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I am pursuing my masters in actuarial science in The University of New South wales. I have Masters and Bachelors (honours) degree in Economics.

I am very passionate about Economics and Mathematics. Through using real life problems, I try to instil that passion for learning by making theories relatable to practical situations. Also, I start with the necessary theory of the chapter and simultaneously looking at the application problems to give a 360 degree understanding of the subject.

Guildford West
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Western Sydney University studying Bachelors of Business majoring in Applied Finance can tutor High School and Uni students

explaining concepts.....visualising.... providing examples and doing past exam papers together. Can ask a question as many times as they want to..... I am a very passionate person scored 94 ATAR in high school I am looking forward to tutor all kinds of students.

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MBA and CFA level 3 candidate. Expert in financial markets, equities, fixed income, portfolio mgmt, derivatives, corporate finance, and more. Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Excel.

I like to know in advanced the topic we are going to deal with and depending on that and your preference we can choose the most appropriate methodology I. "We can work it out together" is what I always say to my students.

Brunswick East
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Experienced Campaign Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Statistical Data Analysis, and Retail. Market

I base my teaching method on breaking down the subject. I believe in logical steps that are easy to follow. And then I use examples and real work cases to show the practical use of the subject in the business world.

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ANU Commerce grad doing one-on-one lessons of accounting and the like in Darwin

My teaching methodology is to focus on each individual and their needs. As everyone is unique and learns differently, I find it best to learn about the person I'm teaching as I teach and tailor lessons to a style which suits them.

Meadow Springs
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UWA Finance student gives all lessons business to high school and uni students in Perth

My teaching method is to gain a strong understanding of where the student currently sits of term of the lesson plan. From here it is a patient and in-depth discussion on the subject matter, with the objective to vastly improve the students initial understanding, and to strive for significant improvement.

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Faith Luseka private finance teacher to university students and highschool student accounting

My teaching method is I start with classwork before going to exam questions to ensure students understand much better. I deal with students who are ready to learn and serious. I have good mathematics and accounting skills necessary for students.

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Transition the complexities in the simplest ways in the field of commerce.

firstly I understand the mentality of student and then schedule the syllabus according to his/her abilities and mental level. I don't believe in imposing and burdening the excess in the mind of students. I always invite students advices to improve my skills as learning is a perennial process. students learn from us and we learn from them.

Williams Landing
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UniMelb teaching degree graduate with BEcon and MAcctg (ANU) looking to contribute to your VCE results

I heavily employ active pedagogy in my teaching where students are encouraged to approach content knowledge as the accountants/economists engaging in the decision-making process. This teaching method is based on social learning theory and the theory of intrinsic motivation, as well as my practice as an accountant.

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Fundamentals of Accounting, Cost Accounting, and Management Accounting lessons are now available.

My most common teaching methods includes combination of demonstrations, problem solving, case studies and group discussions. I try to adjust my methods according to the needs of the students and also offer extra tutorials for those who need.

Darwin City
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Finance Professional gives finance,economics and accounting lessons to high school and university

I generally follow a syllabus pathway rather than what I know. >Look into the requirement of the syllabus > Find relevant past paper questions if they are not available then improvise with my own >Each chapter coverage along with past paper questions.

Brisbane City
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High achieving finance and accounting student at QUT familiar with both HSC and university courses

I will assess a student's knowledge to find where they lack in understanding, and explain these concepts in the most simple possible way. I will run students through exercises and real world applications to ensure they come out with a full understanding. Happy to have my brains picked if a student wants to take a concept further.

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Business Graduate offering lessons on business subjects in Melbourne with a bit of creative way of looking at studies.

My students flourish when i tutor in one to one teaching methodology. I am an honest and humble person and treat my students with high regard and love and passion. My lessons are focused on how a student can learn to tackle problems related with accounts and management and how to make learning fun.

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Monash Business and IT student teaches accounting & excel lessons to high school students in Melbourne South East

I learn by doing things and not just watching someone do it, so i will try and teach you by giving you examples that will make you understand and also gives you practice in doing the practical work. And of-course give feedback to improve on your mistakes (see it as learnings).

Asifur rahman
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A dedicated person wants to teach math lessons in high school and uni students.

My teaching method usually based on the real example and detailed. I prefer different teaching methods for different students based on their learning capability. I prefer to behave like a friend with my students to understand their problems and treat them accordingly.

Wembley Downs
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Students' Favorite Ex-Uni Lecturer and Tutor. Make difficult things EASY to understand. Taught Economics, Finance, Statistics and Mathematics

I promote Inquisitiveness and Curiosity. Knowledge is suppose to be fun by itself. It doesn't matter if I am going milk the cow but it is fun to know how. In an classroom environment, while I do give tips on how to score their exams, I always make sure my students have deep understanding of the subjects and I try to spark their interest to dig in deeper on their own.

Saint Lucia
Amir pooyan
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I provide deep intuition and simplify the fundamentals of statistics and probabilities

My teaching method is putting the basics of statistics and probabilities in layman language, making several practical examples, and progressing step by step until the fundamentals are crystal clear for the students. I am open to questions, and I like dynamic conversations.

South Brisbane
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Maths, Economics and Finance lessons to high school students by an excelling International Economics and Finance master student of UQ

I strongly believe that quality education comes through interactive discussion and finding their logical conclusions. Thus I initially focus on explaining the concepts for basic understanding and then encourage students to critically evaluate practical problems and have a lively discussion environment in the classroom.

Pascoe Vale
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Financial Engineering graduate who gives Economics lessons to school and university students

My teaching methods are based on practical situations of our surround.I base my classes with a presentation and lot of practical exercise which gives a confident to yourself to grab both theoretical and practical aspects.I approach topic with a example which paves the way for easy understandings.

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ANU's postgraduate student willing to propagate Economics lessons in an enriching manner

Passing high school with an overall score of 9.6/10, I have completed undergraduate level Economics as a college topper and University topper in Macroeconomics I have joined Australian National University for Masters in Economics.

Ascot Vale
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Mechanical engineer giving lessons in Economics and helping students to understand it in a different and more practical way

I approach tutoring in a holistic and different way that takes into account individual differences in learning and desired outcomes. I am friendly, open and knowledgeable in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Personal Development, and Well-being.

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Brisbane Year 12 student gives in depth business lessons to high school students

My teaching methods are calm and dedicated towards the students needs. I can be flexible to teach a range of areas. For example if they are struggling with a certain topic then we can take a few lessons to cover it. I will work extremely hard to cater for the students needs including creating practice exams or revision sheets if thats what the student wants.

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Former college lecturer gives economics and maths lessons for university and high school students

I approach topics by clear examples and following a logic: introduction, key issues, redefining past concepts and practical use.

Red Hill
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Ph.D. in economics. Eager to provide tutoring in econometrics, microeconomics, macroeconomics and finance.

I believe that each person has his own learning strategy. Understanding the motivations of the student and working with the student to establish a feasible learning plan is a key to achieve good results.

Wellington Point
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Griffith Commerce students gives English and Business lesson to high school students in Brisbane

In my lessons, it would be expected that students come prepared with all materials that are required for me to teach to the best of my ability. With the use of the materials brought by students as well as other material I have prepared, I will go through whatever the student needs assistance with thoroughly in order for students to gain full knowledge on the topic.

Sajin calvin
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UQ Business student with more than 4 years of teaching experience as Assistant Professor.

As a tutor, I will try to understand the capacity of the student and will adjust my teaching method as per the requirement. I will try to mix and match different methods and tools which will suit the student. I can patiently deal with the lessons until the student grasps.

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Chartered Accountant taught Management Accounting at Edith Cowan University 2011 to 2016

My teaching methodology is based on practice exam questions and home work. I believe that student's learn from doing and doing as many practice exam questions under time constraints is the key to success.

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UNISA student giving accounting ,business studies and economics lessons for Cambridge Alevel students

I am looking for students who need an extra support in past papers to reach the A+ grade :) .I have experience in Commerce subjects for Advanced levels Cambridge and best study techniques /methods and teach casually to students.

Surry Hills
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James, Economics graduate from the UK working in financial services in Sydney.

Methodology can be adjusted for the intended outcome. I am happy to tutor for exams or just for general education/interest. The best way to prepare for exams is to do practice exams. The best way to learn generally is to take on projects.

Saint Lucia
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Advanced Finance and Economics student offering a fun and engaging tutoring session - located in Brisbane

I want my students to come away understanding the content whilst having a fun session. I’m very activities based and I like to go through a question or set of problems together, then once the student has a firm understanding, get them to do it alone.

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Perfect! Alejandro is very knowledgeable, clear, teaches in a good pace and is very patient.

Kathleen , Student
2 weeks ago
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