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Mushroom Materials, Textile Recycling and Sustainable Designer with expertise in embellishment, tailoring and project management.

My practice involves tailoring, draping, zero waste cutting, quilted embellishment, corsetry and working with recycled textiles. From beginner to advances sewing and construction tutorials with the support of great resources and projects tailored to your interest and project goals.

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Fashion Design and sewing teacher with over 20 years experience shares skills and knowledge

I am 40 years old, I have lived and breathed all kinds of design and sewing. My teaching is fun, informative and able to be adjusted for all kinds of experience levels. There are many facets to learn throughout the creative industry and am able to cater to the learners needs.

St Kilda
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Fashion Designer & Product Dev. gives lessons to anyone with an interest in fashion and garment construction.

My teaching method is as follows: 1) Intro to the subject: In here we are gonna take a look at the main aspects of the subject and its goals towards the end. We are gonna see most of the theory at this point. 2) Practical lessons: This is were we put the theory in play. At this point there is a lot of feedback from teacher to student and vice-versa. 3) We close the subject.

West Gosford
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Professional couturier with 30 years experience gives lesson in sewing and fashion design.

I provide practical projects with theory background for students to gain a layered approach to learning. I work with the students interests and career path outcome. For example a lesson may include a practical how to sew a skirt.

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Business owner teaching pattern making, sewing and construction of garments, shoes and bags.

I believe in having a relaxed and fun environment. I am a very visual person personally so i tend to explain, show and them guide you through each step. With my varied and collective background there isn't any creative possibility we cant explore together.

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Freshly graduated from Rmit in 2018 with a Master degree in fashion entrepreneurship and a B.A in fashion design and textiles.

My methodology is making fashion studies more enjoyable and teaching my students in a way where the journey of learning is more practical than theoretical.

Forest Hill
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Sewing made simple as a seamstress with years of experience let me show you how to create a garment with your own personal style.

I teach the basics of sewing and am quite happy to do individual or group lessons. I teach in a comfortable work environment. If you are eager to learn I am happy to show you what you need to know. You can go home with a simple completed garment such as a skirt or shorts in your first lesson.

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Creative professional specialising in making things gives sewing lessons to students or the home sewer

My teaching method is to have written information on the specifics of each lesson followed by the practical part of the lesson. I then ask each student how they learn best and let the lesson evolve.

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Self taught Sewer wanting to share my expertise. I'm based in Hastings.

I am hands on, I'm best at showing how things are done and then observing my student doing the activity. Working out how to look at a pattern and how to mix sizes so you can get the perfect fit.

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Designing clothing for delightfully distracted people who love always being in style

Show ideas of my work, give a history background of the subject, introduce them to the basics and build up.

Aberfoyle Park
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Are you looking for an expert tutor in Adelaide ( Both in English or Farsi languages ) to easily learn sewing or improve your skills?

I have an easy and straightforward teaching effective method even suitable for beginners. It is a practical method of utilising the template patterns that can be used for any sizes. These patterns are easily converted to the required patterns suitable for the specific person.

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Accredited Fashion Designer gives sewing and patternmaking lessons with any experience level in Coffs Harbour

As said, I have not officially taught lessons before, though I have a HUGE passion for Fashion Design, and would like to share this with others. I believe I would have something of a laid-back approach to lessons, but also be very hands on.

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Sewing lessons for high-school students or anyone willing to give it a go

My teaching methods to get the kids to do rather than sitting and watching. I believe they learn better by doing a hands on approach. I Believe that anyone can do anything they set their minds too.

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QUT Fashion Design Student teaching students on the Gold Coast sewing, patternmaking, and design

My teaching method is catered to small class sizes (1-2 students) in order to provide the attention to detail and support required in fashion design and sewing. Class structure is case by case depending on what the student wants to achieve however will begin with gaining an insight into the students current knowledge and then proceeding from there.

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Sewing made accessible for all, don't by clothing anymore make it yourself

My plan of attack would be to consult where you at with your skill and experience and build on that. even with little experience you will be able to make something wearable for your self or kids.

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Experienced sewing Teacher great with beginners and anyone wishing to learn something outside their comfort zone

My teaching method is set out for the individual with discussions on skill levels and what the student wishes to achieve from their lessons. Then I make a course plan that is interesting and helpful to the students benefit.

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Fashion designer offering students private lessons in sewing, needlework and fashion design.

I teach using activity and demonstration methods. I give prompt feedback and respect different ways of learning. My classes will offer logical reasoning, how to read and understand relevant data and improving practical sewing skills. Fashion designing is in my blood and I am inspired to teach others and improve their skill.

Park Avenue
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Private or group sewing lessons for individuals wanting to learn how to sew (all ages).

I have been sewing since I was 10 years old. In the lessons, I can teach you the basics of sewing, how to use a sewing machine, how to make your own clothing from a commercial pattern or how to draft your own pattern much much more.

South Morang
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Learn Fashion Designing or creative fashion sewing from experienced Fashion Design faculty

My classes are based on theoretical information and practical experimentation, supported by various teaching aides, like books, videos, presentations. Class starting with Demonstrations and then getting hands on experience for them. Incorporate traditional textiles and fashions for inspirations bringing up the old stitches and embroideries.

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Tailor with 15 years of experience gives private sewing lesson at your home

I love to teach my students the best sewing construction and neatening methods to use and how to achieve quality garments that look professional and fit well. I try to approach teaching sewing differently than the way I learned.

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Professional fashion designer teaches high school and beginner students in Sydney. English and Spanish!

My teaching methods are following the hability of the student starting for how to sew in the machine, then making patterns, make a couple of basic designs and then a full collection of basic designs in different fabrics, the last course is drapery and making a gown for a gala.

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St Kilda
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Sewing lessons by qualified patternmaker and fashion designer/couture dressmaker with 30 years of experience.

I tailor the learning program to suit students with varying skill levels, from beginners to more experienced sewers as well as children. Learning sewing skills is a challenging but fun process. At my lessons, students will learn through projects.

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15 years experience running my own luxe custom made bridal and eveningwear label!

Course content list * Padding up a dress form to custom size * How to use an industrial sewing machine * How to read and understand evening and bridal pattern block * Pattern making using a block; custom design * Understand how to order meterage of fabric for a design * How to select appropriate fabric for your design * How to layout and cut fabric for your design * Measuring client, fitting...

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Why be average when you can stand out, make your own clothes, or surprise your family and friends with gifts made by you.

If you can dream it, you can make it. I will take you from understanding and using patterns, selecting the correct material types, sewing of basic garments to glamorous outfits and fine details of embellishment and beading to make your dress a piece of art.

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Perth WA. Making your own garment : from pattern to sewing, ALL!

Any difficult problems of making clothes, about female, athletic, casual, especially cosplay costumes, ect. I'd like to share it with specific topics and from simple to getting more difficult, including tops, bottoms, coats, jackets, and overalls. We can adjust lessons depending on situation.

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Couturierecraft Jimmy Choo trained Conceptualise, Design, Measure, Pattern Engineer Sew in 1 hour

Although I do accept small Group classes, my speciality is 1 on 1 teaching where even a Beginner who does not even know how to handsew, can come with a desired project where we will Conceptualise, Design, Measure, Materials Lesson, Pattern Engineering and start on Assembly (via Sewing) in about 1 hour.

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Support to fashion businesses on the Sunshine Coast including patterns and samples

Every business idea is as individual as the business owner and with a support system, the idea can develop into a gorgeous clothing line. Be expertly guided through the stages of a fashion start-up including patterns, samples and grading.

Lane Cove
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Design your own new look and wear what makes you feel good.

I have basic sewing and design experience, but I've made my own clothes from store bought patterns regularly. After a free first consultation at a fabric store where we'll look at patterns, fabric and notions, if I do not have the skills to help you I'll let you know. If I can help you - this is my approach the topic by encouraging the student to pick what they want.

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