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Masters Student at the UWA, studying Marine Biology. I am not limited to the listed subject and do contact me for further information.

I teach every student with different method. I believe that most of our education systems are generalized and do not focus on student's interest. So, I first understand what student wants from me and then in association with them, I design a study plan. This plan need not be in a confined environment, it has no limits and at the end we all want to do something productive.

West End
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UQ Masters student, experienced tutor in English, English as a second language, Environment and Urban Design.

My teaching method depends on the students abilities and things they enjoy. I primarily focus on ensuring the student enjoys the lesson while also allowing for their goals to be met. I will start with getting to know the student, analysing their goals and knowledge and progress accordingly.

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Solar Engineer (with 9 yrs work exp) will teach all aspects of solar engineering and make you industry ready.

I teach students by first understanding their current level of knowledge about the subject. If they are at say level 5 I will start from level 5 and if they are at level 0 then I will start from level 0. My idea of teaching a subject good is to breakdown tough concepts into simpler topics and make the student learn the subject easily. To be honest there is no subject which is tough.

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Doctor of Chemistry offers courses in chemistry and physics in high school-university Piacenza

Researcher, graduated in Chemistry, inorganic chemical-physical address, I propose to chemistry and physics classes for high school and college students. Classes are held by applying the deductive method.

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Engineer in Alternative Energies teaches classes in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Renewable Energy, Environmental Education, among others.

My teaching method is orderly, patient and encourages critical thinking. I can give you practical examples to relate concepts more easily. I am open to adapt to your speed and ability to learn. I am a very accessible, friendly teacher and open to dialogue.

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Experienced engineer in Building Engineering Services focused on renewable energy and energy saving systems

Power Point presentation of topics with diagrammatic detailing, case studies, detailed calculations, analysis of available technologies for existing and newer developmental projects, promotion of latest trends from popular manufacturers and System Integrators, references to National Building Codes, rules and regulations

Ouro Preto
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Engineer of Control and Automation by the Federal University of Ouro Preto, ample experience in photovoltaic solar energy, electrotechnical and electronic. Experience of more than 4 years acting as pr

My teaching method is based on the presentation of the content in a light way, with attention dedicated to the part that involves resolutions of the problems related to each content, an approach that gives the student the opportunity to really know the deeper concepts of each discipline.

Ribeirão Preto
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Control, Automation and Robotics Support Training Maintenance Development Programming In Low and High level languages

Development of academic methods and application processes using national and international standards. Fundamentals of Engineering and application in Automation and Robotics. Associated disciplines and man machine languages. Processes and theoretical and practical application. Learning methods and concepts of building maintenance and development of engineering.

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Lic in ecology and diploma in pedagogy offers courses in environmental sciences

According to my experience, I think it is necessary to take into account the different ways of learning that each person has, making use of different tools of alternative pedagogies.

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Professor High School provides tutoring math, physics, engineering sciences (secondary and university)

The course is aimed at secondary and tertiary levels (short and long).

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I can give ecology class for students for inspire them to protect nature

I like to teach friendly more focusing on specific topic. It will be fun and inspiring to students. I'm good in powerpoint presentation. I can teach up to degree level. I'm good in Ecology and Environmental Science. I can even teach biology up to 12th standard.

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In ecology and environment any types of problems and doubts are clear by me in Delhi-NCR regions.

I provide a lecture in detail way to clear the doubt of student on the bases of literature and research work and clear all the doubts through presentation way. I provide the notes on any topic of ecology and environment in proper manner.

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"Bachelor of Sustainable Development" 5 years of experience, Ecology and Environment classes, Biology, Eco-technologies, Renewable Energies.

I like to share my knowledge and experiences based on presentations and audiovisual materials, especially to reinforce the knowledge raised through the understanding of readings associated with the topics to develop, in addition to the request for essays of no more than four pages to be able to evaluate the progress of the acquired learning .

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An Honours degree expert offering hospitality and tourism lessons in ecology, entrepreneurship, hotel management in Capetown, South Africa

I love Hospitality and tourism as well as geography and am a highly committed tutor who can teach all levels from children to advanced level . I am experienced in preparing students for exams. I am an excellent communicator with an active interest in professional development and in the application of new technologies to teaching and learning.

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I am research scholar in renewal energy in Nit Durgapur,want to explore the opportunity and responsibilities of society towards natural source of energy which might help students to do there future wo

From the begaining of the requirement to the fulfilment and it will contain academic as well as physical systems available in society class can be attended by anyone but importantly for engineering background students

Ms. neerja
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I welcome the opportunity as a content writer/manager, to coach extracurricular activities and to work in areas related to environment.

Professional Education :- I completed • Diploma in Computer Applications in year 2000 from CMC Ltd.with A-Grade. • B.Ed.in year 2007 from IGNOU with 75%.

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I am Solar Angel of India want to explore myself in renewable

Qualitative and based on conceptual methodology.

Den Haag
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I'm a master's student Industrial Ecology and I teach sustainable energy to high school and university students and professionals in The Hague

I am very flexible when it comes to teaching, my methodology will mainly be dependent on the wishes and needs of the student. In general, we will go over the theory, after which we do exercises together. If needed, I give homework which will be discussed during the next session.

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I am a student of Renewable energy technician and I think I can be a good helper.

I always try to know the strengths and weaknesses in a pupil and then approach each individual in different way.

New Delhi
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Master's in Energy& Environment. Working as project assistant in project related to sustainability. Passionate about give and take of knowledge.

I build trust between me and my students by introducing them with the subject and broad topics. I let them use there own vision by leaving some loop holes. This is how they come with questions in there mind and we connect really well.

Santa Efigênia (Belo Horizonte)
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Reinforcement classes - Sara Jorge e Silva - MSc Electrical Engineering -

With my experience, I developed several methodologies that vary according to the profile of classes and students. Classes in painting, practical work, slide show, seminars and round tables are some examples, but I'm always open to new suggestions and learnings.

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Undergraduate in Mechanical engineering who teaches Physics in a practical way which makes understanding easier.

I teach from the basics with practical examples so that the student finds it easy to remember and understand better.

Kaimrala Chakrasenpur
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Working in New and Renewable Energy sources. These are upcoming future for earh

I like teach on Topic that really Matters for students. I no interest in just wasting time of students and they should about current problems.

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Students Who want to study Environmental Education : Such as Renewal and Non renewable Energy.

I believe in expressing and discussion instead of reading books. I consider Examples and visual audio explanation thorough PPT for better results and understanding.

Kothnur Narayanapura
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I am a Post graduate from Heriot-Watt University. I conduct tutorials for students between class 7 and 12.

My approach to deliver knowledge is through literature, and literature is my first priority as it helps in building the foundation.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Good overall mentoring and development, opeing mind to new things. Out of the box approach

My methdology changes as per the childs needs and his style of learning.

Ashutosh kumar
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Student I will provide best knowledge and experience in learning ideas. Filds

My teaching methods based on tricky matheod and good concepts in energy and Environment and energy subjects and my ability full time

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I'm a gold medalist in environment science and home science from nasr school,Hyderabad.These are my favorite subjects

My teaching method is very simple and clear I make it a point to make children understand the basics ..

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All about renewal history ,past,present and future !!!mamgain class of renewable sources

My teaching method is simple is to aware the new generation of india as well as other citizen of india about renewable sources of energy

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