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Tanilba Bay
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Authentic Yang Family Tai Chi taught by experienced teacher of 40 years in boxing and martial arts,and a personal student and friend of GM Fu Sheng Yuan,late chairman of Fu Sheng Yuan Tai Chi Academy

My teaching method is based on practical experience and theoretical knowledge passed down and perfected over centuries,only one Tai Chi.

Fairfield West
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Enhance your well-being and learn about tai chi with Chen Style Taijichuan Practical Method

That depends on you. I currently teach taiji to mothers who want to gain confidence in their bodies and minds after caring so much for others. I take it slowly and understand that not everyone has had the chance to understand how to control their bodies.

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Kung-fu / Taichi / Shaolin 10 years of teaching experience proposes lessons in central Rome-first English / Chinese

Kung Fu, Tai Chi for All Levels I speak Chinese, English, and a little English for: strength, relax muscle, personal defense, calm article: warming, position, punch, soccer, very style, weapon, or meditation. Style: South Shaolin, North Shaolin, Tai-chi. Soft, not strong. Half an hour at your hour.

Paris 12e
Sayar yang
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Sayar Yang (former Burmese Buddhist monk) In Paris, I teach you the original techniques transmitted by my Masters such as meditation, tai chi, chi gong, massage, fitness, kungfu-bando bir

A learning session takes place by the practice of reinforcement, relaxation, work of the speed, practice of the bases (A Nga Tan) or Banshay or deepening of the Thaing (A Ni Kat 1) TECHNIQUE & MARTIAL APPLICATION and HANDLING OF THE ARMS The TAI CHI (or Taiji Chuan), which we practice in our school, is a martial art that brings us muscular and psychic relaxation and teaches us to live...

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan Chi Kung Personal Defense Palma De Mallorca

At 7 years of age shows your interest and search with different Masters in the way of martial arts. He begins his training through various disciplines of both competition in the field of contact sports, as well as the work of cultivating and refining inner energy (chi) and meditation.

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Graduate instructor gives Wing Chun Kung Fu classes accessible to all practitions kind

Our school shares this particularly versatile martial art made famous by Bruce Lee and Ip Man. Created on highly effective bases of self-defense, and accessible to all, from the first courses. Designed to enhance fitness, mental agility and self-confidence, our practice helps practitioners develop skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Elk Grove
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Olympic Martial Artist with 13 years of experience offering transformative lessons in California

As an educator, I've specialized in creating curriculum that is suited to a person's individual goals. I like to integrate spirituality (mindfulness and meditation) into the teaching of martial arts to hold true to that balance between it being an internal and external practice--the hard and the soft.

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TAI CHI course: flexibility - vitality - well-being - transformation - multidimensionality - Jette, Anderlecht and Overijse

Having practiced Tai Chi for many years, I propose Tai Chi Illumination sessions to introduce you to Qi Gong and Tai Chi movements, an effective tool for the harmonization of body and mind. My practice also includes an understanding of the energies around us and the ability to act on them, making us active participants in the world.

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Qi professor hinge graduate Quimetao gives private lessons and group

Since September 2014: - Study of kung fu style Wing Chun Sifu within the school Didier Beddar in Paris from September 20, 2013 today: - Training Dao harmony at the Institute of Quimetao in Paris From 14 September 2010 to September 2013: - Vocational Training qi gong at the Institute of Quimetao in Paris April 14, 2012 - Training in China to qigong masters and tai chi chuan From September 2005 to...

Paris 16e
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Yoga and Pilates at your home (Paris 16th, 8th, 10th and center)

Yoga is a traditional Indian technique that has survived the centuries, while adapting to our modern world. This method is considered by science as a very beneficial approach to health: less stress, better breathing, better concentration, more flexibility and muscle tone, and this for all practitioners. Pilates is a more modern method, and blends perfectly with Yoga.

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Teacher of Taijiquan, Kung fu and Qigong for individuals or groups in Rome

Taijiquan combines martial art with meditative practice. It teaches you to stay relaxed even in situations of tension or conflict and to manage your energies more effectively. The plasticity and softness that characterize Taijiquan, make it a truly accessible discipline for everyone.

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Tai chi and chi kong lessons in correze brive tulle objat and uzerche

35 years of martial practice teacher of tai chi graduated FFKDA gives classes all levels teaching tai chi style yang form 108 movements form of arms sword saber baton thrust of hands TUI SHOU training to diplomas and duans your welcome

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Tai chi chuan and Qi gong serving the well-being ofl the people

I am a teacher of Tai chi chuan and Qi gong and I teach the internal disciplines: Tai chi, Qi Gong, Meditation. My teaching is for all audiences. I organize level classes, themed classes and also specific courses: company courses, private lessons, courses for seniors, etc. My classes can be organized as well in the closed places: sports halls, gymnasium, studios but also outside, in the open air.

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Long-time Taichi and Qigong teacher offers private lessons for everyone in Munich. Stay fit and healthy.

I'll give you a simple introduction to the wonderful world of Taichi. Together we will learn a taichi form (Yang 24, Yang 108, Chang 108 ...) step by step and deepen the basic movements. Natural breathing and the easy-to-learn exercises of the traditional Taichi serve to focus on our inner self and allow Chi to flow freely through the body.

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Variety of martial arts and fitness experience for individuals and groups.

I use a variety of methods while teaching either martial arts or fitness. I mixed visual, verbal and written lectures adjusted to all kinds of students. All the classes are very actives and with a lot of repetition for the student's benefits. Be assured that what you will learn will be effective toward your goals.

Santa Cecilia
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Tai Chi Chuan Class Culture and knowledge as a way of transformation and awakening. Connection through conscious, dedicated practice, constant in a circle of friendship, trust, respect and

Tai Chi Chuan of the Yang Family is a body of well-structured theoretical-practical knowledge that forms a path of development for all practitioners who seek to cultivate their life, preserve their spirit and open their hearts.

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People who wish to learn Tai-chi in Bangalore for mental and physical well being.

Subjective to the student. This can vary as every individual is different and requires a different approach. Basic stretching, warm up and warm down for everyone mandatory.


David - Brixton - Tai chi

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Maths. - Tell me about your qualifications. PGCE Mathematics. - How much do you charge? I cycle most places :) group discounts negotiable. - Where do you teach? within 30mins cycle of brixton... - When are you available? Now. - Which ages and levels do you teach? I'm specialised at GCSE, but will stretch both ways to KS2 and A-level.

Mestre luiz felipe
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Professional of Physical Education, with Master in Physical Activity Sciences. Active in the areas of fitness and personal defense.

The training runs through private lessons or small groups, always seeing individualize the service aiming at achieving the best results. Be it to improve your physical conditioning, body aesthetics or learn to defend yourself.

São Paulo
Rodrigo de jesus
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Motivational classes, which will challenge you and make you seek your best

My classes are developed through a custom method. Where I work a specific need of the student. Be it improved physical fitness, self-defense, high-performance training. Each class is different from one another ... In one day we can do technical part and in the other to be physical part. But each class is motivating and challenging.

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Nir-Bhaya Self Defence Academy’s ,Self Defence Course is our Flagship Program.

We conduct regular intensive training in a Blend of Traditional Karate, Kung fu, Judo & Martial arts . We teach our students Martial Arts, and also train them in Yoga simultaneously.

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