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Self taught Year 11 Visual Arts student, can run Painting, Drawing and Art Lessons for Primary School students in Hinchinbrook and Green Valley area

I am geared towards primary school students who wish to advance their skills and creativity in an informal, non-competitive setting, with individual freedom and an opportunity to discover new ways of expressing themselves. My teaching method is to plan lessons ahead, and focus on a different skills with each activity, while encouraging individual creativity and a personal touch to each activity.

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Award winning artist shares invaluable fundamental skills to pursue any art discipline.

I believe drawing underpins all art disciplines. I believe everyone can learn to draw. I believe art can play a crucial role in well-being. My teaching method is inclusive of all age groups and all personalities with a focus in developing each students individual style. Perfect for high school students wanting to develop skills to support their HSC outcomes.

North Parramatta
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Fulltime Working Illustrator and Animator giving Relevant Art and Animation Tutorials to Students and Hobbyists

My teaching method is very practical and hands-on with a lot of emphasis on smart, thoughtful, and structured practice. During most of the classes that I teach, I do. Which means that I do a lot of demonstrations and paint overs for the students showing them exactly step by step what needs to be done to complete the work.

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Blue mountains visual artists with 20 years experience gives illustrative , watercolour lessons with a whimsical touch.

It is important to find which medium, tools and subject matter work for you. This can only be found through experimenting! Be connected to your work...tell a story. I find my best work evolves over several courses and is telling a personal story...sometimes one I did not expect.

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Artist with over 20 years experience in Europe and USA, currently taking RMIT Fine Art Batchelor study will be teaching online and at home in Adelaide

I like to approach my students with view to inspire an enthusiasm to be daring. Sometimes we will be hands on with instructions and other times will be lively discussion on the endless possibilities in front of us. We can never get bored with this type of exchange. Part learning experience, part therapy to break the shackles of conventional thought.

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Award winning New York trained comic and illustration artist teaching in the Hunter

Individual tailored lessons based on the student's level of mastery. I like to see the student at their most comfortable and determine their strengths and weaknesses. I then give lessons and projects that extend the student beyond their comfort zone, with a final goal of advanced technical knowledge and print ready material.

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Uber Artist Ken Stokes of 'Line Of The Times' (f/b) LIVE CARICATURIST.

My teaching method is by example. I have many topics by which I lead in a 'step by step' approach. Eye Observation. Imagination and Ceativity. Caricaturing (live and photo). Character Development....and many other topics...Guided by students interest.

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Primary Teacher gives caricature drawing lessons to high school age and up students

My teaching method is highly student centered and allows space to focus directly where the student operates at using strategies which cater to their specific learning needs. My experience is in teaching students at a K-6 level but am fully capable of teaching students from years 7-10.

Everard Park
Parminder singh
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In drawing, painting observation is everything. Trust your self for everything. Thanks

To learn water color painting, You should have patience. Best things always take time to become great. Brain is also best method. For it you need to do practice, need to use both brain at one time, Everything possible with right attitude.

Carlton North
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Architecture sketching / portraits/ still life sketching. I am an architect, currently pursuing my masters degree from Unimel. Can help in sketching, Photoshop and rhino modelling Location - Melbourne

My teaching methods are based on my past learnings from my Architecture school. Will help with do's and don'ts in Architecture sketching, photography and rendering.

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A creative art teacher is now here! Caricatures, water coloring, illustrations, fashion illustrator !

Basically I'd like to make fun environment and approach to students friendly and also make them enjoy doing art.

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With the mastery in Painting I educate students of all age who needs to learn painting, Drawing, Caricature, Abstract, etc.

My teaching method includes introduction to Art and Design and I work on how to think out of box with students, this leads to creativity and then I approach to skills of drawing and paintings. Painting of all style can be learnt through one skills.

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ANU Postgraduate Visual Arts student with a BFA in Painting gives art lessons to students of all ages in Canberra

I base my classes on the student. Students can either have me come up with a subject matter, or they can choose something they want to create on their own. I will guide them through the art piece while showing them techniques and art foundations that will stick with them through further creations.

East Kurrajong
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Visual Arts Teacher with 19 years experience gives high school students creative edge

Lessons are focused on students studying stage 4, 5 and 6 of the NSW Visual Arts syllabus of Making and Studying art. Outcomes are geared towards high school students however adult learners will also be challenged. Using my Aboriginal Art painting unit "Sacred Spaces" as an example I start with basic concepts such as aboriginal culture and the dream-time.

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Learn to Draw realistic and unrealistic dark fantasy beasts and Characters :)

Nothing should be rushed, everything takes time. With this in mind I work with you step by step and line by line, I'll show you that mistakes aren't a bad thing nor do they mean starting over again.

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Canterbury Girls Secondary College student teaches creative arts, maths, science, english and philosophy

My teaching method is really getting to know the student and how they learn. It is important that the student feels comfortable and heard. I like to move methodically slowly forming a foundation and building from there. I will also try to assess how much the student knows as to expand on the things they do know and fill in the gaps of things they dont.

São Judas (São Paulo)
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Traditional Illustrator Artist teaches Manga Drawing, Watercolor in Practice in SP and ABC

My teaching method adapts to the level of the student that is, regardless if it is basic or advanced and we continue with classes separated by themes and we persist in the subjects that the student presents more difficulty. Use the student's hobbies to teach, making him comfortable and lively with development, always passing lessons for the day.

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Technician in audiovisual graphics and student of Fine Arts gives classes of plastic arts (illustration, drawing and painting) and graphic arts (Adobe Suite applied to the creation of motion graphics,

My teaching method is based mainly on the understanding of what is being worked on, yes I like to be organized and to carry a structure in order to fulfill the stated objective but always customizing it to the user.

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Technical support and development of your artistic spirit in Brussels: drawing, painting, aerosol, sculpture, digital.

I believe that all teaching is above all an exchange, that it must works bilaterally and that the form of teaching must adapt to the form of reception. I can prepare a lecture on a subject if it corresponds to your best way of learning or organize a workshop where points to study will emerge from the practice.

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"Caricature with Attitude" Serious Tuition in the Art of Drawing Funny Faces

I pride myself on delivering highly entertaining and informative tuition. I am methodical in my preparation and spend a great deal of time devising a sylabus. My approach is very hands on, I discuss caricature theory, spending time demonstrating producing a live caricature of someone in the group, before letting the students loose on an unsuspecting subject.

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French Erasmus student at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in the city of Liège

I haven't a specific basic approach, it will depend mainly on what you want or need. The idea will be to build a method according to your expectations. I am patient and consider that the field of arts is accessible to all those who are be interested.

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Artist loves teaching children how to draw their favourite cartoon characters located in Oshawa!

I developed course plans and implemented interesting and interactive material to increase children’s understanding and skills in a broad range of art fundamentals. Set and communicated ground rules for the classroom based on respect and personal responsibility.

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Student with M.Sc Degree in Multimedia looking for students to teach art

The classes would be mostly for students who are still in school. They will learn about various techniques in art in a structured manner, with a practical approach. This can be conducted with regular workshops and art sessions, following which an assessment will be done and we will move on to the next chapter.

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Visual art and illustration is a deep ocean. Learn the technical skills which will help you swim.

I can tailor learning projects to the students needs, pinpointing exactly those areas they have most difficulty with. The aim is always to find a way to move beyond the limitations one currently feels uncumbered by, which generally requires a vivid experience.

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Graphic Design Student l Illustration classes / Drawing for beginners and amateurs

In the artistic areas there are no completely objective opinions, they all depend on the tastes in some way. However, there are certain characteristics that every illustration needs to have a minimum quality, in my class I intend to teach those bases so that from their own style students can illustrate.

Jardim Oriental
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Reading, understanding and graphic mastery of the world from A to Z for beginners and masters

I would say that the basis is Jean Piaget, Ana Mae Barbosa and Paulo Freire, but the didactic flexibility goes a bit beyond these methods and here there are no rules, I will just lapse the talent that already has inside you.

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Drawing course, sketch and digital illustration given by a master student in digital arts

My course aims to teach figurative drawing and methods to progress. Concretely, I approach the basic rules to represent objects of reality, then break them and invent his own characters, scenery and landscapes.

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Drawing & Illustration student with 3 years of college experience excited to help other art students!

In the past when I have been asked to show somebody how to execute a certain technique, I always go ahead and demonstrate visually, and explain my process or way of thinking as I am doing this.

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A Brazilian illustrator, living in Tokyo. Working as an illustrator, painter and art instructor.

I always focus on the fundamental. In the beginning, I will teach how to analyze a reference, how to see and understand the object that you wanna draw. After all, drawing is seeing, it's how we see, understand and interpreted the world. Also, I will also show you the proportion and the construction of the figure, so then we com stylize it later for making manga, caricature or a cartoon.

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Online Digital Artist with experience in the Indie Dev Industry - Cartoon and Comic Arts degree.

I teach online in the comfort of your own home via text - no webcam or chat needed! I can help you whether you are a beginner, or if you're graduating from university or college and need some help polishing up your portfolio or skills.

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