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Caulfield South
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A mother of a 28yo son with severe disability teaching techniques for son/daughter to become more independent and included in the community.

teaching method is mainly listening and talking. Also demonstrating different interventions. meeting is crucial. I discuss with the parent what are their main concerns regarding their son and then we talk through strategies to tackle each of the problems. I am happy to meet the son/daughter and give it a go myself.

Woodend North
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Passionate Midwife with vast experience in healthcare settings wants to share her knowledge and skills with future nurses and midwives wanting to work with mothers, newborns and families. Core of Life

Lesson plans and learning objectives based on core content around each subject so that the student has a clear understanding of the material they will be learning For example: In this learning session you will gain a deeper understanding of the 10 key points in assisting a new mother to breastfeed her baby

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If you can cultivate the right attitude , any given situation will appear as an opportunity. So as parenting, children are the greatest teachers. That's where I come into play I share all the knowledg

My teachings are based on The power of the mind, Brain Gym (Brain hemisphere correspondence) , Jin Shin Shiatsu, and of course common sense (not common anymore)

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Mother of Mum sharing knowledge and education into the care and wellbeing of your child

I believe all mothers have different views on how to raise their child and I encourage this, but I am also here to provide advice and tips on preparing for birth and the first year of your baby's life.

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Experienced childcare worker formerDirector of A.S.C. IS TEACHING ACCREDITED COURSES from the current curriculum

My teaching method changes according to the students learning style, open discuss on the unit, ask questions, give an outline of course broken down in wks, look at assessment, talk students through parts they don't understand, manulipulate my teaching style to accommodate their leaning style.

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Psychology and Productive thinking to enhance daily routine to make living better and beautiful

My teaching methodology is to keep it as simple as the other person feels comfortable studying the subject and to make it as interesting as I can

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Baby Massage in Burnie Tasmania. I have a qualification to teach Baby Massage I trained through IMIS. I am also a qualified child care worker with many years of experience.

I base my teaching on my knowledge of Baby Massage and my child care experience. I also add in bits about Brain Gym. I run course over a two week period 2 hours each week. The total course is 4 hours.

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Professional doctor qualified with behavioural management with knowledge about child psychology and lessons abot various stages of development of child

Behavioural management Theories of development Various stages of development Dental needs for kids Emergency management for various conditions Management of specially abled children

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Fiji national university student gives parenting and baby education to individuals.

my teaching method is by starting from understanding your situation and outlining the troubles you are having. Then solving it for you by giving the best solution which is best for you and your little one.

Brisbane City
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I can give lessons to high school, vocational education and training students and Uni students who are studying in the field of Teacher Education and/or Early Childhood Education. I can also teach Eng

I am a teacher by profession. I have teaching experience for more than ten years now. I have taught all levels, from early childhood education to high school and middle school to university students and postgraduate students. Teaching is my passion.

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Current psychology student in university and previously completed early childhood education and childcare

My name is marina I am 25, born and raised in Australia speak English fluently, also speak Arabic. I am currently doing a degree in social science psychology and criminology, I previously completed a diploma in early childhood. I am currently a contact support worker.

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Early Childhood Educator and patchwork family mother of 5 gives professional and personal advise on how to deal with the wonderful madness of parenthood and work with developing humans .

Individually created lessen just for you and your besties. Do you have a topic you are interested let me know and I will propose a setting that is appropriate. From one on one baby bath lesson to a cooking for picky teens course with your girlfriends. I don't mind if it's one person or 4 as long as it's appropriate.

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Master's double degree student in international management gives Italian language and geography lessons

I love children and know hot to deal with them. When working as a ski instructor I usually deal with groups of up to 15 children. Surely it may be difficult and a lot of patience is required. But seeing a child smiling is one of the greatest satisfactions.

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Master Trainer in NLP provide classes for parents in how to apply NLP in parenting

You will learn how to communicate better and understand how to motivate your kids (and your spouse) with less resistance.

Mount Laurel
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Parenting with Emotional Intelligence/Your Children Become EQ Smart Learning How To Feel Emotionally Safe

I am a master teacher and have used my program in programs all over NJ with significant testing results. I believe in interactive lessons always reinforcing positive progress.

Dr. cyril
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A physician into educational psychology working with families and educational institutes on improving communities offering Parenting Program for parents & would-be parents.

Personal meetings, questionnaires, Aptitude & Personality assessments help in calibrating and individual counseling after the Parenting Program gives a wholesome approach toward educating parents with how a child grows, what are the various personality types, the cognition and emotional variations, and psychological factors of co-parenting.

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Hello people...I'm a student of food science...as I am interested in teaching!I wanted to teach you how to manage your school life and personal life..as we are noticing lot of incidents in society.. D

My teaching method depends on the person I'm going to teach .because not everyone has the same standard of thinking.So we need to find the angle,so that the person can reach us .

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I'm a new parenting coach and would like to help you understand your child better!

The core of my lessons will be on child development so that we can all understand where a child is coming from. I will help you understand different parenting styles and how to adjust your parenting technique to your child's age and personality traits.

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Help your child become their best self through love, care and boundaries

My teacher style is practical and hands on advice that can be used in daily life. I am able to teach specific ways to talk and act with your child in order to teach them what you want in any given moment.

San Antonio de Prado
Jorge eduardo
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Student of Medicine, Nurse and Technician in Public Health, Future specialist in Internal Medicine.

According to the method of individual learning, it is intended to achieve a level of basic knowledge and then advance to a higher level in which the individual can defend their position taking into account the previous knowledge, that's all.

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From expecting to a bundle of love to cuddle and care for

I think the best method of this kind of leaning is practise and knowing the best knowledge I will help with techniques to any advice and guidance you may need.

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Qualified, experienced and professional graduate offering childcare and psychology tutoring in Kent

My teaching method is positive, supportive and encourages all individuals to be curious and confident learners. My experience caring for and teaching babies, children and mothers/parents means I am an adaptable and flexible tutor and I always have complete respect and empathy for learners of all ages, needs and learning styles.

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Clinical Social worker with 15+ years experience gives support to caregivers looking to develop or improve their parenting skills.

I possesses a creative approach to learning and treatment, driven by outcome informed, evidence based techniques. At my core, I believe that every individual has the inherent strength and capacity to rise above adversity. I work hard to support families so they can use to overcome obstacles and repair their lives.

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Health and sciences related and social care subjects, English and basic maths

Qualified nurse midwife, lecturer and writer, I have vast and varied experience of health and social care. I am also a qualified basic skills tutor. My teaching approach is to simplify complex mathematical conceptual ideas with poetry and especially designed materials taught one to one.

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Tutor offering online Parenting Programmes; Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; Think Family; Domestic Abuse and much more. I am based in Leicester, have over 12 years experience of training, tutoring a

I use differentiation within my teaching methods and base my classes on an eclectic array including; deligatory, facilitator, demonstrator and hybrid. This depends upon learner needs and subject matter being delivered. Basically I like to think any lessons I deliver are learner centred.

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Ex police officer provides safeguarding children training in Walsall, Cannock & surrounding areas

I can provide training to professionals and students looking to improve their skills in safeguarding children and child protection. This can be basic awareness to more complex specialist areas.

Paris 8e
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Preparation for childbirth and parenthood - by an altruistic company *** Next class from Monday, April 8th at 8:30 am to Friday, April 12th at 11:00 am ***

*** Next class from Monday, April 8th at 8:30 am to Friday, April 12th at 11:00 am *** Are you expecting a baby? Or carry the project to have one? This course is for you. The birth preparation course is a pack of 10:30 (including the first 30-minute course is free) that will allow you to take stock of your birth plan, and answer in a clear and precise all your questions around of birth.

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Doctor specialized in child care would like to teach nursing as well medical students about health of a child

I enjoy keeping myself up to date with the latest and sharing that knowledge with my students mostly with the help of audiovisual aids.

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Contact a doctor and mother for parenting and baby birth regarding issue

My teaching method based on counselling of student and what exactly student want to know and by mind reading i can evaluate how much he can gain things easily my 1 day lecture is of just 30minutes only .

(2 reviews)
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I am fully trained and I’m currently a mother with the qualifications of childcare level three , I have also started to get my qualification of the special-needs autism ADHD and dyslexia I personally

My teaching methods are unique to the student as every adult child and baby is different you cannot have one method for every student you have therefore depending on the student and personality I’ll take my course in teaching my classes will be based mainly around childcare and cognitive development , Physical development social and emotional development And will be based around the EYFS which s

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