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Off duty Pirate creates safe supportive learning space for a range of theatre games and practices. Over twenty years experience, ex Spaghetti Circus coach, winner of peoples choice award (2016) for Fl

I'm a big fan of student led learning, eg. following students passions and slipping in the 'nuts and bolts' once they are sufficiently hooked, employing a range of theatre games, movement and mime. We run through the basics of improvisation such as 'making an offer', 'yielding', 'building on an offer', and much more.

Mount Saint Thomas
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UOW Creative Arts student giving improvisational and script acting lessons with constructive value.

My methodology when it comes to acting is being self centered and teaching my students how to achieve that. I am also very specific and constructive when it come to performance criticism. I give my students room to understand where they see themselves in the character they are playing and ways in which they can realistically bring that character and emotion to life.

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Professional Actor/Qualified Teacher teaches in a fun & relaxed style in Melbourne

As a teacher I like to ensure a relaxed environment where the student feels comfortable enough to have a laugh, but also to work hard where and when it's required. Lessons have a clear focus and outcomes so goals can be set and met. I believe in an open and honest environment where constructive learning can take place.

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Voice, Speech and Acting classes in Gisborne,Victoria by Internationally celebrated drama teacher

My Acting classes are based on the Stanislavskian school of Method acting. Acting classes are for the stage and screen. Voice and Speech classes are inspired by the work of the legendary Cicely Berry, Voice and Speech coach of the Royal Shakespeare Company(U.K).

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Passionate Drama Student gives acting lessons to all comers in Launceston & Tasmania area

First and most importantly is the style of actor you want to be, once we go from there we can build on that idea. I have been in a great variety of productions and have had to practice many different acting styles from children's theater to Shakespeare, knowing when to be comedic and how much comedy is needed at the given moment and when to be dramatic.

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Teacher with 18 years experience can tutor Drama, media, English, History and Music.

When I teach and/or tutor any subject the first thing I find out is what the student/students actually know and can already do. The next step is to focus on understanding the questions they are required to answer. Then we build on prior knowledge, explore the topic and follow a plan to complete the required tasks/assignments.

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Seaside Hotel for Wayward Ghosts - Personal immersion hello its nice to see you all!

Who do you want to be? Why? Instead you can be a ghost. Learn how to observe the relationship of spirit and decay, and harness the forces that bind us together. A new style of time management guaranteed to dazzle and mystify.

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NIDA trained actor, comedian and dramatic actor is willing to teach students to become the best actors they can possibly be.

I am a student centred teacher and work a lot with creating depth and meaning for performers. This means we could be studying scripts, writing, working on characters or creating meaningful work through physical warm ups and improvisations.

Umina Beach
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ACTING Teacher/Coach in Sydney. Bachelor Degree Fine Arts (Acting) with Distinction.

My classes vary depending on what I'm teaching. If it is Acting on Screen I will have my students do a lot of on screen work allowing time for evaluation and reflection. Stand Up Comedy would involve watching other comedians then allowing time to teach/create how to write and deliver an A grade performance.

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Independent theatre company owner & director gives acting and comedy coaching in Melbourne

My method of mentoring & directing theatrical performance and comedy is really dependent on the student and where they are at. I believe in a collaborative approach, developing skills, confidence and shaping performance through an exchange of ideas and a process of experimentation.

Hawthorn East
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Recent Performing Arts (Drama) graduate who has a background working in schools in as both a classroom tutor and a one-on-one special needs tutor.

I approach tutoring by treating my students not as a child, but as a person with their own interests and skills. The main reason I didn't become a teacher is because I know how the education system fails the majority of students. I want to work with people to enhance their abilities in a way that works for them. This makes them more inclined to learn, as well as enjoying the subject.

Pacific Pines
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Current Acting student and model giving Acting and modelling lessons in the Gold Coast

I have participated in multiple Acting workshops and am very informed about the modelling industry Acting lessons vary depending on what the students want, I specialise in: Improvisation, Theory (practioners such as Augusto Boal and Jerzy Grotowski), Screen acting, Accents, character building, body and facial movements, script writing and many more For modelling i will teach: Basic and...

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There is an actor in everyone, we just need to find it.

my Emotion and imagination. Among the concepts and techniques of method acting are substitution, "as if", sense memory, affective memory, and animal work (all of which were first developed by Stanislavski). Contemporary method actors sometimes seek help from psychologists in the development of their roles.

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Improviser, TV Writer, and Stand-Up Comic offers performance coaching to comedians in Melbourne

My primary focus is on doing things for the sake of joy - performing in such a way that both yourself and the audience are having fun. I believe that every person's life and personality contains something inherently unique that makes them exciting to watch, and I emphasise the growth of the ability to let that something come out naturally.

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Stand by everyone, it's almost time. Beginners on stage please and....Curtain call!

I love getting to know people and then bringing out the best in them. Very often people would love to be on stage but feel like they are not confident enough. This is my best challenge - finding the key to confidence and bringing that out. I have so many wonderful experiences and methods to use to help you grow as an actor, performer and musical artist.

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2nd in State for HSC Drama - Melbourne based student looking to help with anything drama related

I am based in Melbourne. I aim to teach older high school students who require help with their drama. I ultimately wish to pursue a career in screenwriting and wrote my individual performance for Year 12, scoring 99%, so I would love to help write or tweak student's scripts. Additionally, I would offer performance advice, from blocking to character development.

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Young, fun and bubbly drama Teacher looking to HELP students in all areas of DRAMA!

I teach from the heart and believe people learn the best when they feel confident in themselves. My classes have structure and routine which enables students to find a groove early on. I like practical and hands on work ; I believe it helps students to positivley retain information.

Greater london
Natasha (i'm english despite my name).
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ACTING 121 classes and 1 to 3 day courses. ClassesActing.com Coach with Acting Masters degree. 18 years teaching experience. All ages and levels. Also films / edits showreels

Acting classes and courses. 1) In person (London) 2) or online / video-call/ Skype All information and rates: www ClassesActing dot com ________________________________________________ Coaching all ages and levels. Individual 121 coaching Group classes possible if you have a group.

Davoud z. rastgou
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Protecting you from becoming a gold mine for ego-centrists, turned so-called coaches. Diversity-tailored guidance for ethnic actors.

Based on your prepared audition piece, we discuss your choice of career as an actor and what level you want to get involved with it...

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Professional Actor & Teacher here to help you on your dramatic journey

Hello and welcome to my tutor page. I am Dean a UK based actor who specializes in teaching and directing between scratching that acting itch. I am here to help you in any aspect of Acting and gaining that edge for that practicle exam or audition. Everyone I have helped have their own story and therefore lessons change and develop to suit the person in question.

The adc
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Experienced BBC Actor teaches Acting, Improv and script course in Kings Cross, London

If you're completely new to acting or you'd like a refresher - this course is for you! Students will work with the umbrella categories: Movement, Acting and Voice. The course will include: - Working in a safe and supportive atmosphere to develop your skills as a performer and communicator. - Animal Studies - creating characters from animals.

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Acting Coach in the Rugby area with over 20 years of stage and screen experience . A unique sense of humour included.

I have been a working actor on both stage and screen for the last 20+ years, with a degree in Film Studies.

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Actress, scriptwriter, director and writer. The theater was the root of my career, I dedicate myself to teaching and reinforcing the art of acting for theater, television and cinema through the dynami

My teaching method is quite dynamic. The theater must be a game of construction, imagination, challenges and interpretation. I try to generate an environment of trust and potentiality in each session. Normally I use my creative skills to create exercises that strengthen the improvisation and the ability to build characters, stories and environments.

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Professional actress Karin van der Laag is offering to teach you to act!

I use lessons from all the theatre practitioners including Stanislavsky and Boal

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Professional Actor and Stand up Comedian offering classes at fully equipped private studio, London.

I use a variety of practitioners in my work and tailor each session to the particular needs of the student. I teach from beginner to advanced level and can coach for auditions and confidence building. I teach students individually and also groups if students prefer to work with friends.

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Director gives theater lessons for all ages and all levels in Avignon and its surroundings

Director and professional actress trained in Paris and Belorussia. The course takes place in three stages: - The "training" (exercises of relaxation, breathing and stretching) to make his body available. - Improvisation (from objects, text or music). - The text (diction, speaking, breathing, vocal presence). It is a method strongly inspired by Meyerhold's Russian theater method.

Melton Mowbray
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Performing Arts and Drama Lecturer offering acting, improv, devising and much more!

My teaching method is very holistic as I cater for students as individuals. I also include elements of person centred counselling methodology along with helping and empowerment work within my practice. No two learners are experientially the same and the medium of tutoring is an ideal platform for tailored support.

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Acting Coach With 23 Years of Experience Creates Individual Program to Suit You!

My teaching methodology is quite simple- it is directed toward the class or student I am teaching. I have practiced a great number of acting techniques and can fluidly move in and out of them to find what works best for that specific student or class.

Navi Mumbai
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Chintan's Acting, Grooming and personality session for over - all Grooming and Developement

Me and My team trains artist starting from the basics of Acting, Grooming and Personality management which is even helpful in our day to day life.

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An Acting Student Offering Theatre and Screen acting lessons in the Guildford.

Because I am at degree level I will happily give lessons to those studying at A-level and below. I'm open and like to discuss with my students on how to structure my lessons, as with acting its very specific to each persons needs/wants.

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