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Performer, composer and teacher with more than 15 years of experience gives children or adults piano lesson in Brisbane.

My teaching philosophy is to learn piano with joy and become friends with it till your entire life. Thus, apart from solo pieces which are the core learning, I often and encourage students to add some piano duet repertoires in their lessons so that a variety of melodies can be played and heard.

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Professional, Classically Trained Contemporary Keys Player gives Private Piano Lessons in Brisbane.

My teaching methodology is based on teaching the student's favourite songs and teaching the student how to play these songs by ear. These include any songs in any genre with any type of arrangement.

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Experienced pianist gives private piano lessons at home (from basic to advanced)

I can use modern techniques utilizing midi that keyboards have to record and compare/show the student what the student played and how it was meant to be played. That comparison can show a lot although it can be a bit more complicated than just listening to it.

Paris 11e
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Piano lessons with a smile for all levels (beginner as superior, preparation for competitions or exams ....) in Bastille street rocket or moving. On your keyboard :) ^^ ^^ :)

Eric graduated from the National Conservatory of Paris (1st prize and diploma of Master Artist and winner of the third cycle of over 20 National and International Competition), gives piano lessons for all levels and all ages, amateurs or professionals. Very nice and patient and adapts to any level. Street rocket (11th) on a grand piano.

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Teacher of Harpsichord and Piano - attending in SP and Grande sp

Adults - One hour long individual lessons. Directory divided into: compulsory (Fundamental for technical development) and free (student choice), in order to encourage study practice. Children up to 5 years old - One-hour individual lessons focused on the questions of musical experience, perception and understanding of sound phenomena.

Kheng hoe
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Pianist Graduate of Royal college of Music offering Piano lesson in london canada water and also ABRSM LRSM qualified, South east London

Have taught Students of all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced. Having the experience of 4 years of teaching in London, I have known in helping students to obtained or fix technical issues which could enable them to project what they would like to project and also improved their playing dramatically. Have 100% of Passing all ABRSM Grades 1-8.

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Fantastic piano and theory teacher with 20yrs of teaching. Will teach at home.

I will teach you according to your goals and where you are. Structured lessons that will include sight reading, examination preparation (if desired) and aural skills. Theory lesson is also taught through practical application and preparation for these examinations is also possible.

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A level Creative Arts student offering Music Technology and Piano classes. Tutoring at home in London with 5 years of experience

I'm Amir, 16 and am currently studying Creative Arts subjects. I give lessons to students in my school currently and give my students good piano precision advice, help with Music GCSE and help them in music production. I make teaching fun by giving the tutee time to understand what I'm telling them and use simple examples to try and make it more relatable and understandable.

Brierley Hill
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Hey interested in learning singing or piano to become a real musician

My approach is first knowing how long you have been playing piano, what do you think you struggle with see you play then see your sticking points. I will also test you on sight reading to see where you struggle to help you to improve. I will also analyse your technique and expression in your playing to help you boost those aspect.

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I am a master student in ArtEz and also a good teacher

First, i teach students basic knowledge and supervise them to practice in the right way. I will make the study plan base on the situation of the student. When they get more familiar with the new piece, I will lead the students and connotations of this song.

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Student in Master of Composition and Musical Production gives lessons of Piano, Guitar, Composition, Improvisation & Music Theory.

I teach mainly piano, guitar, composition, improvisation and music theory. My teaching method is mixed between classical and modern. I teach classical music theory, nevertheless my approach is also more free and contemporary. Indeed, in addition to learning to read scores, I love to get my students to imagine and then create their own melodies and compositions.

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Music lessons: organ, harpsichord, piano, chamber music, theory (solfège, musicianship, ear training), music history, interpretation coaching, discovery of the architecture laying behind music pieces

- All ages - All levels (from beginners to graduate students and professional musicians) - 1:1 Lessons, Lessons for Two, and Small Group Lessons available. Depending on the subject, courses can be conducted at my place, yours, or online (live and real time).

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Young man give piano and keyboard lessons, possible with or without music theory

With more than 10 years of practice, I give piano lessons for all levels and styles. My current students (all ages) are satisfied and they do significants progress. Very good pedagogue, I know how to be patient and serious to teach my students the secrets of music, with or without music theory. I am naturally friendly and I try to adapt according to your tastes.

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(HBO) Pianist / Composer teaches piano / composition / reading notes to students in high school.

For high school students, the bar is of course a little lower ... just explain to me what you have trouble with, then we will work on that together so that you will understand it, or so that you become better at what you already understand.

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Piano without solfa for adults. Fuenlabrada. Harmony, Melody, Counterpoint and Composition. Standards.

Do you want to learn piano but do not know music theory? The piano can be learned with basic music notions, understanding how harmony works. I teach you to play songs that you like and use them to understand how music works even if you have never played before.

Paris 4e
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Concertist, Pianist and harpsichordist, student at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris, gives piano and harpsichord lessons.

Courses for all levels for children, boys, adults, seniors ... everything is possible thanks to passion and exercise. Music is in us all.

Paris 15e
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I'm a Music Conservatory Professor and I will share with you and/or your children my passion.

- All ages - All levels (from beginners to graduate students and professional musicians) - 1:1 Lessons, Lessons for Two, and Small Group Lessons available. Depending on the subject, courses can be conducted in a church (organ), your place, or online (live and real time).

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Pianist, composer, conductor teaches piano and music theory and composition and MAO at home

I approach my free and easy way. For all levels as you need. I want to introduce you music especially to understand what the composer wants said, and then, what you want. Especially for analysis the sound itself. Analyze our sound by clear language, four elements: forte, piano, slow and fast, and then we can know the idea of ​​great musicians.

Elephant and Castle

Benjamin - Elephant and Castle - Piano

Hello and welcome to my page! I am a freelance musician based in London from April 2016, having formerly held the post of Assistant Director of Music at Chester Cathedral. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach piano, organ, harpsichord, music theory and conducting at all levels. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Young graduate in direction and harpsichord gives lessons of piano, harmony, conducting, all levels - Paris / Rouen

Hello ! Do you have a musical exam to prepare? Have you always dreamed of singing somewhere else than in your shower? Do you want to learn how to write music or deepen your knowledge of music theory? Graduated in harpsichord, in formation in the State Diploma in choir direction, I lead ensembles of all ages and all styles, from medieval to pop and rock.


Paul - Cullingworth - Piano

Hi, I am a professional musician and piano / electric keyboard tutor based in Wilsden, Bradford. Currently I work three days a week teaching at a local music school as well as teaching privately. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Piano, band based keys, electric keyboard up to Grade 8. GCSE and A-LEVEL music as well as Grade 5 Theory. - Tell me about your qualifications.


Edmund - Holloway - Piano

I am a patient, professional and thorough tutor coming from a wide ranging background of musical experience. I have worked professionally in the fields of opera, choral music, orchestral music, and jazz, and am highly-qualified in academic music.

Neville's Cross

Alexander - Neville's Cross - Piano

I have studied the piano for over 15 years, five of those teaching people of all ages and abilities, from absolute beginners to professional pianists wishing to hone their technique. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach piano on a wonderful professional quality Rud. Ibach & Sonn grand piano as well as harpsichord on a John Sporrs instrument. Both are regularly tuned and in concert condition.


Geoffrey - Knightsbridge - Piano

I am Professor of Fortepiano at the Royal College of Music and am an enthusiast for all types of pianos and music. I encourage a positive and happy approach to learning that nevertheless has all of the necessary rigour for professional purposes. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Piano and fortepiano (mostly eighteenth and nineteenth century pianos). - Tell me about your qualifications.


Michael - Howdenshire - Piano

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Piano, Harpsichord, Organ, Conducting, Composition, Harmony & Counterpoint, Theory, Aural, Musicianship, Violin, Viola, and GCSE and 'A' level Music. - Tell me about your qualifications. PhD (Music), PGCE (Music), B.Mus (Hons), LRAM.

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I give piano lessons in Barcelona. I am a professional with classical piano studies.

I am a professional pianist with a music academy degree. I can adapt to all levels and I have a creative way of teaching music. My methodology depends on each student and the needs that one may have. Learning piano has to be both; exciting and serious.

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Gives private lessons of Piano, Harpsichord and Music Theory at Versailles and its suburbs

Student at the Conservatory of Versailles, holder of DEM Harpsichord, I propose courses of Piano, Harpsichord and Music Theory, for all ages. I adapt my classes to the desires and needs of each. We can approach different styles of music, from classical to variety and improvisation. The Music Theory is still studied in parallel with the instrumental practice.

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Piano teacher offering piano, composition and music reading/ theory lessons from classical to improvisation to jazz

As both a musician and teacher, I always maintain what is often forgotten - that music is an art form. This is imperative to me when teaching students; as seeing music as an art form rather than a technical skill makes a huge difference. The difference being between a good musician and a great one. It is important that my students' understand what they are playing, before learning a piece.

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I'm a professional piano player and teacher; I've been playing piano for over 15 years now.

My teaching style is tailored on the student's capacity and on how easy or hard they can assimilate the lessons. I do this out of passion and I'm expecting my students to share in with the same attitude and commitment.

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