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PhD supervisor gives advice on thesis structure and processes: qualitative interpretative methods

Having supervised several postgraduate students to Completion, I have developed a structured plan for dissertations taking a qualitative approach. If you are struggling with defining the key argument and structure of your methodology only in a couple of sessions we can find a focus for your research journey.

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3rd year Deakin Uni student offering help with high school Politics & Law assignments, HSC, VCE, SACE, QCE, WACE. I can help with assignments, understanding concepts & exam prep via live chat or email

I can help with assignment and exam preparation for high school Politics & Law subjects in every state. I can answer specific questions via email, and for more involved 'lessons' we can use live chat.

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Specialising in Politics, Theatre & Secondary Teaching as part of a Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Education (Honours) Degree at Monash University.

My teaching methodology has been developed and refined through teaching placements and tutoring experiences at secondary schools. My primary intention is to develop student knowledge through a range of multi-skilled activities, adapting my teaching processes to best serve the student's learning preferences.

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La Trobe University Student with a MPhil in Politics provides History/Politics tutoring in Geelong

My teaching philosophy is based on Wilhelm von Humboldt's idea that students' educational path should be like a string which provides students with some guidance but also allows them to take their studies in whatever direction they see fit.

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UNSW student looking to teach HSC Society and Culture to HSC students in Sydney

My lessons aim to first address any concerns or areas a student feels behind in. In my S&C lessons, I focus on addressing the syllabus dot points that will assist ina ll areas of the course. I am happy to help with achieving a Band 6 PIP, preparing for exams and helping with or proofreading assignments.

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High school teacher and Public Policy masters student from Fremantle W.A with strong experience across a number of subjects.

My teaching methodology is a student centred approach based on nurturing higher order thinking skills to stimulate debate, discussions and critical questions and answers. I have worked with disengaged students who are working their way back into education and I have also worked with more advanced students.

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Scottish Politics Graduate able to give tutoring in all things Politics related

My teaching method is based on the student. I focus on the areas the students are struggling with whilst also expanding their knowledge on areas they have interest in. The lesson plans would be catered to what the individual student wanted to achieve.

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I am Kinzang Bidha and I have 7 years of experience in teaching field

I am totally against rote learning. I believe in learning by doing. I follow kagan structures in my classroom.I maintain open communication with parents and keep them informed of their children’s learning progress and behavior.

Highgate Hill
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Adjunct Professor with PhD in sociology and over 20 years experience teaching and supervising postgraduate students across diverse disciplines, tutoring in theory, methods, research design in Brisbane

I am an experienced researcher, research higher degree supervisor and mentor to early career researchers with extensive knowledge of theoretical and methodological aspects of research. I support students in identifying and describing the overall narrative and logic of their research: the research problem, theoretical approaches, research design and methods, findings and discussion.

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Geographical Science student at Monash University offering tuition to high school geography students looking for basic help or a score boosters

I teach two different types of students, ones who are really struggling through geography and looking 25-30 study scores and ones who are aiming for 45+. I take two different approaches with each type of student.

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ANU Masters Student offering International Relations tutoring for undergrads and high school/ college students

My prefered teaching method is personalised based on the student's goals. Tailoring the sessions based on their study outline to aid their understanding of the course. After our first meeting, we'll establish a timeline of topics and upcoming assessment. Each session will be discussion based, with the goal of confirming and filling out your knowledge rather than new content.

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Public Policy Professional with a Master of Social Work providing academic support in Sociology, Social Work & Social Policy

A trained social worker, my approach to teaching encourages students to be self-directed through flexibility and discussion. Students (and human beings) learn the best through self-interest. If you are looking for a tutor, I assume that you are curious and interested in the topic area.

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Swinburne education student offers history/politics/gender lessons and tutoring for primary/secondary students in Boroondara/Melbourne

I base my teaching methods on what I have learned from my education degree at university as well as practical knowledge from my own experiences as a teacher. I aim to work with students to find what works best for you. I guarantee you'll find me patient, encouraging and approachable.

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University of Queensland post-grad history student giving lessons to high school and Uni students in Brisbane

I view the tutoring relationship as primarily one of mentoring, a partnership of equals with the mutual goal of improving the student's overall academic ability as well as their ability to perform well on assessment. All students are different and I am committed to ensuring all students are capable of learning within an environment that suits their needs and learning style.

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University of Wollongong Undergraduate History and Politics student giving lessons to students in Wollongong

My lessons will aim to be as engaging as possible. History in particular can be quite boring at times, so I intend on making them as fun as possible. Because History is a fantastic subject and a great skill to have! My lessons will tailor to the area best suitable to the students wants, and will aim to uncover all social and political problems that surrounded that significant time in History.

North Narrabeen
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History: Gap year student using strong people skills, a background in children's education, and recent personal experience to guide and assist current primary and highschool students.

I focus on the growth of relationship between student and tutor, and the growth of confidence of the student. I consider it important that each student feels safe, respected and supported. I usually address their specific needs as I get to know their strengths and weaknesses, and I tailor my teaching to each individual student.

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UOW sociology student providing lessons in society and culture and geography !

My teaching model differs depending on the student. I am a visual learner so incorporating visuals and physical examples into my work is extremely important, as well as making lessons as interesting and engaging as possible.

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ANU Master of International Relations graduate providing tutoring sessions for university students in Brisbane

I hold an experience of more than four years of experience in teaching with various subject knowledge and two years experience in International Relations teaching. Recent graduate of The Australian National University, Canberra in International Relations and also an alumnus of Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

akshay reddy
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Postgraduate in Public Administration, gives tuition in Geography, History, Civils, Public policy, Current Affairs for Students from Class 7th to Undergraduate Degree Students in Hyderabad.

My teaching method is more practical oriented. I believe in interactive education. I make sure my class has a sound grass root knowledge rather than being mere exam oriented. I teach for CBSE and ICSE students in Social Sciences and also Under graduates of Public Adminstration, History and Geography.

Dr jan
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I am specialized in Foreign policy by having a strong theoretical background.

My teaching method is essentially based on powerpoint and going through the readings together sometimes. However, I am quite flexible about teaching method since each has a unique level of understanding and learning. Considering this, I open to various teaching method based on the student's suggestion.

New Delhi
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Pursuing a major in International Relations, willing to offer assistance to high school students engaging with Political Sciences. I also offer Russian classes for basic level students.

My teaching method is extremely discussion oriented and student centric. I believe knowledge can be best grasped by relating it to the world around us than mugging up.

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Polity|Economics for UPSC CDS, CAPF, Civils, AFCAT, CPO. Special classes for DU and MAH Law LLB and social work.

I understand the questions asked in the exams and teach according to that. I keep my teaching simple and to the point. I focus on the basics. I keep the syllabus minimal and exactly what is needed. I don't beat about the bush.

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A-Level Politics - it's happening all around us!! Study in your time

Politics is all around us and is all-encompassing so you will not have an issue with difficulty in learning! Lessons will be interactive, analytical and in depth in order to ensure success!

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Political science student with experience gives private/group lessons for students in Winnipeg

I approach a subject with flexibility and try to put the emphasis of my classes on student's needs and requirements. I have a very broad and profound knowledge of many political science topics. I can recommend lots of readings for various themes and suggest some platform and websites for a better understanding of the subject.

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Recent graduate of technical GIS program eager to share planning theory in Canada

My methods encourage 'human-centred design' as a style of considering the end user of any product, idea, or process required. This is valuable for geography when considering the context of how and why world events impact the global community politically, socially, creatively, and economically.

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History aficionado, desiring to educate and share a wide variety of topics!

My passion is educating others in a way that is relevant to them: helping students make connections and give them the skills and desire to understand how interconnected our collective history and geography are to us all! I like to make the ancient and obscure relevant to the present, it is the best way to understand the world around us!

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Teacher with a BA in Sociology; 3 years experience in social work and 2 years experience in education.

I approach teaching based on the learner. First I like to do pre-assessments to figure out how much the student knows. Based on this, I tailor my lesson plans to fit the unique needs of each student. After the lesson, I like to do a post-assessment to see the students' progress and tailor following lessons as necessary.

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Educator on YouTube, I teach Current Affairs and International Relations in Kannada and English

I base my class on Images and Explanations. I keep adding easy and Medium questions to keep the class Interactive. I have been teaching Current Affairs and International relations online since 2 years now. The approach is Continuation with Background. Classes are usually meant for Civil service Aspirants and other Enthusiasts interested in current happenings.

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Law school graduate and ex-History teacher offering lessons on law/ social studies

I do not have a set methodology because teaching is not one-size-fits-all. I begin by finding which approaches work best for each student. For example, some visual learners respond best to flashcards while other visual learners need to write or draw. Auditory learners may need lecture-type teaching while other auditory learners prefer video or acting-out concepts.

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Final year Sociology and Social Policy student available for lessons in Stirling and Glasgow, from early high school to University level

I am happy to give lessons to high school students of any year, and first and second year University students. I do not have a set teaching methodology but would rather focus on the differing priorities of each individual student. I bring a patient and stress-free approach to tutoring and want to encourage students' interest and academic ambition as well as practical academic skills.

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