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RMIT Psychology student gives magical keyboard lessons to primary and secondary students

I base my classes on allowing students to find their own pathway towards music and finding their preferred genre of music. Also, I would make my teaching course a calm and peaceful environment where each student can learn at their own pace, to promote a fun yet educational experience for the students.

Elermore Vale
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Full Music Scholarship student of Newcastle Grammar School, completed both AmusA and LmusA

My teaching method is to understand the student and working out the best solution that works for individual to thrive their musical potential.

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There is a great music in any style and I can help you to find it.

My lessons are tailored to the needs of a student. Students choose what they like to play, and my job is to arrange that particular peace of music in the way that we all satisfied and that includes Music Egsamination Board.

Everton Hills
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18 years of experience teaching fun lessons for all ages and different styles.

Classes can have a duration of 30-60 minutes or longer, depending on the student’s needs. I like to mix lessons using four hand pieces from early levels, introducing different styles of music and incorporating theory, technical and sight-reading exercises for a more enjoyable lesson. I delight in restoring a passion for music to the learner.

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Energetic, dedicated and well experienced music teacher- Piano Guitar and Vocal training!

The most important thing for me is that the student ENJOYS playing and making music.

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Piano/Keyboard Lesson available in Southport, Gold Coast QLD. Modern Pop, Jazz and Classical available

I am classically trained, however I have moved away from that style of music because I find Children (myself included) quickly lose interest in music once they reach high school years as it is not a style of music you can Jam with.

Vermont South
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Play on the black and white notes to make your life a colourful paradise of notes.

My classes are based on teaching the students in a way that they are not bored. Making a friendly relation with them and also including a latest hit song based on that days lecture teaching. It helps you to stay away from depression and anxiety.

Cranbourne West
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Professional Piano Lessons for AMEB, VCE or for Beginnners in Cranbourne Area.

The lessons are tailored for the student's needs. To maximise the student's potention. The lessons are planned and reserved for the student for minimum 30 minutes. The student and teacher set a goal for student and Suvi helps them reach it in a period of time.

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I teach Piano and keyboard or synthesizer. Am doing my audio engineering in SAE QANTM Institute Sydney. I worked as Product Training Specialist for YAMAHA MUSIC INDIA PVT LTD. for Digital Pianos. For

My teaching method varies from student to student as per his/her genre priority and kind of their priority towards music. My approach towards music is always a step by step procedure where theory plays equal role as the practical. And always will focus on maintaining the students to be dedicated by showing experts as inspiration.

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Australian Jazz Piano Finalist offers music tuition for beginners to advanced students

Rodric is a patient sympathetic teacher who is thorough in giving a student an organised approach to achieving their musical goals in which ever style of music for which they have a passion. Rodric ensures that students develop a natural piano technique, excellent reading skills and a sure sense of rhythm. Rodric also wishes to make the music lessons he gives an enjoyable and fun experience.

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Innovative Music Educator and Performer conducts engaging Music lessons. In Adelaide SA. Post Graduate qualifications in both Music and Education.

I work on building students' basic skills and extend their exposure of a wide range of listening and performance activities. Goals are set in each area of the lessons e.g. Working up to performance. Active participation of students in the lesson process is encouraged. Technology is developed as a powerful learning tool.

Golden Grove
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Psychology Student and Jazz Pianist gives Piano lessons in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs

I prefer to learn what kind of learner my student is as soon as possible, so I can tailor the teaching towards what works best for them. Some students prefer to watch the piece be played before trying it themselves, some learn better by diving right in and some would rather listen and follow along.

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Professional, Classically Trained Contemporary Keys Player gives Private Piano Lessons in Brisbane.

My teaching methodology is based on teaching the student's favourite songs and teaching the student how to play these songs by ear. These include any songs in any genre with any type of arrangement.

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Session Piano/Keyboard player who has completed AMEB Piano for Leisure Grade 8. Play Jazz, Latin, Funk, Fudion, Ballad, Pop and Gospel.

My teaching method from beginners, I use Classical Method. It is strengthen the fingers and increase the flexibility and speed level then combine it with Chords, Scales and Improvisation.

West Perth
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25 years old French in Perth with 20 years experience of piano

My first appointement evaluates your level and to see which goals you have. After that I can make a plan (like a workout plan) that fits you in term of motivation and free time. I will after follow you during all the plan in order to you to achieve your own goal.

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UNSW student in Sydney teaching a wide range of instruments in many styles - including piano, guitar, and vocals. All ages Welcome!

My teaching method is based solely upon the students. I focus my time on helping them learn the most valuable set of skills in the most effective ways possible. I always review my teaching methods repeatedly, and ensure that the student learns the main concept by the end of their lessons.

South Brisbane
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UQ master of music student with 15 years piano and keyboard experience. patient and creative teaching for beginner.

I'm playing piano over 15 years and i'm experienced with children and beginner(adult). i want to make good citizens. if a child hears fine music from the day of his birth and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity , discipline and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart.

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Worship pianist in Nairobi Kenya teaches Contemporary piano playing skills and playing by ear perfectly.

I like using a peer to peer method of teaching, meaning mostly I will be talking with the student rather than talking to the student. I Speak about a specific topic/terminology then I explain it using a local example, then give the student a chance to say how best they interpret it.

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Bachelor of Music Student tutoring Piano of any styles ( jazz, classical, pop ) In the Newcastle area

My Methodology includes a broad variety of music teaching. I want my students to be able to do more then one thing in music but most of all, I want them to enjoy it. This means that I generally teach anything they want whether its jazz or classical, or there favorite pop song.

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Brisbane based Jazz pianist (Bmus) and composer available for online and in-person lessons.

My teaching method revolves around the needs of each individual student. For mature age students, I understand that life is busy and there isn't always time for practice. So I structure lessons around maximizing time efficiency and achieving results quickly. For younger students, I'm confident about simplifying information and making it digestible. My lessons structures will be long term.

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Learn To Be Able To Listen To A Song and Play It, Brisbane.

My teaching method is based on YOU. The first two classes will take you over the basics, and over the course of those classes, I will estimate what kind of a teacher I should be for the most effective learning learning session.

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Tuition in contemporary vocals, songwriting and music production. Experienced performer, songwriter and producer - Graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium.

My teaching method is collaborative, encouraging and based on each individual need. I believe the expression of music belongs to everyone and I would love to help nature yours, wether that by through voice, songwriting, music production or a combination of all.

Hindmarsh Island
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Recently relocated qualified experience Music teacher in piano, strings, vocals and woodwind

My teaching method begins with constructivism and branches into various techniques - scaffolding, discussion, brainstorming, problem solving, games etc. - depending on the cognitive and physical needs of my students, the tasks at hand while guiding them to their full potential as life-long learners.

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Creative and playful singing and/or piano lessons in Arncliffe, Newtown or at your home

I have been teaching singing and piano of all levels and ages over the past 8 years. I find great joy in sharing my enthusiasm and experience as a performer, composer, and educater by guiding and encouraging the musical education of others. I offer my students varied and interesting lessons, focusing on the goals of the individual and the joy of making music.

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Experienced pianist gives private piano lessons at home (from basic to advanced)

I can use modern techniques utilizing midi that keyboards have to record and compare/show the student what the student played and how it was meant to be played. That comparison can show a lot although it can be a bit more complicated than just listening to it.

Sheidow Park
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Masters degree holder giving private piano, keyboard and music theory lessons in Adelaide

I tailor my lessons according to individual needs. Be it classical, rock/pop, jazz, church music, or even songwriting, I can tailor the class to what the student wants out of their lessons. I am a patient teacher though I can be strict if necessary.

Albany Creek
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"10 Years Piano Experience and 5 Years Band Experience - Private Piano teacher is at your service (teach up to grade 3 classical piano"

I base my teaching off the individual students ability and personality. I have a software that allows me to write lesson plans and notes for each of my students so they can see their progress at the end of a term. There will also be allocated theory and scales for each week as I personally believe they are fundamental for a successful musical career.

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Piano, VCE chemistry and science tutor and school teacher >decade of experience

Piano tutoring: Beginner to intermediate level students. I have experience with AMEB exam preparation (up to grade 8) or school exam preparation (up to year 11). For students simply aiming to enjoy playing piano and reading music, I have developed engaging programs that fast-track your progress.

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