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Canberra Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer gives basic, intermediate and advanced photography lessons

My teaching approach is very practical and visual. I encourage practical training in real life natural lighting situations and different locations. Photography being a visual art, I believe that being a mentor at your side to provide immediate feedback helps to cement the learning into your mind.

Yair (erik)
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Professional photographer provides friendly training & tuition for beginners to advance students.NE Victoria

both theory and practice suitable for beginners and advanced students, no assumption of previous knowledge or experience. Able to adjust and adapt teaching methods for what works best for learner, both youth and adults learning styles.

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Award winning photographer with a unique teaching ability to explain things at the student's level

I like to teach in a relaxed less formal and casual manner using videos and presentations and where students can interact and discuss subjects as they require. Many camera and post processing techniques involve people getting hands on experience which this style of teaching suits best.

Hope Island
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World-traveling Photojournalist and Documentarian with 10 years of experience teaches Photography in the Gold Coast, Australia

I believe the best way to learn anything is to do it yourself. So while I teach the theory and specs of photography in short lectures, we spend most of our time in the field practicing the craft.

Carrum Downs
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Bayside photographer gives lessons on photography to those of any skill level

My teaching method is very relaxed and creative. I do not just show you how to do something and send you on your way. I will show you how and keep showing until you have learnt it for yourself. I also believe in a creative approach. I would love to see you be challenged with creative and unique tasks to enable you to learn in a fun way.

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Lifelong photographer provides focused results on improving your photography and making the most of your camera!

I teach photography based on the images you bring to show off your skills, as well as the capabilities of your camera.

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Studio Photographer offering lessons in Hornsby, Portrait, Studio, Camera, Lighting, Digital, Film

Believe it or not, photography is pretty easy and really comes down to having a good understanding of all the basic rules. Photography is also very systematic and as you progress you will find yourself repeating your successes over and over.

Tannum Sands
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Photographic Art gives students a different view of the world and how it is portrayed.

My teaching methodology is to make everything make sense so no one is confused, I hope I can make other students feel comfortable talking to me and other students if need any assistance while teaching. I may not be the best teacher but please bear with me.

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Expert photojournalist teach how to make a photographic documentary in a masterclass

My teaching method is a combination of theory and practical photography. I will start to teach the bases of photography, like how to use properly a camera, then the color structures and the composition. After all this is very clear for my students I will teach how to make a deep and successfull photographic documentary and propose it to the photographic agencies and magazines.

Mount Barker
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Adam robert
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Post grad-qualified experienced photographer giving group and individual lessons in Brisbane and surrounds

I tailor lessons to each individual student or group's specific needs. Lessons are highly interactive, combining theory, critique and practical exercises to ensure you master whatever form of photography you are pursuing.

Novar Gardens
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Photography tutor with over 30 years experience specialising in Landscape, Nature and Portraits

I have several structured classes available which can be one on one or for small groups. The classes I offer include; 1/ Basic Camera operation 2/ Landscape Techniques 3/ Basic Portraiture 4/ Macro and Nature Photography. 5/ Advanced Camera operations and photographic management. These courses include written/study material and some involve practical sessions as well.

Surfers Paradise
Andres felipe
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Every day is for exploring and every day is for positive people.

My method of teaching ranges from the technical management of the camera, exposure management, to practice in real life. Practice from how to play with light, to know in what moments of the day are the best moments to take each type of photo and how to learn from the parameters.

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Film, Photography and TV Motion Graphics Designer Relief Media Arts Teacher Perth

I have a lifelong appreciation for the arts as an arts history major, I believe in explaining and making real life connections for students in exploring arts media by scaffolding content and engaging students with a balance of inquiry, modelling, reflection and practice.

Spring Hill
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Experienced International Photographer / Videographer Sharing what it means to Create Content Globally.

My teaching method is based simply on connecting your forever growing personality with the lens. You can be picking up your first camera or already years into your practice, I'm sure we can sit down and find out what's creatively blocking you, what camera suits you or the rules of creative composition.

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Camera and Lighting Lecturer JMC Academy Brisbane, Director of Photography and Real Estate Photographer

Real life method. Technical set up of camera. Use and care of the camera. Manual set ups. Lighting, exposure, Flash operation , shutter speed, time lapse, ISO setting. How to buy a camera, How to know what suits the operator.

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Perth photographer with bachelor contemporary arts and photo media gives hands on photography lessons.

My teaching method focuses on devolping and expanding your skills and knowledge as a photographer ofcrouse technically but most importantly creatively. Through a series of hands on lessons i will teach you the basics of creative and technical photography.

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Contemporary/Photo Journalistic style in photography. Teaches you an easy casual learning process, easily grasped.

My Philosophy has always been to keep it simple and to go as slow as the students need me to go. I was a slow starter years ago and have kept this idea always, so no student gets left behind.

West End
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James Cook Uni Creative Arts graduate teaches photography in a unique way

My teaching method is having an inclusive approach on each individual and guiding them towards a better result by allowing their creativity and ideas to generate discussion. Feedback both ways is very important and now with all the online resources learning is fast and can be very interesting.

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Internationally Acclaimed + Award Winning Photojournalist teaches Photography on the Gold Coast, Australia.

I've been teaching workshops for a number of years now. Mostly I like to teach back to basics and the art of seeing. We are very much focused on gear these days and I like to take my students back to the beginning to give them a real and tangible platform to work from with solid knowledge.

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The Art of Photography is achieving a cool calmness in stressful people.

Beginners always want to play with the camera. When we try to teach them all the parts of the camera and what each part does, this can be boring for many of them. So I always try to give them practical experience, actually taking photographs, while teaching them at the same time. I especially like to teach students triangle exposure.

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Long-term event photographer providing understanding and skills to Brisbane based photographic enthusiasts

I am more of a laid-back and responsive teacher. My usual method is to provide a brief explanation, then have my students conduct some of their own experimentation. From their results I can then provide a more in-depth explanation of their results, and how to effect the changes they want.

Byron Bay
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Professional people and location photographer with 25 years shooting in global regions for major clients. Valuable knowledge of techniques to help you find your creative edge!

My approach to teaching is first learning what students are really interested in achieving, and to help them find their own point of view. I can help by giving a wide understanding of many major photographers' knowledge and how that has influenced contemporary understanding, along with ways of using lighting in unique ways.

Brunswick West
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I’m a professional photographer with over 25 years of experience. I have worked with a diverse range of people from royalty, corporate client’s, sporting clubs and the general public in individual and

Through my study I have found that people learn through a number of different methods. I would start in the classroom to understand my students knowledge base and where they would like to take their study.

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Multi Award winning Accredited Master Photographer available for Photography lessons. Launceston, Tasmania

I always get a sense of what experience my students have and tailor the course/training according to their skill level and desires. I always start with basic photography skills (aperture, shutter and ISO)and then move on to practical training and exercises to develop the students confidence and ability.

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Capture and Present! Every photo tells a story! Teacher fo Media and Photography.

I will be able to plan a lesson around the topic or area you require. I generally like to produce lesson plans with visuals that can be followed. I also like each lesson to be achievable in a given time with a number of skills that be be developed and added to over other lessons or personal developmental experience. Fun is also key to the success of the lesson with a great visual outcome.

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Learn Sports and Action Photography from a professional Sports Photographer in Sydney Australia NSW

I believe in the power of practical learning. I'm the kind of teacher who lets you try the activity first then explain to you what have you done. I'm an open minded teacher and Iisten to my students seriously. I can assure you that your time will be worth it with me learning photography.

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Photograph lessons for the digital age, easy, private and enjoyable. Just try it!

I base my teachings on a one to one base. Photography is more than just taking a picture. It is an art, a philosophy to see the world in a new and exciting way. Telling a story without using words.

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Melbourne based photographer giving photography/retouching lessons on both digital or analogue formats to students of any age

My teaching method is finding out specifically what my pupil wishes to learn and base the lesson and teachings around that.

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Learn to take incredible and artistic photos with Manjilly's Photography in Perth, TODAY!

My teaching method is Visual, as it is photography. There will maybe be a few hand outs/slideshows about the photography theories/art history to give students the best understanding of photography. I am a very patient person and love to teach and share any knowledge with everyone. I am most likely to learn something from my students too.

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