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Melbourne University Chemical Physics Student gives lessons to students in Melbourne CBD

Hello, I am keen on helping students in these subjects which are of great interest to me and which I plan to pursue as a career. Our lessons will be systematic and structured, and students are free to bring any material that needs clarification or explanation.

Mount Waverley
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Melbourne University student gives lessons regarding algebra to high school students.

My teaching method is usually very simple and easy to understand as this was how I was taught. I am willing to mostly give lessons to students who have difficulty in this particular subject and make learning easy fro them. Also I would start my way from the basics so that they will have a good foundation and work my way through.

Cordeaux Heights
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Highschool/ University Chemistry tutor with 3 years of experience that can guarantee results

My teaching lessons are fairly relaxed. Simply show me your current homework, syllabus or tell me anything you would like me to go over you with and I will explain it as best I can. I ensure that you know exactly what the syllabus is asking and I put emphasis on questions which are the most likely to be asked in a test.

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I am a Biotechnologist with atleast six years of tutoting science and mathematics subjects

I am a Bio-technologist having an experience of at-least six years of tutoring. I am a keen and passionate person for teaching students. I am looking for the students who are not good at science or mathematics subject and are looking for the guidance to solve their problems. I can teach students of any level specially 10 grade students.

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I have a passion for teaching and communicating Science. Lets discuss Science and learn together!

My teaching philosophy is encourage students to doubt, question, think and explore. I want them to begin understanding the process of scientific thinking rather than learning definitions without context to real data.

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Master of Engineering student gives classes for Chemistry for High school students

I generally try to understand the basic level of the student and work accordingly. Usually , I start with the basics and make sure they understand and learn the basics , so that their foundation is strong enough. I give them homework and make them practice the topics.

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Tales and teachings from a third year PhD student in all aspects of chemistry! Including organic/physical/polymer and advanced materials chemistry and nanotechnology

I am Brisbane based and close to the CBD. I can run face to face lessons at the University of Queensland with chemistry lab tours! I have taught mostly laboratory based chemistry as well as workshops and tutorials. I am passionate about chemistry and helping students understand the wonders of how our universe functions.

North Haven
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Biochemistry and Pharmacology majors, experienced in teaching Chemistry for High School Students

My teaching method is based primarily on the requirements of the key assessments and set classwork. I begin by covering all of the examinable material thoroughly and in detail, and then working on practice questions section as each section is competed. This ensures that the learning is driven towards covering all of the knowledge required to complete tests, exams, and assignments.

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A potential ANU Chemistry PhD gives Chemistry lessons to high school students in Canberra.

I choose online teaching. Each class lasts for 2 hours an, it will be nice if the students go through their study material first to figure out their questions or study focus and then send me their questions forehead to me forehead the class, under this way our study will be more trouble shouting.

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Monash Master's student teaching Math, Chemistry and other sciences to highschoolers and uni students at Clayton.

My teaching method is based on a resolution of real-life problems. A normal lesson would consist in a brief recap of the last lesson, followed by questions, then we will answer those questions together, and after everything is clear we can look forward to learning a new topic.

Carina Heights
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Any Year 8-12 and Physics or Science Assistance. Any learning needs will be considered in teaching methods

I believe in the philosophy that to learn with the most efficiency and effectiveness, you must have a passion or desire to learn for the sake of curiosity. Therefore, I make every lesson a balanced fun/work dynamic that makes learning interesting and valuable to any individual who learns from me.

Fairview Park
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South Australia University Student Willing to Tutor in; Mathematics, Physics, Physical Education and Music

Lesson structure - whether online or face-to-face, will consist of an hour of learning geared towards understanding the concepts of the specified subject. The concept that is giving the student most difficulty will be highlighted and dissected, providing insight into why the student is having difficulties with it.

Mawson Lakes
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Physics, mathematics and science tutoring. a graduate of physics and currently studying mechanical engineering in the university of south australia

My teaching method is based on how the student background or academic strength. I can make struggling students enjoy physics and mathematics when I teach them. I have a way of imparting knowledge even to slow learners. Contact me if interested.

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Experienced Tutor and UWA Student Tutoring High School Maths and Science (Able to come to you)

I believe that students learn best when they are really getting involved rather than listening to explanations. I like to give my students questions and allow them to talk through their answers go I can understand what they aren't comprehending and I can teach accordingly.

Piara Waters
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Research Chemist gives Chemistry lessons to high school and uni students in Australia

I approach the topic by firstly instilling the foundations, as without a correct foundations, everything else topples. This will not only help you in the short term but also in the long term when learning more advanced chemistry topics or other subjects alike.

Payneham South
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Post Graduate student from University Of New South Wales giving Math Tuts

I believe in letting students to think critically, reason with the solution and understand the concept; rather than just studying for the sake of it. I will make sure the student is strong with his/her basic concepts and solve problems on their own.

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Recent PhD graduate offers Chemistry and general Science lessons in Launceston, Tasmania

I shape my lessons according to the student’s needs. I try to identify where the student struggles and then to explain the concepts needed to understand the problems. Generally, I use the textbook the student already uses and prepare additional material and exercises to complement the book.

Notting Hill
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Monash University PhD student offering excellent lessons for chemistry students at all levels.

My teaching goals are to create the interest of learner in the subject. I believe any one can excel in the subject if they are truly motivated and interested in leaning and that is my whole approach. Chemistry fascinates me and that is what I want to teach my students.

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Offer Safety in Design training for continued professional development in SE Queensland

Sharing extensive experience in the field and base tuition on 1. Needs Analysis of the individual 2. Demonstration of concepts thru customised application 3. Practical implementation - use of design examples provided by the student 4.

Clayton South
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Pure Physics, Applied Physics and other basic and upgraded science knowledge will be given

My teaching method includes slides, short notes, lost of references and examples. I prefer to group the particular lessor according to the student's demand. I like to show various demo to make the subject matter more interesting and understandable.

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Monash student give chemistry and Physics lessons to VCE students in Melbourne

You can ask any questions in relation to the VCE study. I learned physics, chemistry, math method, Chinese as a first language and English as an additional language. You can also ask about the selection of the university. International students are welcomed.

Mill Park
Seyed farshad
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An accomplished goal-oriented lecturer and researcher in chemistry with a proven track of record in delivering educational, research & professional services to the higher education institutions as wel

Known for my entertaining and enthusiastic teaching style, I teach into all aspects of fundamental and organic and inorganic chemistry.

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JCU Townsville Student Tutoring Primary School to University Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology

I accommodate a large variety of teaching methods for auditory, visual and practical learners. I believe anyone can learn anything given the right approach. I begin with looking at class outlines, weekly homework tasks and assessments. Then I go through previous quizzes or exams.

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Experienced physics, mathematics and chemistry teacher available for private or group tutoring

My teaching methodology is tailored on individual student/s that I am engaged with, keeping in mind the required curriculum that's relevant to them.

West Hobart
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Hobart Based, Chemistry Undergraduate offering tutoring for College level Math, Physics and Chemistry.

If you are a High school student or the parent of one, and you are looking to do well in an end-of-year test, or if are just looking for a little bit of extra help in science, I am sure I will be able to assist.

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From Fail to Prevail Tutor! Engineering grad offering lessons in Physics and Mathematics!

I try and tailor my teaching methods to the needs of the student. In my experience some students learn best if they do a lot of practice problems, others learn better if they are taught to visualize the process in their mind and others if they hear the physics or Math concepts be compared to other concepts they are already familiar with.

Fairy Meadow
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UOW engineering masters student give chemistry and maths lessons to high school and uni student

my teaching philosophy is based on student requirements. I will cover every point with clarity and precision.

Two Wells
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2018 graduate on the top 10% can provide you with Chemistry and Science tutoring for all

My teaching method is to engage in fun examples and stories relevant to the topics before I instruct and teach them what they are require to know. I welcome questions of all, event if they are beyond my understanding. I am also flexible with the curriculum so that i can provide my students with the best time and understanding so they can enjoy learning.

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Materials Chemistry student with 6 years experience gives private lessons at home

I would prefer to start my classes by setting relevant examples for the given topic(s) . I would like to discuss the topics in elaborately and after that I usually ask the students about any problems with that topic(s) .

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