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I am a coach who likes to see results. Improvement in every session is a must for me. I set goals and often work with my clients to help them set and achieve their goals. I get great satisfaction in seeing my client do well in whatever their field is. At the end of the day, having fun is the main reason why people start playing sports and I aim to make my sessions as fun as I can.

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A football genius and tactician giving hope and rigidness to the next

My teaching method are considered old school and modern, I'm focused on achieving the goal of the class by challenging the student, also on the other hand I'm there to make sure the student has a good time and learns the objective with a smile

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Very experienced cricketer based in Perth excited to develop some younger players

I am a 22 year old all rounder that is keen to help out the generation coming through with any bowling batting or fielding techniques they want to improve. I am strong on communication so i'd be excited to get to know you on a personal level and create a friendship while we develop your skills.

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I am A Deakin University International student. I love sports & want to help others.

I will first try to know what exactly student knows about the sport. Then i will tell him/her in what area they are lacking and help them in improving. This will be done by interaction,physical activities and training.

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Aaqib Amjad UniSA Student Giving Futsal Lessons Back in Pakistan and have the experience to build up a team.

My teaching method is very attractive as i start from the basic level in order to let students gain accurate knowledge before proceeding further and also keep on to the level of students so that they can learn quickly and with ease.

Cranbourne East
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RMIT Master's studying student uses his previous sporting experiences to train passionate students at high school.

I'am an enthusiastic sportsman who has achieved various medals till date. I not only focus on a particular sport but my primary focus would be on fitness that is required to play that particular game with simple teaching methods and tactics to be a class apart.

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Sports teaching (any type of sport) 5 years experience. Teacher/Sports Science graduate :)

I am a bubbly, friendly person who has graduated with a sports science and primary teaching degree. Sport is my main focus in teaching which would involve warm up/skills based activities/games and a cool down. But teaching other subjects I'm confident in to. My philosophy focuses on getting the best out of the children and making sure they enjoy what they are learning.

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Former Oman U-19 player, currently Masters student at UQ giving cricket lessons in Brisbane

My coaching method is more about enjoying the sport and emphasizing the importance of fitness. Depending on the skill level of the student, practice plans will be made. Will keep in mind what the student wants to focus on (Batting, Bowling/Wicketkeeping) as well as develop other skills required by the game.

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Highly experienced club professional offers private cricket coaching sessions in Bayside area.

I always encourage my students to play positive cricket, although with a strong emphasis on developing a technique that works for each individual. I believe this combination offers the best path to a long, successful and enjoyable cricketing life.

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Deakin Masters student gives cricket coaching to children in schools in Melbourne

I believe cricket is a sport of endurance and technique. With a combination of these two, a player can do wonders. In the training I will give, I'll focus on two things i.e. Physical fitness and technique. I myself is a batsman and a wicket keeper, so I will share my insights to help the budding cricketers how to deal in tough situations and keep calm.

Charles Sturt University
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CSU student providing basketball lessons to anyone of any age in Wagga Wagga

I love to coach by assessing what skills a player has and then adapting drills and plays to their particular playing style. If I am coaching a team, I will look at communication and the spirit within the team and then work on communication and cohesiveness. I believe in every child having a chance to grow, develop and shine, no matter their skill level.

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Teacher of PE/HHD/Humanities Degree Basketball coach Uni trained played in USA/China live in Yarrawonga

It all depends on the individuals I am teaching. I begin by establishing rapport and a positive culture. I would afford the opportunity for the student to feel empowered and give them some control of their own learning. Vision, goals and priorities will be discussed along with developing and understanding where both our passion lies.

Nyah West
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I am an Education Student studying a Primary degree via correspondence, and am willing to help tutor children in various areas of Education and Sports.

My teaching methods are based around teaching though experience and in a playful way that will help students to better understand the topics that they are struggling with. I strive to make teaching and learning a fun experience that will stick with students for years to come.

Glen Waverley
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Former premier cricketer willing to give cricketing coaching/tips to people willing to learn!

Fun skill and game based teaching ways. Specialising in fast bowling and basic skills such as batting, fielding. Good tips on relative fitness ideas required to enhance the skill level and game.

Mount Waverley
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Deakin university student gives coaching for cricket for individual or group. Has played for district level tournament.

My teaching method is I assess a students ability on the sport and give valuable feedbacks including positioning or stance. I can give throw downs and provide warm up before the session. I involve myself in the group and will give each individual about his/ her strengths and weakness and improve upon the weaknesses.

Praveen raj
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Where we goes the victory is ours, its the UTS students guarantee

Improves the body strength and the flexibility of the players my different exercises and good food plan, hence all the movements they would take will be perfect and clear. Focusing on the stretching exercises makes the players able to took movements so easily and perfectly. Then the tactics in the game comes into play. Developing tactics depends on the players and style .

Dutton Park
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A Brisbane State High School Year 11 student, who currently coaches and plays cricket for both club and school.

Geared towards active lessons. Keep practicing until its achieved. Various drills I’ve learned over time. Average lesson Structure, an 1hr30 min lesson, Fielding with me on drills for 40 mins, nets for the rest. Me bowling spin at them as well as offering advice to the kids bowling and batting.

Glen Huntly
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RMIT student who has played professional cricket (Nationals, U.A.E) giving individual and group cricket classes.

I have been studying in RMIT in masters in Environmental Engineering. I can take classes on the weekends. Starting off with fitness routine and then basics followed by advanced techniques.

Coromandel Valley
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District cricketer (left arm bowler) coaching young players into district cricketers of the future

My teaching method is to first find out how to player plays and how they want to improve. Where they want to go and their goals.

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Outside School Hours Care Educator looking to pass on sporting knowledge to the next generation

I believe in learning through play. Getting in and doing the work instead of just talking about it.

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Wollongong univesity masters of computer student will teach you about sports and team spirit

My teaching methodology depends upon the student i am teaching, their behavior and willingness to learn new things.

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Reps player, Shield player providing Cricket Lessons to kids from ages 7-14 in Bowling, Batting and Fielding

I am willing to book nets at Wenty Leagues, hire nets near the Parramatta region and find alternative locations near the Wentworthville/Westmead/Blacktown/Parramatta regions for kids to easily access and get the most training out of in Batting, Bowling and Fielding.

Tweed Heads
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All-round sports person who played soccer for over 8 years, both club and school

Teaching sport to students will encounter majority on the field training activities including practice games, hand/ball - eye co-ordination, learning the various techniques required to kick/curl/spin/lob/throw the ball and more. There will also be some tactical training and development associated with specific sports and exploring the rules associated with the game.

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Canberra Uni student, interested in coaching individuals with Cricket skills in order to enhance their capabilities, interest in the field of cricket

My teaching / coaching method is simple - practical based. So that means if an individual wants to learn about the game of cricket, they will be coached practically.

Endeavour Hills
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Deakin University student offers Cricket lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne with great enthusiasm and commitment.

My teaching method is largely on the field, asking them to perform in certain challenging scenarios that I tell them but also keeping in mind the individual's capacity. While, off the field I rectify them if needed or just say few things that one needs to improve on.

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I am playing grade A cricket for Richmond city cricket club and played state cricket back in my country

I will be guiding through my experience and will be sharing ideas to deal with and how to work it.

Quakers Hill
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Hi.... This is Manav here and I give cricket coaching and I amstate and district level.

My teaching method is very easy to grasp and I will make my student top class player.

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Professional Cricket player pursuing a masters in sports management. Get your kid up & running now! I’ve got the best of both worlds (on field & off field)

The only way to learn a sport is to play. My focus will always be on participation first, competition later. Kids need to feel joy when playing.

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I will give the best cricket tutoring to the children to develop their cricket strength.

I will start from basics and move on towards the depth. I will give my students different sorts of challenge and observe whether they could do it or not and take positive action accordingly.

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Curtin University student provides various techniques to enhance cricket skills and increase knowledge for the particular game.

I personally prefer individual training because many things are missed out when dealing with a group this resulting in misunderstandings for the game.

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