering subjects and first year engineering subjects at Mangalore

I understand the students ability to grasp the things, explain them in manner that they are able to understand , explaining concepts with live examples, live models, give freedom to students to think on the topics, interact more on the topics, so that student get confident of the subject

Naveen kumar
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Don't be an Engineer, be a practical, Exordinary Mechanical Engineer..AND its ME

My teaching method is based on practical thinking. I belive strongly that only visualizing the things makes evervy thing possible.Discussion way of studying will give more knowledge. having good basics is the key to understand any problem.I teach from the basics.

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I can teach mechanical subjects and physics very well. I will provide you reading material also.

I will teach each and everything in a well and simple manner. I will give my best. If you have any doubt you can clear anytime with me.

Juan carlos
(2 reviews)
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Engineering Materials Science and Engineering Materials Technology Production and Manufacturing Technology Valencia

I am Industrial Engineering with Master in Mechanical Engineering and PhD in Engineering and Industrial Production of the UPV. Full Professor of University in Venezuela for 13 years and now starting a new Life in Spain, I am Spanish / Venezuelan.

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Masters in Thermal science having experience in power engineering and aslo tecahing experence in ME students in area of middle gujarat baroda & anand

M E In Mechanical Engineering (specialization in Thermal Science) from M. S. University of Baroda with 71% i.e. First Class with Distinction in April-2012. B E In Mechanical Engineering from M. S. University of Baroda with 64.57% i.e. First Class in final year and in April – 2010. H S C Under Gujarat State Board in March - 2006 with 73.00% i.e. First Class with distinction.

New Delhi
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Mechanical engineering student ,maths & physics student up to high school can taken online teaching from me. i am working with chegg as mechanical engineering subject expert.

i am a mechanical engineer and have been work in shipbuilding industry earlier now i am working with chegg company as mechanical engineering subject expert . i firstly focus on basic concept of topic then numerical technique in study .

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