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Malvern East
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University of Melbourne Masters student available for Fine arts and Art History tutoring

My art teaching methodology is very hands on fun and practical. I always make sure my classes are engaging, fun and informative. Over the years i have learnt that the best way to teach creative classes is to be creative by example so i will often show students certain techniques and disciplines by engaging in an art work of my own.

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MFA qualified teacher gives art lessons to adult/ children/ enthusiast in Melbourne

My teaching methods can be varied by the group of students: for adults, I tend to introduce more of the background knowledge with their interest or field; for the child, I'd like to guide them follow their nature, to observe/discover the shape/color and connection of the nature and environment we live in, by this I will give some art knowledge points depends on the teaching situation.

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Artist & teacher in Guyra NSW, using a variety of personalised and meaningful approaches to assist students to learn and find joy in their art-making experience.

I am an experienced teacher and artist who enjoys working with any age group, in any desired medium. My approach to teaching is grounded in connection with my student/s - understanding their interests and needs.

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Melbourne based Printmaker with experience teaching Art and Design to High School students

My teaching method is people focussed, enquiry-based and relaxed. I am a Creative with a passion for art and design and creating images of beauty and meaning using the mediums of printmaking and drawing. I love working with people who share this passion.

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Monash Visual Arts graduate offers tutoring in Gippsland and South Eastern suburbs

I encourage students to identify the learning style that works best for them, and provide continuous positive support. My students have thrived in a fun learning environment through the use of visuals and practical experience. I have experience engaging students from as young as 4 years old, through to tertiary level.

1st lesson free !

B. Fine Arts. Abstract painting on canvas. Printmaking by creating own printing plates

I base my classes on what the students are interested in. I teach how to look at the world with an eye for detail and how to view different objects and see things that are normally missed. I use charcoal for drawing images onto canvas as a base and then painting what your imagination can come up with.

1st lesson free !

Honours 1 Fine Art graduate offering art lessons, hands on, fun and educational.

Hands on and lots of fun, these classes are sculpted around each student's personal needs and interests. For anyone who enjoys creating, I will design a class to suit you! My name is Alysha and I am a Fine Art Honours 1 university graduate. My skills span from an array for mediums and techniques to art theory and art history.

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Multidisciplinary Artist with 13 years experience in teaching and mentoring creative expression.

My preference is to work with my students. To gain a clear understanding of what they wish to achieve. I also like to get to know what their strengths and weaknesses are, to get a clear picture of where the student requires the most focussed attention on. Overall I believe art is fun and enjoyable but also a fantastic way to express ideas.

Mount Lawley
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Curtin Architecture Student with strong background in Art and Illustration teaching detailed drawing from Perth

I believe that failure is essential in artistic exploration. I prefer to explore the individuals strengths and weaknesses with a range of materials rather than restrict them to a set guideline. Practise is key but it is through supportive sessions and interesting projects each student can achieve personal goals and grow.

1st lesson free !

Experienced Visual Arts and Media Teacher available for theoretical and practical advice, tutoring and mentoring as well as improvement or teaching of technical skills.

Learning in visual arts is primarily focused around projects, demonstrations and discussions about projects, artworks, artists, art history, skills and techniques. My teaching involves the creation of innovative learning programs within the national and upper school curriculum frameworks.

1st lesson free !

Practicing artist offers individual and small group art tutoring for K-12 and adults

My teaching is student-centred, evidence and action-based providing information and offering feedback to facilitate critical thinking. Clear lesson goals, demonstration, facilitation and mentoring, practice, scaffolding are all included in my teaching strategies to develop and enhance meta-cognition.

Mount Claremont
1st lesson free !

Professional Artist and Experienced Educator - Private or group lessons, Teaching Painting and Printmaking

1st lesson Assess the students skill level and ability, 2nd lesson skill and techniques 3rd lesson skill and techniques continued 4th lesson skill and techniques continued 5th lesson commence project As a teacher I am to get to know the students understand the outcomes they want to achieve and together work towards set goals.

1st lesson free !

Illustrator, cartoonist and printmaker, in Biggenden to Maryborough Qld. tafe cert 3

Any classic text books that I find, I can base the lessons around them. Some exercises may require a detailed breakdown of strokes. I have downloaded a lot of youtube howto's, and I can make them available to students. I would have to include tips on how to moneyterise the field, as there is not a large industrial support base. eg Disney or Manga. nearby.

Little Swanport
1st lesson free !

Established artist/designer/teacher will guide and teach techniques and history of Art to students

I have a unique way of teaching and many of my students comment on how theraputic they are as well as my encouragement and belief in the naive being the best art possible!

North Bendigo
1st lesson free !

La Trobe PhD Visual Arts graduate with painting and art tutoring experience.

I base my art classes on research and skill based methods. I encourage students to develop their own artistic approach.

West Pymble
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An inspiring artist giving lesson in scuplture and drawing in sydney area

My teaching method is one of teaching basics through colour theory and practical exercises on shape and colour as well as composition.

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Private kids art classes available for young and curious souls... Explore painting drawing, sculpture, collage and more. Available in Perth

Hi, my name is Nikki and I offer Kids Art Classes. I have developed a program that encourages children to explore their creative potential by exposing them to a variety of mediums, materials and techniques. From painting and drawing to collage and (clay) sculpture…. anything is possible! I love sharing my passion for art with children.

1st lesson free !

Canberra based Printmaker & Artist provides art and drawing lessons to students of all ages.

My teaching method varies on the students` needs but my approach is an idea-driven instruction where multiple resources are provided to help the student/s learn to think and express themselves creatively. The person`s imagination is the seed but an understanding of technique ensures fruition of ideas.

Brisbane City
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1st lesson free !

I offer Photoshop, Illustrator and Fashion Illustration lessons. I live in CDB, Brisbane and I have been working in The Art field for many years.

Everybody is different. My way of teaching depends on what fits you best. I believe in an individually approach. We will have a short talk before we start with the creative process so I can offer you lessons that suits you best. It doenst matter if its 1 lesson or 10.

1st lesson free !

Arts Facilitator, Textile Designer, Printmaker & Illustrator gives guidance through art lessons.

My classes are about developing and experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of your current skill set by trying new processes, methods and practices. I believe everyone can have a go at art, whether it is fine art, craft, or design.

West Perth
1st lesson free !

The colours of the paintings would create a beauty to your image and a sense of calmness.

Learn from your mistakes. If it's not working out how you thought it would have been , then give it some time. You can't paint like a pro within your first try. You can be a pro maybe on your 5th.

1st lesson free !

ANU School of Art Graduate looking to give lessons and have fun! For any ages in Canberra.

My approach to art tutoring is creating a space in which facilitates self directed learning. To supply materials and give micro courses in each students interest, that they can then use as a tool for making their own work.

1st lesson free !

Illustrator/designer to teach individuals or groups focusing in the realm of fantasy and imagination

I share my learned techniques whilst helping the individuals skills and vision grow. I am encouraging to all those who wish to explore their creativity and aim to create a supportive environment as a teacher and for all students involved as a group.

(4 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Learn how to paint or create prints with experienced Textile Designer and Artist

I am a practising full time Textile Designer specialising in print design and illustration. I have completed a Bachelor of Textile Design at RMIT and now design for a bedding and homewares company.

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1st lesson free !

UAL Art & Design Student based in South London offering lessons and idea development classes in art for sixth form or GCSE students

My teaching is based on idea development classes, integrating contemporary art and themes into my teaching requires a shift from predominantly technique-driven instruction to idea-driven instruction. Many artists do not work in a single medium or technique and instead try to explore an idea, event, situation, or question through multiple media and visual strategies; I encourage this methodology.

1st lesson free !

Art/Design professional, with a positive personalilty offering lessons in a variety of creative media in Brighton and often London.

I base my approach on a partnership very much under the humanist philosophy of building empathy and trust, geared to involve the learner at each stage of the decision making process. Through building up a rapport with students i can adapt my methodology towards individual learning styles.

1st lesson free !

Experienced Certified Teacher; ALL Elementary subjects. BFA, Bach. Ed Richmond Hill, Vaughan

My classes and lessons change based on the individual. I assess what your needs are and plan accordingly. Continuous feedback and positive reinforcement offered. I am most comfortable tutoring and teaching elementary grades; JK-grade 8. Will follow IEP.

Port Talbot
1st lesson free !

Fashion tutor offering Art & Design lessons up to University level in Swansea

My teaching method is to use activities whether than digital or practical exercises to reinforce information about the subject being taught. I feel it is important for the students to gain an understanding of the process of taking an idea from initial conception through to a finished piece of work or product. Concentrating on research and design development.

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1st lesson free !

NC Certified K-12 Art Teacher providing one-on-one lessons from her home studio

Each lesson is uniquely crafted to fit the individual student. The hourly price covers all materials that will be needed to complete the lesson - students do not have to purchase the materials separately to attend.

1st lesson free !

Qualified Artist offering Art and Design mentoring up to university level, in Preston. Semi-Finalist on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the year 2014.

My first concern is to get to know you, your interests, skills and passions. Being creative is a very personal and exposing thing, developing your confidence in your abilities as well as your trust in me as a tutor is key. Getting to know you will help me to form lesson plans that spark your own exciting ideas that projects can develop from.

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