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University student gives lessons in business administration with knowledge of international trade, macro and micro economics.

I schedule every topic for every day and then take test of full chapter at the end of the week to make sure student doesn't forget what was done previously. I believe in teaching every topic very practically and its use in real life.

Glenelg North
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Experienced Teacher that loves Economics (IB, IGCSE, SACE, WACE, VCE) and achieves results!

I have a differentiated approach to teaching and learning with is custom created to suit each student that bests suits him/her. Achievement is multilevelled thus, it is important to understand your students to always bring the best out of them.

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Economics lessons from International UniMelb Economics Student in Melbourne. ( Received 7/7 in IB Higher Level Econ)

I focus mainly on detailed descriptions and thorough analyses of most of the concepts which are in the exam content. I love taking notes in the lessons I give but I also use various apps which you can use on your phones for vocabulary and graph learning. I do give homework and essays which needs to be read until the next tutorial and send weekly articles regarding important news.

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High-achieving economics student helps high-school and college students with proven experience with in-person and online tutoring. Skillful to different learning abilities. Learning is lots of fun!

My teaching method is student-centric. I approach students by understanding their background and what challenges they face in the class. My successful formula is to design case-by-case learning model for each student as they are different from critical thinking and learning abilities.

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Sydney University graduate tutoring all Commerce/Economics subjects on the Central Coast of NSW to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

A lot of students come to me as they don’t understand what the lecturer means or they feel the content has been rushed through in the lecture or tutorial. Sometimes they have tried to prove the mathematics but didn’t do mathematics advanced at school and are therefore lacking in their calculus knowledge. Calculus is required in most Commerce/Economics courses.

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I am pursuing my masters in actuarial science in The University of New South wales. I have Masters and Bachelors (honours) degree in Economics.

I am very passionate about Economics and Mathematics. Through using real life problems, I try to instil that passion for learning by making theories relatable to practical situations. Also, I start with the necessary theory of the chapter and simultaneously looking at the application problems to give a 360 degree understanding of the subject.

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International Baccalaureate graduate teaching business, economics and English in Sydney NSW Australia

I provide individualised, flexible 1-on-1or group tutoring as I recognise that all students are different and therefore learn differently, this means that just because my study methods worked for me they may not work for others. I can also help with exam techniques, study skills and general university entrance tailored to the specific students needs.

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University of Wollongong PG business student gives excellent economics tutoring near Wollongong

My teaching method is all about generating curiosity about the subject. I first analyse the basics of the student so as to get the idea of their foundation. I relate the theories with practical examples to make topics clearer.

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I am an international student from CDU Studying Masters of Professional Accounting who is interested in teaching Accounting to all students.

I mostly teach individually. But teaching in groups should also be fine. When in groups, I teach by going through the theory generally and then giving individual attention while doing accounting problems. I have students from various backgrounds where I had to start all the way from basics and it went well..

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Adept at creating study material in a variety of academic subjects. Strong interpersonal communication skill with students

My teaching mainly depends on the subjects matter and the nature of the students. I follow both active and inclusive teaching method. As I teach mathematical courses, such as economics and finance, in that case, some students may need more help. I would like to follow experimental teaching method as well.

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Economics tutor around Clayton - Monash Honours student with experience working for Government

I base my classes around what topics the students struggle with. Using this as a guide, I explain key concepts clearly and concisely. I often try to provide questions for students to test their knowledge. Further, I try to use everyday examples (i.e. recent news events) to elaborate on and apply concepts taught.

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Bachelor of Business and Economics in Monash University ; Master in Management and Master in Professional Accounting

I do not like when the teacher just give the questions without providing the answer or takes so many hours to answer it. in my opinion, I prefer to teach my class with questions and answers at the end. I will give them some time to try to answer the questions and I will give the full answer when the class is over. so the students will have time to evaluate the questions with the answer.

Mangrove Mountain
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Macquaire University student studying bachelor of economics. First Place economics in high school

I base my teaching method more so on understanding and dissecting questions rather than memorising course work. This gives students a distinct advantage as it allows for lateral thinking, a very useful and beneficial skill. Each lesson is customised to your needs and will focus on what you want to achieve in both the short term and the long term.

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University of the New South Wales business school undergraduate student giving commerce/ accounting lessons in NSW, Sydney

My teaching method is to know the difficulties faced by the student first, then based on that, give detail but simple explanations of the key concepts or theory behind it. I will focus on the understanding of basic and important concepts and formulas first, then guide students to apply their knowledge and skills of the concepts to solve questions.

Possum Creek
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Economics graduate offering economics tutoring for high school and first year economics degree students.

Hi, my lessons are structured in different ways so as to meet the needs of my students. Our initial lesson will involve an assessment of your particular needs in the subject area you need help with. My teaching style is relaxed and friendly.

New Town
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Southern Cross accounting postgraduate will be tutoring to high school / university students

I believe in teaching that will cater to all kind of student. Course outline will start from the basic concepts and eventually will end up at contemporary skills. This learning process will assist the students to pass the final assessment.

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Certified Practising Accountant currently studying Master of Professional Accounting - Master of Business Administration at James Cook University offering accounting and business lessons.

My lessons are designed to suite students high school, college and university students. I also have programs for small business owners. I believe that one-on-one and small group tutoring are successful approaches as they allow for more interactions. I have theory notes as well as templates which help give students a true practical business sense.

Payneham South
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Guildford West
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Western Sydney University studying Bachelors of Business majoring in Applied Finance can tutor High School and Uni students

explaining concepts.....visualising.... providing examples and doing past exam papers together. Can ask a question as many times as they want to..... I am a very passionate person scored 94 ATAR in high school I am looking forward to tutor all kinds of students.

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Ex French Business School attendant & cryptoenthusiast willing to give lessons about Economics in general !

The lessons are geared towards any kind of people who's willing to learn more about economics in general & cryptocurrencies. Lessons are usually on the request of the student and his/her needs. I always make sure to listen to the student needs in order to build my lesson around it.

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Experienced Economics tutor specialising in ATAR help in Nedlands, currently studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at UWA

Economics is seen by many students as a 'dry' subject, so, to foster engagement, I approach teaching with levity and energy. This allows students to actively engage with the content and look forward to study sessions. My lessons generally begin with explanation of theoretical concepts and progress to either the presentation of the concepts in diagram form or practice questions.

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A fun learning and an easy experience in Economics in the Sydney Central!

Being thoroughly aware of the syllabus and the pattern in international curriculums, I have been actively tutoring since 2015. Being an enthusiastic, motivating and a hard working tutor, I help in providing full attention to the students by supporting them study materials, notes, past papers and schedule regular tests or quizzes to understand their progression.

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Monash International Business student providing economics lessons to IB and VCE students in the Victorian northern suburbs

I place emphasis on the “application” section in learning. I believe students can understand the theory but have trouble applying it in case studies.

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2nd Year ANU Actuarial/Finance Student giving Economics lessons to university/high school students

My teaching method is introducing the content intuitively, then ensuring the student understands the content through an application of the content. I believe in doing whatever is best for the student and the classroom atmosphere is typically 50/50 discussion between me and the student.

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USYD student gives economics and marketing lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney

I am an enthusiastic tutor, who adapts to the learning style of the students. A typical lesson structure might be going through the concepts the student doesn't understand in the lectures. Additional materials for practice and exam help might be provided.

Albion Park Rail
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Illawarra region: Accounting and business studies tutoring for school and uni students from UOW 3rd year accounting student.

I believe in the concept of guided self realisation. I could tell you the answers but it is much greater value to give you the tools to learn on your own. Everyone learns differently and so I want to help you find your perfect study method.

North Ward
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High Achieving Corporate Environmental Management Student from James Cook University gives Economics lessons

I believe in gauging how students learn best; asking what has worked for them in the past, what they have enjoyed most in the classroom and working on WHAT they need to learn all defines our classes. Working with the student is very important to me, and I will always try to facilitate one on one lessons at a student's home, my own home, or at a library.

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Experienced Secondary School Teacher offering private tuition across a range of school subjects. Full teaching registration with QCT.

I see teaching as involving a reciprocal relationship between teachers and students. I believe that teachers have duties to their students and that students have duties to their teachers.

Williams Landing
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RMIT student gives commerce and economics lessons to kick start their VCE

My teaching method is to simplify difficult topics to make things easy to remember and building upon the foundations of a subject that will help solidify the trickier aspects to Economics. Through my teaching I hope to give my student full confidence going into tests, exams and SACS.

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Recent University graduate offering Math and Economics lessons to all ages in Sydney

I believe that learning should be a enjoyable and rewarding experience, and therefore try to create fun yet structured classes that have clear goals and targets. I tailor each lesson to an individuals learning style to make sure that they get the most out of my lessons.

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