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Dr robert
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Online Course and Zoom Coaching: Develop your own unique community-based project

My approach is community-based and consultative. It is a step-by-step approach which requires each step to be completed before the next step can be started. With each step of the online course, I will be by your side through Zoom technology to guide you. My aim has been to make the course non-technical so that anyone who wants to create a community project of any type can do so.

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Marketing Manager in Sydney teaching you how to implement SEO, Strategy, Lead Generation and more to find business success.

My teaching methodology is very practical. I show you how to accomplish specific things such as generating more leads or starting brand campaigns. I demonstrate and teach you invaluable skills and reinforce this with practical training sessions where we work together to create a mock business and grow it.

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Deakin College Professor teaching Management, Marketing, Economics, Project Management, and Financial Management

My teaching method is very flexible and simple. I focus on concepts and help students understand them through relevant real-life examples. Love to talk about current events and trends across the world and how they can be applied to course content.

Cairns North
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Offering help to students through to real world start-ups- business development, management and administration!

I am flexible in how i teach, depending on your preferred learning style and your abilities.

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Consultant from Deloitte giving courses in accounting / taxation over Brussels and its surroundings

Hello, My name is Kevin, I'm 26 and I propose to give private lessons in accounting, taxation and also in English. I appeal to all levels from primary school to university. I am a patient and understanding, Morevoer I love to help others understand or improve in an area.

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LYON teaches Professional Accounting Finance Management Control in French and English

Participants : students (Bac + 4 / + 5) and professionals (managers and leaders.) in French or English from the introduction to deepening Content : *Accounting (private, public, and analytical basis, accounting entries, vat, inventory operations, etc ...) *Finance (financial analysis, cash management, risk management, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, investment decisions - NPV, IRR...

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UNIL HEC Lausanne Graduate gives support in finance statistics economy in Geneva

I am very patient and have good listening skills. Depending on the student I can adapt my speech, my methodology and my examples to be as effective as possible. I have a long experience in teaching several subjects and in many languages.

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Owner of a Federally Incorporated Small Business is willing to advocate prospective students on starting their own corporation and entrepreneurial venture at minimal cost, in a professional manner.

I teach either by webcam or at home; with PDFs outlining the steps and providing motivation and confidence in yourself. It will take a minimum of time and everything can be done on the internet except for acquiring the business license (which must be done with cash and in person). I have completed the steps and now own, my own business and operate a website (writing ebooks for download and sale).

Santiago de Querétaro
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(in Paris or Online) Coach, specialised in business and startups, I lead entrepreneurs along the creation process (market study, business model, growth strategy)

My assistance is made for all people that have a desire to undertake an entrepreneurial project, without any background consideration as I explain and lead on any topic. Throughout à methodological process, step by step and customised, I help you to ask the right questions and provide the most efficient business answer.

Villanueva de Arosa
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Online Strategy & International Marketing - give your start-up a firm base.

I am a serial international entrepreneur. I believe in small and medium size projects which solve real problems with sustainable solutions. I have lived and worked in Germany, USA, Costa Rica and Spain, working +/- 15 years working with a focus on strategy and online marketing. I created and co-founded 5+ online and offline businesses.

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Start-up creator and project manager in digital marketing gives classes in Bordeaux

In my opinion the best way to learn and put into practice via use cases. So I try to bring concrete cases from my daily life. After a practical part we will see together the best way to treat these cases.

Santiago de Querétaro
José francisco
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Learn how to turn a visitor into a lead and a lead into a sale.

I believe in seeing the opportunity in each difficulty, in laughing and in learning something new every day and in knowing the unique, unconventional and different. I like to see things objectively supported by metrics, to be able to evaluate and act.

Zona 02
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Want your company on the internet? Digital marketing consulting for entrepreneurs and microenterprises

My classes focus on the problem of starting a company in the digital world, at low cost and generating real results. Using a mindset of helping the client allied to a consistent job you do not have to spend much to reap good results. Presenting tools and techniques that focus on user experience and creativity to bring engagement is my way of working.

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Sales Professional that Focuses on Human Behavior. Let's chat about how we can grow our learn more about business

I base my classes with a consulting approach. I want to help them understand that they can get to the answer and think about things differently. Playing to their strengths to help uncover what may be needed. Understanding that everyone is different and being empathetic to everyone.

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B-School student with entrepreneurial experience gives Blockchain lessons for enterprise leaders looking to understand about the technology and its implications to their businesses

I base my classes on course material, that i have used to previously teach enterprise leaders about the technology and its applications. However, i approach the subject with flexibility and try to address any specific questions that my audience has and make it as interesting and informative as possible for the audience.

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Digital Marketer shares knowledge, experience, and techniques to people who love e-commerce.

My teaching methodologies are analogical. This means that every concept and theory will be attached to a real-life experience or story. I feel that the most important aspect when it comes to teaching is the ability to connect with your student. It is the only way to leave a "print" on them and reach them. I believe I also have a flexible teaching methodology.

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Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses - Learn at your own pace

How do you want to grow your business? Digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools that exist today to live the life of your dreams. There are already many entrepreneurs who run their businesses while traveling the world or are close to their family, thanks to the Internet. The objective of my classes is that you also achieve it.

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Engineer, Digital, MBA Business and Strategies and Master Degree in Strategic Marketing Direction.

My teaching method is simple, clear and objective. I do not use what we call bureaucratic marketing, where the theory is so massive that the result is often not positive. I use successful cases as examples, dynamic didactic materials and a lot of creativity after analyzing each need.

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I am a professional & international certified Digital Marketing Strategist, Blogger & Programmer with over 7years of experience.I have been committed to helping lots of businesses increase their sales

My teaching methodology is based on real life application and its practicality coupled with vast research and projects that are based on level of relevancy.

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Do you want to create your online business and do not know where to start ?. Have you been with your business project for a long time but you feel stuck ?. Hello! I can help you with your Digital Mark

- My methodology is 100% practical and exclusive for each casuistry. - They are ideal if you are an entrepreneur or brand. - The classes will always be online and recorded, so you can refresh the concepts and issues at any time, so you will not forget anything. What is the protocol we will follow? First of all we will have a brief Skype talk to know about 30 mins.

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A tenacious, top performing Sales & Business Development professional with 15+ years of focused experience.

Results driven sales & business development professional, 15+ plus years with a background in finance, politics, sales & management roles. Proven experience building relationships, cultivating partnerships and growing businesses. Create strategies that work, acquiring and growing share of wallet in key corporate accounts. ​ Key Characteristics and Skills ● Inside Sales/Cold calling.

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Startup CFO shares how to raise investments and turn your business idea into a company.

I share personal and professional experiences, with a strong emphasis on building skills and letting the students take the lead on their learning. It closely mimics the Case Method of Harvard Business School and you will be able to clearly understand the goal of each session and its main takeaway.

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Business graduate and startup owner who loves to teach marketing and business, in Montreal Canada

I love my students, I want them to learn and grasp the ideas by falling in-love with the content. I have a student centered approach to teaching. Where students get to think outside the box, face real life examples, role play, present and work on cases.

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Independent Business Owner with an online store giving lessons about network marketing and self-development

My teaching is based on Books and Audios, some material we will be using are Business in the 21st Century, The Magic of Thinking Big, etc,. Some Audios will be from Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and many more successful business owners of the 21st century.

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Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE) teaching blockchain basics in Ottawa or virtual tutoring

My methodology consists of hands-on and visual training experience. I have taught and mentored in Blockchain, strategic management, starting companies, and general business to professionals and exeuctives. I can teach Blockchain from beginner to expert level. I conduct online as well as offline classes. I'll make sure you understand the technology properly.

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18 years old UOttawa last year student doing a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in Sales Force Management. I give business-related lessons in Ottawa's surroundings in both English & French!

I’m a student that does fairly well for the simple fact that I understand how the school system works. I understand that theory might be not so practical but I also understand when to use it and that in order to get a good grade, whether it is useful or not, we need to learn it.

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Digital business consultant specializing in marketing ready to help you generate profitable leads in your sleep !

For me, it is very important to personalized sessions according to your need, to your learning style and to promote your creativity. So, I analyze your brand and I will really work on the basics to specifics details with you. I will send you before each session a plan of what we can optimize and also, I will give a tasks to complete after every sessions to implement what you learn.

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Dr. FOUDA is a project management consultant, teaches English software development and LEGO robotics

Dr. FOUDA's teaching methodology is to practice and learn using examples. In the field of project management and IT, Mr. Fouda relies on nearly 18 years of experience in the information technology sector, in the framework of many international projects whose budgets can reach $ 140 million.

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Future marketing graduated student gives courses in marketing, economics but also Dutch and English

The course should focus on the student and what he / she does not understand, so I start by asking him/her that. I adapt my explanations and examples according to the student, I explain with other words if he / she does not understand. I often use concrete examples (and current, if possible) to explain the subject.

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