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Dr robert
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Online Course and Zoom Coaching: Develop your own unique community-based project

My approach is community-based and consultative. It is a step-by-step approach which requires each step to be completed before the next step can be started. With each step of the online course, I will be by your side through Zoom technology to guide you. My aim has been to make the course non-technical so that anyone who wants to create a community project of any type can do so.

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New method shows you how to attract your perfect highest paying clients

My teaching method is always results based. Meaning, these result have been created in the real world and are not just theory based. Why this is important is so that you can be confidant in the fact that with the right guidance and work, you too can create these results for yourself. Theory is only used when we are creating a vision based goal or idea.

Saint Albans
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PhD. Fashion & Textiles gives intertesting lessons on Product development & smart/intelligent clothing.

I am very flexible with my teaching approach. I love individual lesson as well as group discussion. I use to create student interest in my topic.

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Sydney design consultant experienced in product visual and user experience design. Background in computer science. Working with blue-chip corporations.

My teaching style is participatory. I'm a very visual learner myself so I love teaching through showing; visualisation is important in understanding key concepts and stickiness.

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E-commerce setup up and guidance for new businesses and existing brands in Bristol

I believe that the knowledge I have can be adapted to work with all stages of building your business. Through relaxed conversations and a goal-driven approach to making progress.

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Maths student offering lessons for Product Design up to A Level content

I will start with finding out what your weaknesses are and see how to help you develop your knowledge on those areas. Throughout the sessions that I will be providing I will target previous exam style question at you and ask you to talk me through how you would answer them.

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MSc Engineering Management related to supply chain, marketing, business plan, project management

I can teach by creating a good friendship with students and find the way of their understanding. I was qualified with the postgraduate degree of MSc Engineering Management by Nottingham Trent University. In 2017, I have successfully completed my BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering degree in University of Wolverhampton.

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Experienced marketer - teaching in business and marketing strategy, product design, digital, advertising & PR

I give lessons one on one or to small groups, whether learning marketing from scratch or looking for a refresher course. My academic background means my teaching methods are rooted in solid theory and principles, and tie various topics and disciplines within marketing together.

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Mr Mpanza 3rd year Bed UKZN Edgewood Campus student is offering to teach you Geography and Business Studies. Hurry up

My teaching methodology strictly involves all that is involved in teaching using a learner-centred approach. I usually base my lessons on the social learning theory which is very beneficial to my lessons as learners are learning from one another and also demonstrating good classroom interactions and a good working relationship among the learners.

Bolero Square
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Product Design graduate, Lecturer and CAD Tutor offering Product Design & DT tuition in Nottingham.

In my lecturing work, I mainly teach degree students in their first year. However, I have also taught classes of final years. These classes are normally 10-15 students, though I have taught up to 30 students at once. If you're studying a Product Design course or DT subject in sixth form, this tuition will be great for you.

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Marketing Professional with a BA HONS working in Surrey within the procurement industry.

I base my classes on practical understanding, i create simple mechanics for anyone to pick up easily. I have a speciality within Insurance and FMCG. I can also teach presenting effectively, this is done through Voice, Movement and strategy training.

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Product Design Engineering Student offering Resistant Materials/Product Design Lessons for GCSE Students

I will be going over GCSE Resistant Materials/Product Design covering any difficulties the student may have. I will use past examples from their exam board as well as engaging tutorials to make sure they understand the content in their syllabus.

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BCom student offering tutorials in marketing. Learn how to become a excellent marketer!

My teaching method is attempting to let students think for themselves instead of spoon feeding them. I like challenging people because that's how they really learn. I believe letting them think for themselves will help in them retaining the content.

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Economics for everybody who wants to live a better life from today

My teaching method is talking, we will have lots of interaction and talking.

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First year Product Design student at University. Past in Engineering will help in any way I can.

My way of teaching is by first guiding the student then helping him/her with how they are able to improve and become more effective.

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Experienced with over 5 years experience deploying blockchain solutions is offering to teach blockchain technologies to students and professionals

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their academic goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Quantity Surveying and construction management from Sheffield Hallam University. During my studies, I conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in mathematics, programming, networking etc.

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Product design engineering student studying at Loughborough university specialising in bike design.

My teaching methodology is more about deeper understanding of the topic which will help you to work problems or by yourself and expand on your own knowledge confidently.

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Industry Product Design Engineer offering design reviews and advice on product development.

I teach on a practical level with interactive, open and flowing sessions between myself and the students. I will review existing designs and discuss how the client/student may improve them.

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Experienced digital marketing professional offering to teach the subject and help clients with digital marketing needs.

I am a UK based academic researcher, writer, tutor, mathematician, management professional and consultant for academicianhelp.co.uk. I have extensive experience in Mathematics, Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science and Management.

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Business Management studies, Managerial Finance, Digital Marketing, Marketing principles and practise, Leadership Management in organisations, London Based!

Young but very clever student, I give lessons in the following degrees/levels - Bachelor of Arts, BTech and GCSE levels. I prefer to present slideshows, practise questions revision/research books and journals, example papers done by other qualifying students.


TEACHER OF STATISTICS, FINANCE, INVESTMENT & BANKING *** 7 A / A* PASSES - By Even A Bottom Sets Student - 2017 ! *** 100 % SUCCESS RATE In PERSONAL STATEMENTS - To 23 Aug 2018 ! *** AIM FOR A / A* ON

I teach the UNDERSTANDING BEHIND CONCEPTS and CORRECT, NEAT WAYS TO PRESENT WORK. Since 2004, my students use my EASY CONTINUOUS REVISION Method. I have being helping students write neatly and tidily since 1992 - perfecting their handwriting for exams and their good pleasure.

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- Marketing student offering Branding, Marketing and Maths Lit (for grade 11 % 12 only). - Have amble experience, multiple distinctions in stated modules and subjects - Reside in Durban, and able to t

I teach according to practicality with a hint of life. You learn faster with an example that is relateable to you. Psychologically speaking, you tend to learn faster with recognisable and relateable aspects.

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University student offering dedicated and motivated tutoring for Product Design, English and Geography

I use the first session to get to know the student, personally and educationally - I find out where they’re confident and weaker in the subject, give a couple of questions and then move on from there. With exercises for revision techniques, small homework’s and past papers completed both with me and at home.

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