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A football genius and tactician giving hope and rigidness to the next

My teaching method are considered old school and modern, I'm focused on achieving the goal of the class by challenging the student, also on the other hand I'm there to make sure the student has a good time and learns the objective with a smile

Charles Sturt University
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CSU student providing basketball lessons to anyone of any age in Wagga Wagga

I love to coach by assessing what skills a player has and then adapting drills and plays to their particular playing style. If I am coaching a team, I will look at communication and the spirit within the team and then work on communication and cohesiveness. I believe in every child having a chance to grow, develop and shine, no matter their skill level.

Peregian Springs
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Bachelor of Education Primary seeking to give Physical Education and Drum Lessons (Sunshine Coast)

My methodology is based upon 3 senses 1. vision 2.hearing 3. touch Visual demonstration of skills is used frequently in all lessons as well as the use of drum music. Verbal instructions are used frequently as well as the use of songs. Touch is used through the practical application of sporting and drumming skills.

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A Dedicated, Experienced and Enthusiastic American Expat Offering American Sports Coach Services

Knowledgeable, studious and up-to-date on the latest techniques, trends and tendencies, I strive to not only know what goes on in the American sporting landscape, but translate it into what I can do. Be it historical lessons I can draw from in my instruction, or offering the right repetitions to get the most out of teams and individuals alike.

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Experienced coach of many sports at many levels; 4 conference championships, 5 state tournament wins

I believe you get what you give, and strive to push my athletes to become the best they can be. I have coached under 3 state coaches of the year, as well as experience with a very successful college program. Like any solid structure, quality is built from the very basics and working toward the best product possible.

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20+ combined years of playing and coaching the game of Fastpitch Softball

My teaching method is to build a solid foundation on fundamentals, and work that with teaching skill sets and mechanics. Once there is a good grasp on mechanics I will continue to build teaching other elements of the game, pitches, etc.

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T.g.t physical education and specialized coach like hockey, football volleyball and badminton. - 4 Yrs 6 Months experience

B.Ped From M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly Final Year's result awaited  Qualifying D license certi ficate caurse for professional coach of football. (AIFF)  Qualifying the exam of Hockey um pire conducted by U.

Los Angeles
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Basketball coach with over 10 years of experience as a head coach and as a trainer.

I realize that every person skill set is at a different point and I try and put together a plan for each individual student so that they will have the most success. I love basketball and believe that I can help any person become a better player.

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Over 15 years experience played even in college, loves to make practice fun!

i like to start with a light run to keep you in shape then stretching and then go into different drills that help you!

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Psychology and Introvert person that have a passion to learn in london .

My Teaching Lesson is first is verbal to explain to the student to apply .

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Softball coach with 1 year high school coaching experience and 15+ years of playing experience.

My teaching methodology is modeling. When learning a new task it’s easier to watch someone model the task for you then try it yourself.

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Veteran softball player with 7 years experience as a pitcher, infield, and outfield

I base class/practice on things that will happen in a game. Games are unpredictable and you need to be ready for anything.

Khargapur Jagir
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Former footballer wants to teach his skills to the next generations in Rionegro and its surroundings

My work method is structured with the student and its different degrees of deepening, implementing strategies to identify weaknesses and strengths and work them according to the profile breaking traditional schemes.

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I have played softball for 26 years, and have played and coached fast pitch softball.

My teaching model is starting off with basics. Step by step directions and then lots of practice.

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Fast pitch windmill since 5 years old. One of yhe first in my area.

I prefer to teach through example. Step by step instructions to create awesome form. Accuracy and different pitches will be learn yhrough practice.

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Experienced Teacher Assistant to Primary and running multiple sports clubs in London

I approach each lesson with the attitude that all pupils have a growth mindset and can achieve anything with motivation, willpower, and a fantastic teacher; which I am to be. I plan lessons with a basic and an advanced focus to ensure that every child is excelling.

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Enthusiastic softball player willing to help others learn and grow as an athlete

My teaching method is very easy going I’m willing to take time on a topic if more practice is needed.

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Current highschool softball player that’s been loving the sport for 10 years. 6 travel seasons have been played

I believe everything is based on hard work. Practice practice practice! I am a left handed pitcher and hitter.

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For good coaching for softball and fitness. I also good in motor driving.

I teach the games in very easy and good way . U can understand my way of teaching easily and faster.

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Collegieate Athlete with Extensive Knowledge on Particular Sports Including Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Soccer

I am a graduate from the University of Colorado. I studied Economics and was part of various clubs throughout my college days. I also volunteer with the local theater in my town and am playing the part of Renfield in the show Dracula. I help with set construction and design and thoroughly enjoy it.

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Amateur athlete with over 20 years of experience of coaching and officating looking to teach the the fundamentals of youth sports.

I grew up playing soccer, baseball and basketball. I played both basketball and soccer in high school continuing to play after graduating from high school. I also played men's and coed softball working as the coach for the team setting the line-up and working as a base coach.

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U16 Plymouth Raiders player looking to coach professionally and promote interest in the sport of basketball

I am a sports coach of a wide range of sports including handball, volleyball, rugby, basketball and personal fitness. However this work has all been voluntary and I would like to start earning money from my passion of helping others improve and enjoy sport.

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Softball player with 15 years experience, offered college scholarship. Coached numerous teams and taught clinics. Specialize in math, and sciences as well

I believe kids learn best using quirks that help them remember either math, science, or even softball. It is the fun in a learning environment that makes the kids actually retain the information that they are given. I am a college Nursing student at SLU in Hammond, LA.

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Classroom Practioner offering Physical Education lessons for practical and theory application in Hull

My name is Liam Cunningham. My lessons apply to students studying GCSE PE and BTEC sport theory. I have a friendly approach to teaching and learning and have various techniques to support students gain the best learning experience possible.

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A coach of many sports both youth and at the high school level for going on 10 years now.

I try to reach everyone with the way I teach. It is important to remember that not all students learn the same way. Coming up with different ways to present the information to the students is always optimal for their learning. I believe in inclusion and try to make all my students feel important and build their self confidence. I can follow curriculum given or create my own given enough time.

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College softball player at Virginia Wesleyan University. Can do hitting or fielding

I teach based on what i feel is the best way for someone to learn.

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Sports Business and Coaching graduate with experience teaching sports across a variety of Countries looking to help improve and enhance learning.

My teaching philosophy is focused upon student engagement, student - teacher interaction, enthusiasm and a guide and discovery approach throughout. For students to learn at the highest potential i fully believe they should be having fun, allowing their brain express in a challenging and energetic environment.

Bowling Green
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Diamonds In The Rough: Learn How To Improve Your Baseball/Softball Skills With A Current Exercise Physiologist Graduate Student At Home Or In Bowling Green, KY

So you like baseball/softball, eh? I LOVE IT! It's a sport that is so different from others. It's a game of mental strategy, teamwork with an important individual component, and physical explosiveness. Not to mention it's played on a diamond...

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