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Teacher of PE/HHD/Humanities Degree Basketball coach Uni trained played in USA/China live in Yarrawonga

It all depends on the individuals I am teaching. I begin by establishing rapport and a positive culture. I would afford the opportunity for the student to feel empowered and give them some control of their own learning. Vision, goals and priorities will be discussed along with developing and understanding where both our passion lies.

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American student studying abroad in Sydney giving lessons in Hockey, Lacrosse, American Football

My coaching methodology is a positive approach. I encourage my students to work hard through positive constructive criticism. I try to give 5 compliments for a job well done for every 1 critique for something that can be approved.

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American student in NSW who has experience playing American Football, Baseball, and Rugby.

Lessons would be based on what the student needs to know. Why are you curious about this sport? What is your current knowledge level? What do you wish to gain from these lessons? All of these answers will shape how the lesson plays out.

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Need a coach to train ball sports at a state level ?

Technique, session program plans and having fun

Gold Coast
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Gold Coast Vegan Athlete offering personal training in American Football and Aussie Rules

My classes will run 1 hour minimum and can be tailored to your positional preference. We will progress from week to week getting more specialized and specific in our programs. As a qualified personal trainer I can work on strength and speed as well as skill set.

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Tuition in American Football. Quickly understand the game or expand game knowledge. Online via Skype or in person in Cologne.

I'll explain the game to you as you need it. Whether you want to know more about the NFL teams or the game itself, you decide. I prepare you for the next football night with friends, where you want to shine with expert knowledge or explain the game from the ground up. If you want to make bets and need expert advice, I'll help you there as well.

Moreland Hills
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Student at CU Boulder - Avid basketball player and coach willing to teach!

I would love to teach basketball in a plethora of ways.

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Varsity football, basketball, and lacrosse player offering one on one help in Minneapolis

game like situations. I find it easier to learn when applying to real life situations instead of "by the books" kind of drills. I apply what I have learned from previous coaches, as well as what I personally found most helpful on my own.

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A Dedicated, Experienced and Enthusiastic American Expat Offering American Sports Coach Services

Knowledgeable, studious and up-to-date on the latest techniques, trends and tendencies, I strive to not only know what goes on in the American sporting landscape, but translate it into what I can do. Be it historical lessons I can draw from in my instruction, or offering the right repetitions to get the most out of teams and individuals alike.

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Experienced coach of many sports at many levels; 4 conference championships, 5 state tournament wins

I believe you get what you give, and strive to push my athletes to become the best they can be. I have coached under 3 state coaches of the year, as well as experience with a very successful college program. Like any solid structure, quality is built from the very basics and working toward the best product possible.

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Big Sports fan and former athlete to help you understand and improve in sports

Lots of education and experience in many sports activities.Very broad knowledge on a multitude of subjects. I know almost anything about Sports!!! If you choose me, i will help you get the best Knowledge and I hope my tips will give you the inside edge on becoming a better player oin your event or sport.

Fleming Island
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I am a former high school football and basketball player who had collegiate opportunities. Let me share why didn't take them...

When teaching I focus on each individual's best learning style. I tailor my teaching approach to best suit the needs of my students. I love to listen to what they have to say and then react according because I believe that is the quickest and best way to learn.

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Certified baseball coach with seven years experience. When you train with me, you will feel like your family. I am here to coach and train you but also to help you with the curve balls in life and to

We will start with stretching and warm ups and then move into drills. Training will vary from focusing on technique and mechanics one session to focusing on drills that will strengthen certain skills and develop tools. I believe it is useless doing multiple different things that target different areas in one session.

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Played Baseball (1B, 3B, outfield) through the High School level and WR for high school Football team

I approach each topic with an I do, we do, you do mentality. We will walk through the steps together before looking at you doing it yourself. In addition, when conducting the practice yourself, I will help to positively connect technique and give notes and instructions for improvement and what to work on moving forward.

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22 years of Football Experience that allows you to learn in a safe and positive environment

16 years as a Physical Education Teacher working with General and Special Needs Students 22 years as a High School Football Coach 13 years as a Head High School Football Coach California Coaching Certification Up to date on all new Strength, Conditioning, Speed, and Flexibility Training I am able to adjust my lessons and my drills at that moment to best benefit the student I am patient,...

Houghton le Spring
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PCET student with a degree in Sports Coaching, offering coaching in Sunderland

I am at PCET student at Sunderland University and I have provided sports classes to an American summer camp for the past 3 years. I prefer to get involved with the sessions so I can have a hands on approach and stop specific situations to teach a better technique.

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Young ambitious coach that has played at the collegiate level. Come get better with someone who’s been where you want to go.

I base my classes on the experience of the group/player. The more knowledge he already knows the more advanced we can jumpstart to. Usually our first meeting will shows where the athlete is at and with analysis of his game I’ll be able to make a regimen for what he needs to do.

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Sport soccer nigerian Student in engineering school gives tuitions in maths & physics from high school to college in " or "Concert pianist with 15 years of experience gives piano classes at home".

Methodology is the systematic, theoretical analysis of the methods applied to a field of study. It comprises the theoretical analysis of the body of methods and principles associated with a branch of knowledge. Typically, it encompasses concepts such as paradigm, theoretical model, phases and quantitative or qualitative techniques.

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Professional Certified National Level Sportsman in Cricket & Football looking for uplifting local talent

I believer in teaching by setting up right & achievable goals. these are short trm & long term goals which are based on minute attention to details. Basic should be corrected which would impact long terms career for any sportsman.

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Former major college starter explains the game...rules, strategy, preparation. Ideal for newcomers to America, Perfect for women

I am a former major college starter who knows and loves the game. My lessons are especially valuable to women who want to understand what the fuss is all about, and to newcomers whose prior exposure to "football" means soccer.

Castle Rock
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Dual Sport College Athlete Giving Lessons Near and Around the Area Denver

My teaching method is very self driven within my pupils. If the player doesn't want to be good, they wont try to the best they can be. This comes from instilling self confidence within the player as a person first, then following that up with sports training. My teaching is very motivating and positive, always pushing to be the best they can be.

Mossel Bay
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Former national cricket player and sport enthusiast give cricket, golf and American Football lessons in Eden Western Cape district.

My teaching method is very practical and practice until it is muscle memory. Using a practical approach, they get the best experience possible and develop a lot more skills in shorter amount of time.

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An athlete that has over 15 years of experience in the sports world.

My teaching methods basically allows people to learn from experience. I prefer to teach and then allow the student to go through a series of test once they feel that they are comfortable enough with the material that is taught.

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Sports Is Good For Health. So I request to everyone to play atleast one sport to be fit...!

My teaching methods are I make learn to students from basic so they can know the rules of game and they can improve themselves.

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Football coach and tutor. I'm a former Division 1 Football player with over 15 years of experience.

My teaching method is one of motivation and praise. I want to give the confidence to feel like an expect.

Khargapur Jagir
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Rather than learning we need to memorize it in our mind its easily to learn

Rather than memorizing the things we need to do it practically as it is the best way to learn things

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Business student give lessons on football skills for perfection and for fun

My teaching methods like start with basics of football from normal level to professional level to gain success in future

Sant Cugat del Vallès
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Player in the national league in Spain and in the national team of Egypt.

Being a coach is responding to your vocation. This can be very different from other professions. Most people who seek coaching identify with a strong sense of purpose in doing so. In recent years, coaching has become a popular career option for many people. Although there may be different reasons why someone chooses to become a professional coach, it is not for everyone.

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