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Portuguese tutor

Sabrina is more than I could have hoped for in an online tutor. Her class plans and structure are organised, efficient and easy to follow. Her teaching style is calm and focused, but there is still time for jokes and fun. Sabrinas feedback is also...


Portuguese tutor

I have loved learning with Sabrina! She is very friendly and fun. Every class is a challenge but very enjoyable. Sabrina always makes sure you are understanding the words and pronunciation is correct. Highly recommend

Bec, 5 months ago


Portuguese tutor

Only got to have one lesson with Eda as my work hours made my availability difficult. However that one lesson was extremely enjoyable. I already learnt a few new things, and Eda made it very fun and engaging. Would have loved to continue my lessons...

Aaron, 6 months ago


Portuguese tutor

Luiz is a fantastic tutor. He is perhaps one of the most committed, supportive and well-prepared tutors I have come across. He is constantly exploring ways to improve your learning, making learning both fun and easy. He goes at a steady pace,...

Julie, 6 months ago


Portuguese tutor

Sabrina is a wonderful tutor. She makes the lessons easy, fun and engaging. I really look forward to our weekly lessons. Couldn’t recommend Sabrina more.

Julie, 8 months ago


Portuguese tutor

I have been studying Portuguese with Luiz for about a month and I am really enjoying it! Luiz is an amazing teacher and a great guy who makes learning enjoyable. He prepares slides for each lesson which are a very valuable resource.

Duncan, 2 years ago


💰What is the average price of Portuguese lessons?

The average price of Portuguese lessons is $26.

However, the price of lessons will depend on a number of factors:

  • The teacher's overall experience
  • The location and format of your lessons: whether you choose to take Portuguese lessons online, in-home, at a neutral location, in a group or one-to-one.
  • The duration and frequency of your lessons. Many teachers offer 'Packs' of lessons at a discounted rate.

91% of teachers also offer their first lesson for free.

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Most of our portuguese teachers offer their portuguese lessons lessons online.

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Olá e bem vindo!

Learning the Portuguese language is an adventure, whose lessons can take you to Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, and beyond!

As a language, you will find it somewhat familiar if you speak other European languages like English and Spanish.

Whilst some people may think it will take a lot more time to practice and perfect Portuguese compared to Spanish though, beginners will be able to get by just fine in Portugal or Brazil.

Learning Brazilian or Portugal Portuguese with a native teacher will put students in good stead, but it's best if you can find a native AND non-native speaker to teach you, as contact with other students whose first language might be English or Spanish can understand the difficulties in pronunciation, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar you may be having.

A tutor will be of great help if you want to start to practice some phrases before a trip or study Portuguese at university, so finding some courses online or in-person at your level with a dedicated tutor will be heaps of fun and a great help!

Portuguese: A Background

Spoken in Portugal and Brazil mainly, people sometimes find native Portuguese speaking individuals hard to understand when they come into contact with them.

Of course, these people have never had a Portuguese lesson, and even those students who have spent some time with a teacher, trying day after day to refine their pronunciation, speaking, and vocabulary skills will notice that understanding Portuguese is notably difficult (more on this in a moment).

Portuguese is a romance language, just like Spanish, Italian, and French, and given its location on the Iberian peninsula, Spanish has many similarities.

When people start to speak Portuguese, they immediately notice the heavy accent difference between Portugal and Brazil, even as beginners. Once you get to a more professional level, you will realise that in your lessons, your tutor has probably only been speaking in one of them as they're very distinct.

Features of Portuguese

Whether you've got a private tutor or are doing courses in a group, you will notice that the pronunciation is notably hard.

However, you may want to learn Portuguese with a Brazilian accent in your courses, as this is known to be easier.

At university, and more generally, your best bet for having fun as you practice with other beginners is to spend a good amount of time speaking with other students, as you won't get stressed about the accent. You will probably hear most audio in Brazilian Portuguese throughout your learning also, so you will be able to start imitating this pronunciation when you feel free to.

European and Brazilian Portuguese differ a lot in pronunciation, with the language spoken in Brazil using different phrases on a day to day basis, only using the third person você for all second person interactions, and pronouncing -te as tche, and -de as dge. 

To the untrained ear, this can sound very odd, but once you have listened to a bit of audio in your Brazilian Portuguese courses, you will be able to have some fun with this yourself.

As for European Portuguese, a beginner may require more time, classes, and help to practice and eventually ace this pronunciation.

As you use the Portuguese language in your professional life or day to day life in Portugal, you will notice that it sounds a lot harsher, with a -ch sound featuring heavily, like a Scottish loch.

As your teacher will tell you, this sound is formed when you have r- at the start of a word, or when -rr- appears in the middle of a word. The Brazilian equivalent is much softer, being more akin to an -h sound.

What's more, European Portuguese does not use the -te or -de ending sound, with a harder but slightly more aspirated t and d respectively.

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