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Senior Business Leader with many years experience, wanting to share that knowledge with you!

I like to have an open approach to teaching, let the students interact and express their experiences and opinions. Depending on the subject I am teaching, I will be led by what the student needs, where they particularly need support and how best they can understand the teachings. What makes it easiest for them to learn.

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I can teach all accounting and finance degree subjects in full detail.


Surfers Paradise
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Business coach with 20years experience. Business owners wanting private, group excellence programs.

The focus of business training and coaching is on the psychological and emotional challenges faced by business owners. Our programs are based on the foundation of focusing on strengths. Using the Clifton StrengthsFinder and BP10 profiling tools we identify a business' talents and assist in developing them into strengths.

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Accounting tutor you have been looking for - Melb. Uni alum., CPA, Senior industry professional, hurry limited spots available

My teaching approach is igniting the interest in you! You may already have a strong interest in accounting and finance or you may dread it; but after a few sessions you will be back for more. With active listening and support you will find going through concepts and attempting questions yourself a lot of fun. There is a lot to say about knowing the student first...

East Melbourne
Shaurya vardhan
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RMIT Masters of Business Administration student with years of experience give management and marketing help

I base my classes on more real-world examples and learning. Teaching process beyond books. The teaching comes in through a creative thought process, trying to look at problem beyond the usual. This is done using Design Thinking as a problem solving tool.

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Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) & MA in Finance offering lessons in Finance for High school & Uni in Melbourne

I like working one-on-one with students, I am very engaging and I enjoy teaching general concepts by solving specific problems. I like to solve problems step-by-step with the student - I believe this is the best way to clear up uncertainty over any topic. I have deep passion for finance and I enjoy sharing that passion with my students.

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Marketing professional providing all forms of marketing advice to anyone in Canberra

I base my teachings on a fun and collaborative environment using real-life examples to better educate. Classes are visual, using video and imagery to help paint a clearer picture. Each lesson is designed to put you in the shoes of those that have experienced success and excitement in their marketing journey to those that have had pitfalls in their journey.

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Marketing Manager in Sydney teaching you how to implement SEO, Strategy, Lead Generation and more to find business success.

My teaching methodology is very practical. I show you how to accomplish specific things such as generating more leads or starting brand campaigns. I demonstrate and teach you invaluable skills and reinforce this with practical training sessions where we work together to create a mock business and grow it.

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Business graduate currently studying Finance at the Uni of South Australia, looking to give lessons in Adelaide or online. My expertise include strategic management, integrated marketing communication

Previously, I've taught students my age, and juniors. And coming across those which find a subject difficult, I learnt to get back to the basics. My philosophy in teaching is conceptual, but I believe in achieving that goal through discussion rather than just memorizing the textbook. If a student does not understand the basics and does not understand a reason, then their concept is not clear.

Sandy Bay
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Accounting and Finance - Sandy Bay - For class 12 and undergrad students

Each week topics are explained in detail and simplified for the students to understand better. Relatable examples are used to help remember the topics easily. Additional help with assignments and practice quizzes are provided making sure the students ace their exams.

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4-years-experienced CPA accountant graduated from Macquarie Uni with GPA 3.833, servicing Wollongong area.

-Experienced Private Tutor -Adaptive teaching methods according to varied student's levels. -Systematic understanding of accounting logic and concept. Capable of using different examples and plain English to elaborate difficult points. -Flex time appointment in Wollongong Uni Library, Mon to Sun, 9am-3pm, very competitive price.

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Business and Marketing Tutor - MA & BSc Qualified - Private Lessons Available - Perth WA based

Keep it simple and always relate everything back to real, tangible examples. I find that this is the most effective way to ensure students make progress on developing their analytical skills and in gaining a deep understanding of theory.

Port Macquarie
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MBA Graduate who loves to share is happy to provide business guidance and knowledge.

I approach topics with a pragmatic approach. If the approach does not include how it can apply to your life in a tangible way that might help you get a foot forward or towards a job - then I've failed. My goal is pragmatism.

Mango Hill
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Passionate tutor providing students success in Accounting and Business Management subjects in Brisbane.

My teaching method involves setting out the objectives of the lesson and having a success criteria at the end. Students develop skills in analysis, evaluation and synthesis (creating of new knowledge). Literacy and numeracy skills are also incorporated in learning.

Umina Beach
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Chartered Accountant currently practicing available for accounting tutoring on the Central Coast

The lessons are tailored to each student. This could be HSC, returning to working or anything in between. In our first lesson together we will determine your needs and will create lessons around this. Take advantage of the free lesson to see how I can help.

Bellevue Heights
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Experienced Digital Marketing professional giving lessons on effective marketing strategies, and social media!

My teaching method involves a mixture of theory and practical exercises. The lesson structure will begin with the basic elements of marketing and then moving onto more advanced techniques such as ad targeting, creating effective content, the psychology of consumers, social algorithms and more...

Oaklands Park
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Recent graduate from the Adelaide Business school giving Commerce/ Marketing lessons to students in Adelaide.

I am an easy-going and approachable person. I am extremely passionate about all things Marketing. I seek to tailor my lessons based on individual needs and styles of learning. My goal is to help you to better understand your concepts better, so that you will be able to apply them with ease.

Brunswick East
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Experienced Campaign Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Statistical Data Analysis, and Retail. Market

I base my teaching method on breaking down the subject. I believe in logical steps that are easy to follow. And then I use examples and real work cases to show the practical use of the subject in the business world.

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A fun learning and an easy experience in Economics in the Sydney Central!

Being thoroughly aware of the syllabus and the pattern in international curriculums, I have been actively tutoring since 2015. Being an enthusiastic, motivating and a hard working tutor, I help in providing full attention to the students by supporting them study materials, notes, past papers and schedule regular tests or quizzes to understand their progression.

Saint Lucia
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MBA Project Management Professional providing platform for Business Management Lessons in Brisbane

I approach topic by topic as in the best interests of the student and the grounds needing to be covered with real life examples.

Oyster Bay
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Macquarie University MBA Qualified Business Professional available for tutoring business related subjects.

My teaching method is based on patience, understanding and communication. Applying real life situations to common academic problems is a prerequisite in my teachings. Ensuring each step is fully understood before moving forward is paramount to progress as is enjoying the journey.

Caulfield East
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Monash PhD student teaches individuals and groups Business and Business Strategy in Melbourne

My teaching method is engaging, challenging, drawing on my own perspectives and experiences. Lessons can be 45 minutes to 90 minutes long, with supporting presentation and notes that students can refer to as the class progresses. I structure my lessons to suit the individual or group.

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Experienced (over 10 years) Business Management and Tourism Tutor/Trainer /lessons in Sydney

I consider teaching my passion in life. I speak fluent English, Polish, German and Basic level Italian, French and Russian. My lessons are geared towards students with will to succeed as well as students with motivational issues. The lesson structure will be first to set lesson goals. It is imperative for the progress and achievement.

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An FCCA & MBA, willing to share knowledge and expertise to those willing to learn

My teaching methodology is practice practice practice, I swear by practicing all past questions available to you and understanding concepts rather than cramming them. If you can understand the principles you cannot go wrong, I teach by explaining the principles to others first and then encouraging practice.

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Executive Manager with Masters in HRM & OD with 20+ years experience in Financial Services Sector.

I employ techniques which cater to multiple learning styles to help students retain information and strengthen understanding. A toolbox of strategies and methods are used to ensure students have equal opportunity to learn including questioning, explaining, modeling, collaborating, and demonstrating.

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International Business and Management University student giving economics lessons to high-school students in Sydney

I do not believe that there is only one right way to teach and learn. I like to adjust my teaching specific to the person. Everyone learns differently. So, I would start of with finding out how YOU learn best.

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Former University Lecturer gives lessons to Uni Students in any business area.

Mt teaching philosophy is that everyone starts at the bottom. Most of my previous students had less knowledge in the areas at the beginning but shown great achievement at the end. With my methods of teaching , I have been able to create interest in them thus they are now doing their post graduate qualifications in fields they thought was difficult at the beginning.

West End
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An MBA graduate to give lessons on Business and Management with writing skills.

My teaching method is very simple yet deep on clearing basics. If your basics are clear once you can understand subject in more easy way. I am in final semester of my MBA and keen to study for P.H.E.D in future.

Sisa alter
(1 review)
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Seasoned business teacher equiping students with the skills and art in b

By incorporating an expansive range of academic methods, approaches, and experiences, we create a learning environment that leads to success.

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Award Winning Educator At University Level In Marketing, Business Law And Management.

I sit down with you and find out what you are having difficulty with whether that be how to approach a case study right through to correct referencing and clarifying terminology you are exposed to at University or College. I then provide guidance in what you need to know and how to approach your assignments. On another multinational Leading University tutoring website I am rated 5 stars.

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Perfect! I really enjoy having Anshu as my tutor. As an adult and only just starting studying after a very long break, getting my brain into gear is not easy. Anshu was amazing, I told Anshu my issues and she explained everything in a simplistic manner that...

Basma, Student
1 month ago

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