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I am a coach who likes to see results. Improvement in every session is a must for me. I set goals and often work with my clients to help them set and achieve their goals. I get great satisfaction in seeing my client do well in whatever their field is. At the end of the day, having fun is the main reason why people start playing sports and I aim to make my sessions as fun as I can.

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A football genius and tactician giving hope and rigidness to the next

My teaching method are considered old school and modern, I'm focused on achieving the goal of the class by challenging the student, also on the other hand I'm there to make sure the student has a good time and learns the objective with a smile

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National Soccer Player with previous 10 yrs+ career in the field giving private and group lessens at desired locations.

Everything starts with a theoretical knowledge, I come from a sports background along with studies being an essential part. I get involved in training as much as the student is, I play along, teach, teach how to become competitive and most importantly TEAM WORK, Because that's what is needed in a sports person.

Centenary Heights
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Female athlete with a bachelor degree in sports and exercise science keen to educate highschool and/or uni students in many different sports and athletics components.

I am a lighthearted yet strict individual. I love to have fun while learning, but am intent on having my students work hard and stay on task...all while having a good time. If you don't enjoy it, you won't remember it.

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I am A Deakin University International student. I love sports & want to help others.

I will first try to know what exactly student knows about the sport. Then i will tell him/her in what area they are lacking and help them in improving. This will be done by interaction,physical activities and training.

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Aaqib Amjad UniSA Student Giving Futsal Lessons Back in Pakistan and have the experience to build up a team.

My teaching method is very attractive as i start from the basic level in order to let students gain accurate knowledge before proceeding further and also keep on to the level of students so that they can learn quickly and with ease.

Port Macquarie
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Multi-Sports Coach in Port Macquarie with a BsC in Sports Coaching and Leadership

My teaching method is to create an atmosphere that is enjoyable as well as productive to the sport.

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UoA Italian Student give Soccer, Volleyball, Futsal lessons to children and students in Adelaide

For both volleyball and soccer I prefer to start my lessons with some basic physical exercises like a short run and stretching. For what concerns football and futsal then it would be good to teach the fundamental technique such as passage, shot, ball control, etc.; finally the trainment will finish with a little match to enjoy the sport.

Praveen raj
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Where we goes the victory is ours, its the UTS students guarantee

Improves the body strength and the flexibility of the players my different exercises and good food plan, hence all the movements they would take will be perfect and clear. Focusing on the stretching exercises makes the players able to took movements so easily and perfectly. Then the tactics in the game comes into play. Developing tactics depends on the players and style .

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Soccer coach, coaching soccer in Perth, Western Australia with technique and fitness

I like to use fitness and technique in my coaching and training. It helps the player become ready for a game environment. Technique is to play to win win and is important in soccer as the game is changed and is always changing.

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Reps player, Shield player providing Cricket Lessons to kids from ages 7-14 in Bowling, Batting and Fielding

I am willing to book nets at Wenty Leagues, hire nets near the Parramatta region and find alternative locations near the Wentworthville/Westmead/Blacktown/Parramatta regions for kids to easily access and get the most training out of in Batting, Bowling and Fielding.

Tweed Heads
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All-round sports person who played soccer for over 8 years, both club and school

Teaching sport to students will encounter majority on the field training activities including practice games, hand/ball - eye co-ordination, learning the various techniques required to kick/curl/spin/lob/throw the ball and more. There will also be some tactical training and development associated with specific sports and exploring the rules associated with the game.

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RMIT University student with 5 years of professional soccer and futsal experience provides private training sessions at home.

My teaching method is based around the student, keeping in mind thier capabilities, interests and passion. I start with basics unless the student is fimiliar with them already. A typical session includes a 5-10 minute warm up, followed by skill exercises and ball control activities and ends with stretching for upto 5 minutes.

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WA State player with 10 years experience gives private lessons to students.

I will go through specific dribbling and attacking drills that I personally do myself. I will also teach a mental attitude that will help greatly in matches. My lesson structures will vary depending on the individual's skill, but I will focus on dribbling, effective attacking skills, attacking movements and finishing.

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Soccer Coach run session for children from 3 to 14 years old!

I think the fact that I love soccer makes my life easier, because I try to enjoy my sessions just as much as the kids does. My coaching methods will vary with the level of experience from the kids and the objective of the project. I can plan high level sessions but I can also run recreational or beginners classes.

Saint James
Jose antonio
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Basque country´s soccer coach available in Perth!! if I train you, get ready to win!

My teaching way is focusing on teamwork, always play hard until last minute and never forget to have fun with what you do.

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UOW Student offers to pass on his knowledge in Rugby, Cricket and Futsal to ambitious sportsman

I often like to establish a spark in ambitious sportsman, without a spark the sportsman may not be able to stand up in difficult times of sports matches. By working on essential skills and creating fun activities the players will develop the game changing skills required to make a change for the team.

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Norwegian viking loves to teach general ball sports technique, soccer, basketball, handball etc.

Learning by doing. Sports is physical, so i think the best way to learn is to do the activities physical. Play and learn is a good way to take away the focus on performance, and therefore more focus of having fun. That makes it easier for those who aren't very athletic to keep there motivation up.

Caulfield North
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An experienced soccer coach with over 4 years experience teaching individuals and teams in different age groups.

I start each lesson with the basics of the session goal, I will demonstrate how to do such an activity and stop the participants if I see there is something being done wrong, I will then explain again by using students to demonstrate the key ideas. As the lesson goes on, the level of required skill will be more challenging.

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Futsal and Soccer expert with experience in strategies, formations and fitness training

Lessons are online chats, field training and game day presentations

Dulwich Hill
Rishabh (roy)
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Currently pursuing an Master's degree at UNSW but have always been passionate about Football. I would really like to spread the passion among my students too.

I always have different training methods in my mind, I really like to emphasise on the fitness, The session would consist 90 mins in total and 30 mins will be focused on fitness. after a 5 min break I would focus on their techniques. There will be a friendly 15 min match at the end.

Narre Warren
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State level sportsperson giving soccer, AFL and basketball coaching to all ages and abilities!

I understand people have different motivations for playing sport and as such, will aim to accommodate for everyone.

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Professional Soccer Strength&Conditioning Coach from Sydney Northern Beaches give Strengthening Soccer lessons

I am an Italian Coach with a University Sport&Science degree and A Master degree on Soccer Strength&Conditioning activity. I am glad to give advice and share my knowledge with young players - from 12 to 20 years old - about the Soccer player needs during a performance. Strengthening, conditioning, body position, specific footwork, and so on are the areas that I am focused on.

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Young football coach currently offering football theory and practical lessons in Pretoria, South Africa.

My teaching method is an interactive type of teaching method. I love teaching my studwents through engagement and involvement. I strongly believe in mores student involvement as this usually motivates trhe students to heights they never thought they will sore to.

Saint Helens
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Professional Sports Coach Offering The Basics Of How To Be Successful In The North West

These lessons are for anyone who dream of working in sports or who are starting out within the sports industry. My techniques of teaching will be based around different methods in which you can coach and different ways you can approach teaching different ages of kids mainly from the ages of 4-11 but if anyone is interested can teach different ways and help out with ages of 2-4 and 11-19.

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Sports coach in Chester, have FA Level 1 in football and currently completing Level 2. Also, voluntarily coach Chester Nomads Colts Under 9's.

My teaching method is using the Visual and Kinaesthetic teaching styles. This means I show how to do the specific drill/technique and do it myself. This shows how I would like the students' to do it and by using the most effective way.

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Professional football coach with degree in sports management that can educate students of all ages on the beautiful game.

Football is usually taught in a very practical setting, but other important areas of the game can be taught in a classroom setting. Such theoretical areas include tactics, sports psychology and laws. This is what I offer in my online sessions. These are particular good for beginner level students who wish to gain an upper hand for when they go to practice sessions.

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I take pride in achieving excellence, I take responsibility for what I do, recognising other’s good work.  I set consistently high standards and expectations, ensuring that everyone has the skills to

Self employed Consultant Enabler As a Consultant Enabler my role was to provide student-led assistance to student’s with Disabilities, in order to help them access their learning and to engage with student life, this included, note taking and providing mobility support.

Hazel Grove
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Qualified Sport teacher with 4 yrs experience based in Greater Manchester, looking for individuals/groups who require tutoring in Sport, PE or Public Services.

I deliver lessons to BTEC/ A level standard and will be able to help those looking for the higher grades. I approach each topic with an open mind and like to assess the individuals current level of knowledge as a starting point for the lesson/topic being delivered. I will help develop your understanding and knowledge of the topic for you to complete your assignments etc.

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Elite Football Coach offering 1-2-1 or group sessions for players or grassroots coaches.

My experience as a coach possess me with great skills and these enable me to tailor a coaching/teaching style to meets certain individual or group requirements. No one is ever the same and being able to adapt and understand emotions both on the pitch and off are key.

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