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Byron Bay
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Bachelor graduate in Computer Sciences and Master student in Visual Computing & Games Technology gives individual programming lessons in Byron Bay

I would like to completely focus on what you want to achieve and therefore build each lesson exactly for your needs. You would have to send me a brief description of your problem or a wished topic to discuss in order for me to be able to thoroughly prepare beforehand. Please do not shy away if you are a total beginner as I am more than willing to teach you everything I have learnt so far.

1st lesson free !

Game Developer Teaches Unity Game engine basics and programming for beginners in Melbourne

Lessons with me will begin with the basics of the unity game engine, and the programming involved with it. I will teach you how to setup scenes, and start making game play, plus we will cover the basics of code structure and optimization needed for making games.

Varsity Lakes
1st lesson free !

Let me help you learn how to create a game or program you would like to make.

First we will need to discover what level you are. I will give you some challenges and see if you can complete them. If you're a total beginner don't worry we will learn the basics to get you up and running in no time. I teach by making fun games and programs. I enjoy teaching and I'm always trying to make it as easy as possible for you to learn new ideas as quickly as possible.

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Junior Game Designer gives lessons to primary and high school students in Dapto/Wollongong

I help students first by making sure they understand the material they're working with and the methods it takes to get to the answer. I believe anyone can do anything and be what they want to be if they put their minds and persistence to it. That's how I got into the academy.

1st lesson free !

Adelaide Freelance Developer providing training both locally and remotely for all ages

My teaching if focused on beginners to intermediates, as well as general mentoring e.g. for someone moving into a new language / technology or code reviews / advice. I tailor the lessons individually to the student's requirements, providing what they need most for their desired outcome.

1st lesson free !

Swinburne Computer Science student gives students creative solutions to Game development problems

My teaching method is project based, I believe students learn best when giving a clear goal but allowed the space to express themselves in their solutions.

Wagga Wagga
1st lesson free !

Beginner programming lessons, game development and/or web development. General programming lessons.

Making sure everything is understood and focus heavily on practical work rather than talking. Also, I will be correcting all the practical work and showing how I would have done it.

1st lesson free !

20 year Game Developer, teaching C++/C#, Java, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology In Brisbane and Gold Coast Region

I work on a mastery system. You have to master a section till you move on, a simple analopgy is If you built a house with say getting 75% right is that house going to be stable? No! Same for Math, Science and Programming you get it right and then you build on top of it.

West End
1st lesson free !

Professional games programmer with 5+ years of experience gives programming lessons in Brisbane and at home

I'm a passionate tutor that is excited by the prospect of helping you learn about computer programming, games development, and mathematics! I'm comfortable crafting lessons and courses to suit your needs given years of experience tutoring individuals and groups in both relaxed and formal settings.

1st lesson free !

Swinburne Computer Science Student gives programming lessons to high school or uni students, Melbourne

I believe in a practical approach and so I like my students to take the wheel and explore the content by creating mini-projects.

1st lesson free !

Inspiring Little Engineering Spirits. . Teachingt every drop of pre-computing with necessary Maths & Science.

I'm confident to say that I know how to inspire children with beautiful examples of computing concepts & happy programming lessons. I have interesting softwares, just for kids & based on their ages. Truly I am an engineering soul who strives to inspire little ones to see the beauty in computing.

Bells Creek
1st lesson free !

Professional Game Developer with over 5 years experience to give lessons to aspiring game developers.

My teaching method is to help guide the student to understand what they are doing and how it can be applied in other situations. I like to use a see what a student knows and can do, see where they lack and find the knowledge gap. I also like to take a show how the task could be approached and then question student how they would tackle the problem.

South Perth
1st lesson free !

Experienced children's programming mentor available to teach game development in Java and Python

I like to encourage my students to come up with their own ideas for coding projects as I find they are much more motivated to complete it then if I assign programming challenges. I then help them to work out how exactly they can achieve their goals by breaking it down into steps and then guide them through each step to ensure they understand exactly how the code works.

1st lesson free !

Canberra based IT tutor happy to teach people of any age all thing computer related

I teach using a "from the ground up" method meaning that I will start with the most basic things in your desired area of technology and will then progressively teach more advanced stuff as the student's knowledge of the topic expands.

1st lesson free !

Computer Science and Video Game Development Programming Tutor, in the Toowoomba Region

Generally work best in offering assistance and guidance when you already have some task that must be met. Excellent ability to track down and solve issues you may be having with an assignment you are stuck on and explaining where you went wrong to help you avoid that problem in the future.

1st lesson free !

I am now doing Free lesson how to make video games with java and web page building.how make movie with blinder using Python..

title how html } body } /*comments*/ /* muiltline comment/ how the comment sate at the end start*/ very olderst method but css hasn't come to that yeit

1st lesson free !

Masters in IT and Couple of year industry experience in core programming

Focuses on core and basis concept and then move forward to advance topics.

Baulkham Hills
1st lesson free !

Professional App Developer teaching Game Development in Unity or Unreal in Sydney

Without a doubt, the most important things for my classes are motivation and fun. Every class is focused not on a set lesson plan, but instead on what the student wants to achieve, tailoring the lessons personally and individually based on their needs. Every class is as hands-on as possible, and each student receives additional bonus credit work to attempt in their own time.

1st lesson free !

Top US college educated Computer Science major teaching programming skills & analytics in Adelaide

I approach teaching with a flexible mindset, as I understand that no two students learn the same. By connecting on a personal level and finding common interests, I can make course material relevant, engaging, and fun for both of us.

Setor Jao
(4 reviews)
1st lesson free !

I am a Unity Certified Developer and I teach classes for all levels of Game Dev, Unity and C #

My classes are designed according to the level and need of the student, always with dynamism, practical examples and using the tools and knowledge used by the industry. Practical and theoretical classes always aligned with some project (a mini-game or tool) that the student develops to evolve their skills. If you wish, I also provide advice if the student already has any project in progress.

1st lesson free !

Student in Game Design (Graduate in Canada) and in Psychology (ULB) gives course of Programming!

First of all, having been diagnosed with ADD (H) when I was 13 years old, I attach great importance to the installation of a framework adapted to the student and in which everyone has the opportunity to feel at home. comfortable and free.

1st lesson free !

Unity3D, C #, Java, Illustrator, Photoshop lessons from a Game Design university student (lessons will be in English)

My lessons will vary depending on what you want to learn, or on your level. But in general, if you want to learn something, for example, Unity3D, in every lesson, to teach a concept, we'll make a small project/game together. This applies to everything else, like Photoshop or Illustrator, to teach the tool, we'll make small projects.

Evergreen Park
1st lesson free !

Recent UIUC Computer Engineering Grad offering state of the art computer education

I firmly believe that school is not a place to learn facts and figures, but rather a place where we learn how to learn. My goal is to develop your ability to autonomously learn. Give the students the tools to succeed and the need for a teacher is unnecessary.

1st lesson free !

Junior planning to acquire a minor in computer science offering tutoring services in the city of Brownsville, TX

My teaching philosophy revolves around the student. It is my ultimate goal to help the student learn, not by memorization techniques which many are accustomed to, but by teaching the abstract concepts that really build the basis of computer science in general.

1st lesson free !

Software developer with 10 years of experience inside Unity and Unreal Engine 4.

I teach by example and love to answer questions. Give me a problem or ask a questions and we can dive right into what it takes to help you understand what is going on. Currently my efforts are for beginners/those aspiring to become programmers in game development.

1st lesson free !

Computer Sciences graduate, teaches game development, java programming and basic computer skills

I gear my lessons to the needs of the student. Technically inclined students will receive a more in-depth theory and principles, whereas less technically inclined students will receive more of a how-to tutorial with less theory. Since everyone learns differently, I teach everyone differently, based on their learning style. I try to make the lesson fun and interactive.

1st lesson free !

Video game Designer/developer with graphic design background looking to help beginners get started on building their own games.

Building games (and programming in general) is about finding solutions for problems. This will be a common theme across lessons. I like to start tutor sessions by giving a brief overview of the subjects to be discussed and then go into some more detail on those subjects.

New York
1st lesson free !

Accomplished Mathematics, Computer Science, Writing, and Spanish Tutor Ready to Teach Today!

My strategy is very simple: first, evaluate the unique challenges students are facing in their education. Second, identify what problems and questions they find most difficult and explore specifically why these questions are difficult. Third, customizes solutions to help them overcome those setbacks.

1st lesson free !

Programming student at NTNU Gjøvik C ++ / C / Java courses for at High schools

Programming is something that can easily be learnt online with many video tutorials and such. What I think and think many people are looking for is a commitment, so your own discipline does not have to be so high. I also give students work that they can work with at home, which hopefully is fun and challenging. When I know what level the student is at, I'll start planning for what comes next.

1st lesson free !

Post-college graduate with over 10 years of studying the video game development process.

My teaching methodology is to let the student explore their creativity and apply their knowledge while remaining on track to reach our goal. For our tutoring sessions on game development, the goal is to develop a game.

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