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Saint Lucia
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Fun and Efficient Portuguese Classes with Native Brazilian PhD Teacher - LEARN NOW!

My teaching methodologies are very flexible, interactive, engaging and suitable to personal needs, focusing on the beauty of Portuguese language in all of its aspects: grammar, pronunciation, spelling, conversation, writing, vocabulary and, of course, lots of music! Feel free to contact me and learn now!

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Experienced private teacher native from Rio, offering the opportunity to learn formal Portuguese for business, academic and/or street slang. Also available cultural teaching with music and dancing (sa

Flexible. I can offer the opportunity to learn formal Portuguese for business, academic and/or street slang. Also available cultural teaching with music and dancing (samba e forró). I taught Portuguese in private classes for British and Australian citizens in Rio for some years.

Parramatta Park
Maria fernanda
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Portuguese Native Speaker from Brazil in Cairns - Polyglot tutor, learn fast and easy

I like to make the student feel really confortable so I am always helping them in their struggles with extra activites plus teaching about brazilian culture, slangs, music, literature, etc. So if you want to improve your listening, pronuciation, get good tips about written, I have an extense material for you. Emerge into Brazilian culture and learn fast and easy with a funny and responsable tutor.

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Learn Brazilian Portuguese with a native speaker in Cairns. An easy and fun way to learn.

I base my classes on conversation, reading and listening. For people the don't have any clue on how to start, I focus on basic phrases and the pronouciation of words. Once the student master this first steps, we move to the next level which concists in learning more complex sentences and listening to conversation with diferent accents.

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Learn Portuguese with a native Portuguese speaker (born and raised in Porto)

You will have fun while you learn Portuguese. We will play games and have conversations about any topic you are interested in. I will show you Facebook posts, news, and common text messages. I will give you the link to YouTube videos and TV shows in Portuguese. We can start from the basics by focus on Portuguese conversation. We will practice key phrases and typical expressions.

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Letícia Batisteli , Brazilian, will be amazed by the experience of teaching Portuguese to whom is interested in this amazing language.

My teaching methodology includes teaching all the fundamental skills necessary to learn a language, such as grammar, vocabulary , listening and speaking using day by day situations. To make it possible will be used musics , part of TV programs and other elements that allow a more natural learning.

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College Student in US from Brazil double majoring in International Studies and Political Science teaching Portuguese to other college students.

I always have had an informal style of teaching due to the fact that I was always teaching to other classmates and friends. I was usually teaching privately or to a small group, which helped me developed way to improve my teaching skills.

Forest Hill
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Brazilian Portuguese teacher in Melbourne, native speaker, improve your communication and vocabulary

My methodology depends on the students level. For beginners I start teaching them structures and simple everyday verbs, always working on conversation and communication. For intermediate and advanced levels, I work more focused on vocabulary and pronunciation and accent. I also work with texts, reading and interpretation.

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Portuguese easy-going teacher traveling the world trying to make your portuguese better and better! Let's go!

Always teach what the student wants to learn. Teaching languages is all about getting your hands dirty (a.k.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !
West Melbourne
1st lesson free !

Olá! My name is Raquel and I can teach you portuguese! Ready?

Easy methods for beginners and intermediaries students! Movies, books, videos, homework.

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I'm Brazilian and interested in teaching Portuguese in Hervey Bay or Maryborough.

I base my classes on conversation and reading expressions and texts, promoting contact with Brazilian culture through dynamic activities such as gastronomy, music, movies and research on habits and cultural events, clarifying doubts and offering pertinent suggestions for the learning of the Portuguese language.

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I am Professional Engineer with a Masters of EngSc at UNSW who is fascinated with the power of communication. I am looking forward to sharing my native knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese with those who

My teaching approach is student-focused method. I aim to promote in-depth understanding along with skill acquisition. Throughout my career, I have had the chance to get in contact with many languages and cultural backgrounds. Thus I realise that having a real contact and exposure helps students assimilate the languages. Therefore, the technique I use includes face-to-face and group activities.

Notting Hill
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Monash Master's Degree student provide private lessons to high school and universities in Melbourne

My teaching method is to explain step-by-step what the student needs to learn and make sure through questions that he/she understands what I mean. Also, I am very friendly while teaching so everyone is always comfortable in my classes.

Caulfield South
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Burleigh Heads
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Brazilian engineer who speaks great english and would love to help new students.

I am a brazilian engineer whor recently arrived in Australia.

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Portuguese and Sports Teach (Surf, Futvolei, Skate, Slackline, Snorkeling, Gyn), Sydney, Hillsdale

We can do a specific plan for what skill do you want to improve. All the methods can be negotiable by the spefics needs and specifics skill do you are looking for.

Darwin City
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French journalist looking forward to share my knowledge in French language and culture.

My teaching approach is mainly playful, to try and get my students to acquire an actual interest in the subject. I would rely on music, films and pop culture to engage with the student.

Byron Bay
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Brazilian resident in Byron Bay offering Portuguese classes, private or in groups

My teaching method is very casual and dynamic. Because of my long term living in both Countries, I'm able to understand your needs and translate and teach words and sentences exactly in the way you want it to be.

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Hi, I'm a native Brazilian teacher, who loves teaching Portuguese to foreigns!!

Hi there! I'm a native Brazilian teacher, who loves teaching Brazilian Portuguese to foreigns in a relaxing, fun and professional way :) All private classes are practical with some writing, listening and speaking skills exercises focused on your pronunciation and on what you wish to learn.

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Brazilian sharing a passion for Portuguese Language, Brazilian Culture and its Literature

I want to share my passion for the Portuguese language by teaching not only the basics of speaking and writing but also delivering classes about Brazilian culture, literature and history. My students will have different intentions with the language: tourism, business, children born in Australia to a Brazilian mother/father, accent reduction for Australians or English-speakers.

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Learn Portuguese, through your hobbies and or work related interests. With an attentive teacher.

I teach through guided learning, as it is a constructivism approach to education. As we know proponents of guided instruction regard learning as an active and social experience. Under the understanding that students learn best from their interactions with the world.

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Portuguese Tutor Available living in Australia, easy, fun and energetic methods online

My teaching methodoly is focused in CONVERSATION, that's the key. Grammar is the last part of our methods, we will have classes of specific topics and vocabularies for you to begin to construct phrases. Come with me and let's together learn another language.

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Portuguese classes that are personalised, fun and dynamic with a native Brazilian

My name is Tiago, from São Paulo, Brazil. I have taught in different countries around the world to students of different levels and interests.

(10 reviews)
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Brazilian Portuguese for everyday life, university or work - fun and flexibility learning with native speaker

If you are enthusiastic about the Brazilian language or want to live / study / work in Brazil, I will help you with this great job! I work with the book "Oi Brasil!" and in class, we combine your previous knowledge with Portuguese. My teaching is quite flexible according to your rhythm and needs.

(18 reviews)
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Translator of ING-ESP-PT and student of Portuguese for foreigners teaches Portuguese in Lisbon!

Being native of the Portuguese language I feel able to teach my language to speakers of Portuguese non-maternal language of any level. I would love to put into practice all the teaching methods I have learned in my course and to create my own techniques according to the student and their type of learning.

(7 reviews)
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Seminario di formazione per situazioni linguistiche specifiche nell'uso della lingua portoghese

Hello! I am Professor Alberto Andrade. I have been teaching Portuguese since 2007. I have some time to teach at Superprof and I have some evaluations and comments. These are individual oral preparation classes (oral expression - Portuguese), based on writing, reading and other teaching materials, if necessary, for some specific and special purpose according to the student's needs.

(6 reviews)
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Brazilian Portuguese tutor with 24 years of experience with all ages and business language as well. I cover london and do lessons online. References of students and schools are available on request.

A 23 year experienced self-motivated qualified teacher of Portuguese and English languages that delivers a high standard of teaching. An enthusiastic, patient and highly organized individual with a strong work ethic and a proven ability to provide personally tailored support for pupils to reach their potential. I cover london and do lessons online.

São Paulo
Lucas henz
(1 review)
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You Can Learn To Speak Portuguese With This Innovative Method In Less Than Six Months

No matter their age or nationality, everyone can learn a new language easily if the right method is followed. I spent 3 years in Australia and I have learned from people of different nationalities that the traditional method of teaching languages ​​is outdated. If you really want to learn a new language, you need to focus on what works.

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Perfect! Sabrina is an amazing teacher who keeps the lessons fun so it doesnt overwhelm you. Highly recommend Sabrina to anyone looking for lessons, i can hold a small conversation in Portuguese after only 5 lessons.

Rachael, Student
1 year ago

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