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Port Kennedy
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Criminal investigations, how to process crime scenes, how to write reports, criminal behaviour, the history of crime and law.

As I am new to this I will be continuously improving my methods in order to help my students. I will recommend readings, videos and show tutorials which will aim at helping you remember and apply information and skills you will be taught.

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Aussie Psychology Statistics Tutor (Australia wide: Skype/FB Video Messenger/Whats App/Zoom) Personalised Instruction

Personalised student-centred approach which is self-paced, interactive, related to the real world, fun and crafty. I provide a wealth of additional resources and mentoring support as well as learning encouragement.

Bull Creek
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Forensic Science Masters graduate gives tutoring to high school students in chemistry and forensic sciences

I base my classes on what is put into exams and tests and go through these types of questions under exam format and pressures. Through this, students can see the 'patterns' in exams and can feel more confident under stressful conditions.

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Forensic Science graduate gives maths lessons to primary and high school students (at home or online).

I pride myself on being able to teach in a number of ways. Whether you learn best by reading, writing, listening or explaining, I am able to accommodate that. I am also very patient and more than happy to try different methods until we find something that works for you! I meet the students I work with at whichever level they are at, whilst aiming to build a solid foundation of trust and rapport.

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Science/ PDHPE tutor around parramatta area. Currently studying to be a science teacher

I am a friendly individual with a passion of teaching others my knowledge. My teaching approach is to describe concepts in a basic way, using diagrams, drawings and videos until the student has understood the foundations of the concept then elaborating.

Clyde North
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A Swinburne Post Graduate Education Student Offering Mathematics Tuition in West Gippsland

My Teaching methodology centers on a a student-centered model, with direct instruction from the teacher. These lessons are designed for students who lack confidence in areas of Developmental Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry.

Saint Lucia
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QUT Law/Science student available to tutor in legal studies, maths and science for high school students in Toowong and surrounding suburbs

The way I approach a topic depends on the individual and their learning style. For example, if a Year 11 Legal Studies student was a primarily visual learner, I would set out the ISAAC method using a flow chart and different coloured pens. I am happy to vary the structure of the tutorial depending on what the student needs.

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Charles Sturt University Student wanting to teach and lead motivated high school students

My teaching methods include; Finding the right way to research that works for you Explaining and visually showing step by step how to do things Finding fun and relevant videos that engage the students Writing flash cards Writing notes to read in spare time

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THE AUTISTIC EDUCATOR. I am an #actuallyautistic teacher with 28 years of experience in many subjects looking to help other Autistics through my deep understanding of the best ways to help.

An Autistic teacher who would like to make a difference in the lives of Autistics. I have taught many subjects over 28 years and would like to help other Autistics with anything they need. I would concentrate on their favourite topics and try to help make a difference in their lives. I am 58 years old and have a DEEP understanding of Autistic issues.

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University of Wollongong graduate giving lessons for high school and university chemistry students in the Illawarra.

I believe different students seek tutoring for different reasons, some students are looking for a more one on one experience because they find learning in classrooms crowded and difficult. Some students are looking to reaffirm what they've learnt in the classroom and wish to improve their marks for a better ATAR.

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Deakin Forensic Science graduate currently engaged in teaching Chemistry and Forensic Science.

I deliver my content through interactive classes. Students will be required to do a small amount of weekly pre-reading and I will be testing that knowledge periodically. The lesson structure 10 minute quiz at the beginning on the content taught the previous week and the rest for interactive learning and teaching.

Wembley Downs
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Interested in Forensics or having trouble with Maths? Teaching Maths and Forensics available in Perth

I teach one on one to students that are struggling with maths or have an interest in learning forensic science. Lessons structures will consist on focusing on areas that the student is struggling, followed by a review of homework given previously and then continuing onward to the next topic. I'm not strict if the effort is returned.

(4 reviews)
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Digital forensics expert offering to teach forensic science and criminal investigation to students

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. My journey into tutoring started when I started scheduling for other students; I have conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in management, programming, networking etc. to other students and everyone interested in learning something new.

(10 reviews)
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Oxford PostGraduate in Bioscience more than 8 years experience demo lesson available

MSc in Biology (Integrative-Biosciences) from University of Oxford with more than 7 years of tutoring experience offering my first lesson absolutely free. I give the tutoring according to student needs and capabilities. I give students the work plan to reach A grades. I tutor Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths from KS2 upto A-levels.

DeFuniak Springs
(5 reviews)
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Online instructor and college student mentor with over seven years experience.

I provide students with a relaxed and professional setting in order to achieve their educational goals. Whether you are a Mom of three, trying to obtain your degree or 4 year old trying to learn a new language, I want you to feel comfortable and succeed.

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Grade 7-10 Math teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching will tutor in Kingston

I base my classes on your needs and what you need to learn to be successful in math, based on your curriculum needs. I try to relate the math to your life as much as possible so that the concepts are easier to understand. We would review any previous homework and see where errors have been made and work on strategies to improve your math ability.

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Enthusiast tutor holding CA+strategic management accounting diploma + bachelors in commerce providing math and English Tutoring in Toronto

My teaching methods are kids friendly. I keep interacting with them and also come up with few ice breakers to prevent students from losing their focus from the subject.

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Forensic Science Student offering science (Chemistry, Biology, Forensic Science) lessons in Derby

I give lessons to high school level to year 1/2 university students. I structure my lessons by identifying the problems, working with the student through it before giving similar problems to the student to tackle on their own with me.

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Math lessons from an honors student tutor giving video chat lessons from home.

My method of teaching is student involvement. Personally, I learn best when the teacher engages the class. For example, if I were teaching a group about Lewis Dot Structures, I would give each student an element to draw.

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3rd Year University dual honours Physics and Forensic Science student offering help to any body :)

I base my lessons on application of knowledge. I feel it is important to learn the basics behind a topic then apply that knowledge to a physical question. I also feel that visualisation is important and i enjoy the use of analogy's.

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Forensic Anthropologist offering tutoring in Forensics, Anthropology, Biology, Archaeology, Spanish and English

I have taught at all age levels, though primarily at the undergraduate and graduate level. I taught English as a second language to primary school age children, and Spanish to adults and children.

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Almost completed my bachelors degree in criminal justice, high school gpa-3.6 sat-1640

My teaching methodology is structured and step by step. I like to break things down as to help you understand on a simple level and increase the difficulty of the problems with having practice and knowledge of how to properly do them.

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Forensic Toxicology masters student, offering forensic, chemistry and school science lessons in Preston, happy for parents to supervise.

My teaching method, depends on the student. I can teach from books, use flash cards, diagrams,songs, tables, power points; which ever the student needs, as each person has a unique way of learning. Some student are more hands on learners and others like to read the information or write it. I can work with either.

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Criminal Justice major with a solid 4.0 GPA, able to teach any subject around, Talented trumpet player in marching and concert bands city-wide, I currently speak French, Spanish, Italian, American Sig

My teaching methods vary. I believe in engaging my students in every step of the learning process. I believe that the student and the teacher should be a team and I conduct my lessons in that same manner. I am very diligent and believe that success is key and fun should be incorporated into that success.

Fort Myers
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Ana paula
(1 review)
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Bachelor in Biochemistry by UFV, Master in Industrial Biotechnology by USP. Experience of 10 years as an English teacher, teacher of school reinforcement in the subjects of CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY AND MATH

My classes are directed to children from elementary school to adults who want to dedicate themselves to a specific subject, as in English (all levels), mathematics, biology, biochemistry (up to undergraduate level) and forensic area towards the biological and investigative part.

San Luis Potosí
Josue baruch
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Criminal investigation, forensic sciences, criminal oral trials, criminal law, criminalistics, theory of crime and criminal profiling.

I use the Elenchus method or interactive participation, also casuistry. I like to give dynamism to my classes to achieve the best use of the subject, thus leaving a significant learning in the student. Not without solving the doubts of the students.

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Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice Master in Watertown with 13 years experience

As someone who enjoys communicating interesting topics. My method of teaching is discussing the topic and interacting as a group to learn the information. Since the age group of high school and college would most likely be taking a psychology or law class these would be the groups I would work with.

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Criminology and American studies graduate offering lessons including criminology, psychology, sociology, English, African American studies and American history.

I like to think my teaching style is a mixture of different methods, I tend to mix it up with a lecture style, activity style, coach style and group style lessons.

New York
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Mr. Nabwayo jack a tutor with 6 years experience teaching chemistry and forensics.

My teaching methodology is lecture method, practicals, notes giving and class participation approach. I am an amusing, goal-oriented and focused to ensure that students achieve if not 100%, 99% of the content. I am one guy who believes more in my students than any other person in this ecosystem because i do believe that youths and more so students are the future of any nation in this world.

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