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Michael m
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Croatian and similar languages teacher, flexible and innovative methods, Melbourne and suburbs.

Flexible and innovative methods, includes reading / writing, use of the books and electronic resources, and - mobiles rather than the laptops that will block your thinking processes and be too cumbersome to carry around. Experienced, adjustable, flexible and capable with all learning types of persons, as another quality for you, with me on a teaching roster, for you.

Saint Kilda East
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I grew up in Belgrade, Serbia and have spent a lot of time in Montenegro and Croatia. If you are looking to start learning Serbo-Croatian, or to polish it up, I'll be able to help!

My teaching methodology is crafted to fit your needs depending on your level of knowledge. Sample methodology. Beginner - Teaching you simple areas in categories Greetings, Food, Food & Drink, Numbers, Family. Intermediate - Teaching you how to improve your conversation skills for Business and Travel. Advanced - Conversation based teaching on more complex topics of Politics and Philosophy.

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Native Serbian speaker gives lessons of Serbian and Croatian language via Skype

I prefer informal conversation because that helped me to learn some basic Spanish. Of course, you can choose to talk about anything: sport, music, religion, nature, sand in Sahara or whatever you want. Also, if you want something specific about Serbian language like grammar or vocabulary or something just text me and I'll prepare material for next lesson, no problem.

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Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin language lessons, online or in Sydney area

As soon we establish what level we are starting from, I give my best to make every lesson interesting and worthwhile

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Experience and patient professor living in Perth WA,gives high quality lessons in Serbian/Croatian language

My teaching method is based on my extensive knowledge of language i teach and individual evaluation of each student in first lesson. Based on that each lesson is tailored to individual needs and requirements matching proper level of a student. I am taking in consideration the student's particular linguistic background, needs and motivation.

Stafford Heights
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Serbian Language lessons for students of all ages in Brisbane. Native Serbian teacher.

I've been interested in foreign languages from a young age. Over the years that interest developed into my professional career. My teaching methodology is focused on the development of comprehension, conversation and writing skills of my students. In order to achieve it, I insist on verbal interaction.

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I was born in ex-Yugoslavia so this subject is for me on nature way.

I base from my nature and mature language and Life experience and how i was taught in my education. I can explain about writting, reading, alphabet, cyril, latin, gramar, words, origin of the language, history, culture, holidays, expressions, occasions, geography.

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Professor FLE 11 years in Croatia, as TEFL, teaching English 10 years in Croatia, located in Guingamp

I am a French and Russian teacher and I am the holder of Certificate in Advanced English and TEFL. I taught French as a foreign language to students from 10 to 18 years old in schools and at home in Croatia and I also taught English to students from 7 to 14 years old. My courses are tailored to each student depending on his level and his way of working. I also introduce playful methods.

New Malden
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German and English teacher offering Serbo-Croatian lessons to students of all levels

I tailor my teaching style according to the needs of each student. I believe the key to success is to build each student’s interest and provide them with the confidence to converse.

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Graduating in Languages, Letters and Comparative Cultures offers lectures and repetitions of Serbian-Croatian for students

my methodology involves lectures, identifying the strengths of the student on which to leverage to impress a strong and solid grammatical structure that, although quite different from the romance, does not deny meeting points and analogies.

São Paulo
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Serbian-Croatian classes and translations in Brazil, in São Paulo, by a Serbian.

I am Serbian and currently live in Brazil with my fiancee. I love teaching and helping anyone who is interested in learning the Serbian or Croatian languages. I can give private or group lessons, online or personally. I also speak fluent English, intermediary Italian and basic Spanish. I also translate documents / texts in Serbian or English into Portuguese.

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Bilingual Croatian / British tutor offering one to one Croatian language lessons across London

Lessons cover conversation, pronunciation, speaking, grammar, reading and writing. Before taking on a new student, I will meet with them to discuss their particular requirements and agree on the kind of tuition that would be most suitable.

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Serbian native speaker gives online classes of Serbian language to all ages

I give grammar, conversation,vocabulary lessons to students of all ages and levels, I enjoy my work and I am looking forward to share my knowledge in the most relaxed and friendly atmosphere.I am a friendly and patient person and I adjust my teaching methods to my students needs.

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Hello! My name is Ivana. I am Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian languages tutor. Also I teach Russian and Turkish languages. I want to help all people all around the world to learn new foreign languages.

I give more one by one than group lessons, but all these lessons are private. In teaching, I have and I follow the most important rules for me. An individual lesson, as an expensive suit tailored to your individual standards. For this reason, I am creating an individual new learning plan for each student. The teaching method is that for me your needs, wishes, circumstances are most important.

Greater London
Ema klara
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University student in International Business gives lessons in English and Croatian language to primary and secondary students in London

Hello there :) I am an University student in London currently working on my Bachelor's degree in International Business. I am able to give tutoring in English and Croatian language as well as help with the homework or other subjects to pupils in elementary and secondary school.

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Serbian native speaker offers Serbian language classes to English students and vice versa, combining fun and learning!

I tend to adapt my classes to my student's needs, and I approach each student individually, paying attention to their personal requirements. I am both professional and friendly. My classes are highly educative and creative, and I wont let any language problem remain unresolved.

Greater London
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Experienced Croatian language online teacher - Learn Croatian language online from home!

I am a Croatian online teacher who has graduated in foreign languages and comparative literature. I offer classes focused on conversation, pronunciation, comprehension, grammar, fluency and writing at all levels. I adapt my classes to the needs of each student in a dynamic and effective way. I am available from Monday to Saturday.

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Everything you need to know, and translate from serbian, i have been learning english for 10 years

I`m translating subtitles for movies, there is not specific topic. If you need to learn Serbian language, or just need to have something translated i am the right choice. Serbian is mz native language, i have been learning English for 10 years.

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Serbian-Bosnian-Croatian lessons and tuition from a linguistics doctoral candidate for adults, students, pupils and children

I design my lessons according to the needs of each student or group. I prepare each lesson and give customized homework. My great strength lies in the motivation of the students and in the explaining the subject matter. My main goal is to build communication skills. This assures high quality lessons.

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English,Serbian and Slovak speaker from Serbia..Teacher with 6years of experience..Friendly and communicative

I base my classes on a lot of TPR,because if you do not understand my language,you will understand when I show you..My students adores me because of making them to understand every word.

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Hi! I'm a native Serbian speaker with English degree and an online Serbian tutor

My teaching methodology varies from student to student. It depends on your personality, your interests and age. We work out the goals you want to achieve and we work our way towards them. I make sure what I teach you stays with you.

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Web and Mobile Computing student,native Croat, offering Croatian language lessons on line

Before actually starting any real class lesson I like to meet a student I teach, to see what are his/her language skills and knowledge on topic, his/her styles of learning ,and based on that I'd create a plan and program for every individual

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Diploma- lecture online universities Serbo-Croatian language over the Internet, Experience 3 years

My The teaching method is based on efficiency, patience, tolerance, learning itemized. I give lessons to adults younger than 18 years. My features and characteristics such tutor patience is learning the grammar and words, as well as periods of time, the respect to the pupil, the tolerance of the mutual interaction.

(5 reviews)
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During Serbian, Paris 11th, Professor (master 2) Serbian language, Faculty of Philology in Belgrade

PROFESSOR OF SERBIAN very experienced (MASTER 2); University degree in the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Serbian language, fluently bilingual offers courses in Serbian constructed and effective for all levels. By combining multiple methods I get the best results.

(3 reviews)
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Teacher of foreign languages ​​(English, French, Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian) in Belgium (Brussels and surroundings)

Macedonian by origin, I give Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian, English and French lessons for beginners and intermediates in French and in English and all levels for Macedonian and Serbo-Croatian. My lessons last 1 or 2 hours, depending on the choice of the student. I use the materials of interest to the students, so it is very personalized and customized, in addition to books and other tools.

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LFrench,Italian, serbo-croatin. Master degree University of Belgrade. I Live in Houst Usa.

I am professor of French language and literature I have been teaching French since 1975. I have MD and I also used to teach Latin and Italian. Teaching method: step by step. Grammar, pronunciation and exercises. I am a patient and sociable person. I am always trying to create a friendly atmosphere wich is very important, from my point of view and from my experience.

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Croatian 23 years old student offers classes of Croatian, from basics to advance conversions. Traveling to Croatia? You must know to pronounce "Doviđenja!" or "Hvala!", that is where I jump in!

Conversation and only conversation. Croatian is much more complex language then English, with 30 letters in alphabet and it is really hard to find a difference between "č" and "ć" or "đ" and "dž".

(5 reviews)
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Professor of Serbian language and literature proposes courses of the Serbo-Croatian language

I try to teach in interesting and creative way mixing different methods. I usually chose free approach to the material and I am adopting methods to all students and their needs. The language can be learned by speaking and I am searching to teach rules by useful texts.

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Forensic psychology student offering slavic languages lessons (Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin)

My teaching is based on repetiton and association. I find an association for a word so you can access it in your memory faster the next time.

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Native Croatian providing guidance in learning Croatian with ease and fun lessons

My teaching metod is based on constant comunication as well as guided examples to understand the structure and grammar of Croatian language

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