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💰What is the average price of Drumming lessons?

The average price of Drumming lessons is $34.

However, the price of lessons will depend on a number of factors:

  • The teacher's overall experience
  • The location and format of your lessons: whether you choose to take Drumming lessons online, in-home, at a neutral location, in a group or one-to-one.
  • The duration and frequency of your lessons. Many teachers offer 'Packs' of lessons at a discounted rate.

91% of teachers also offer their first lesson for free.

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With the help of a personal Drumming teacher you can learn Drumming quickly and in total confidence. 

Our private tutors customise their lessons to suit your needs and help you achieve your personal goals. 

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💻 Can you learn Drumming online?
Most of our drumming teachers offer their drumming lessons lessons online.

To search for an online Drumming teacher use the "webcam" filter in our search engine. Once you've done that you'll be left with only the teachers who offer their Drumming lessons via webcam.

🎓How many tutors are available to give Drumming lessons?
1762 tutors are currently available to give Drumming lessons near you.

You can browse the different tutor profiles to find one that suits you best. 

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If you have any trouble finding a teacher, contact us at gday@superprof.com and we can assist you in your search. 

✒️ How are our Drumming tutors rated?
From a sample of 562 tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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Start Drumming Today!

Drums are an incredibly versatile instrument, and one of the most fun instruments to play at that! There are plenty of reasons to learn drums, and you’re in the right place to get started. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced drummer, Superprof have a range of teachers for you to choose on. You will be able to find a teacher for kids too!


You can view our teachers and pick a tutor based on the information on their profile: location, price range, experience, interests and qualifications. The first lesson is free, so you can try out your lesson first. Some teachers do their lessons online, so you can learn from your own home or studio.

Why get drum lessons with a teacher?

Drum lessons are the best place to start if you’re looking to start playing drums, whether you’re in Melbourne (VIC), Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (QLD) or anywhere in Australia. Drum lessons will give you access to a drum studio or at least access to a drum kit, which is necessary if you want to learn! A private drum teacher can guide you on the art of percussion and design their lessons for you so you get what you need out of classes. Each lesson, your teacher will be able to evaluate the level you’re at, and improve your skills in particular areas. Teachers help students to finesse their techniques and work on specific rhythms, beats and rudiments they may be struggling with.


There is a lot of value in face-to-face lessons, rather than watching online with YouTube tutorials. Your teacher will begin to understand you and your drumming interests, and can address any questions you have during class so you’re always improving!


As a beginner student, you may learn drum techniques such as:

    • Holding your sticks correctly
    • Playing from your wrists
    • Bass drum techniques
    • Drum dynamics
    • Warm-ups
    • Stretching exercises
    • Drum notation and musical theory
    • Accuracy


How to progress while learning drums 

Other than attending regular private lessons, there are ways you can speed up your progress while learning drums. The best way to do this is to evaluate how you’re going (but don’t be too hard on yourself!). You can do this by recording yourself playing the drums on any recording device like your laptop, phone or an electronic drum kit. Recording yourself allows you to listen back and pay close attention to your playing. You can ask yourself questions like, ‘am I playing in time? Am I playing the rhythm with ease? Am I speeding through my rolls and fills? How are the dynamics of my drumming?’


Of course, these are questions you can also ask your teacher while attending drum tuition. It’s helpful to have the opinion of an experienced, professional drummer along with analysing your own playing.


It’s a great skill to be able to play all styles of drums, like jazz, improvisation, African, blues, rock and folk, but it’s valuable to know what you’re interested in so you can become a master at that style. For instance, many drummers interested in jazz go on to university to practice their playing and musical theory knowledge and become experts in the field of jazz.


There is a range of online resources to help you in your drumming process. YouTube videos are a great way to learn, as many drummers upload free tutorials for both beginners and more advanced students. There are plenty of videos for you to learn how to play your favourite songs too, and if you are struggling to learn a song, you can always ask your teacher to run you through specific techniques. It’s important to know your level of drumming, too. If you choose something too challenging, it may take a bit of time and frustration to learn.


On a platform like YouTube, you can easily search up particular styles you’re interested in, so the lessons will be catered to that style of drumming. Having a clear vision of what kind of drummer you’d like to be is great, and will help your teacher cater their lessons to you too.


If you have a search online, you’ll be sure to find sheet music with drum notation or drum tabs to practice with too.


Just like learning like guitar, piano, bass or singing, it’s important to be patient; drumming isn’t easy and it may take years to get to where you want to be! It’s worth the hard work, and it’s not all about the end goal. The fun is in learning, playing and practising improvisation on the kit, and this will be the key to becoming a unique drummer.

Where could drums take me?

Australia has many opportunities for drummers. Depending on your individual goals, there are plenty of pathways for a drummer. Down the line, you could become a drum teacher yourself, start a drum school and teach your own students. You could enrol into a music school or course like a Bachelor of Music to further your skills, join or start a band, become a session musician, studio artist, performer, or become a master of percussion.


Australia has thriving music scenes in the capital cities, particularly Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Some incredible musicians have come out of Australia, like Tame Impala. The music community is so prevalent that there is ample opportunity to get involved in the scene, get out and meet like-minded people and drum to your heart’s content.

Benefits of playing drums

Drumming isn’t just a fun hobby to pick up. Playing beats on a kit actually offers plenty of benefits for your body and mind. Playing the drums boosts confidence and reduces stress. You will improve your coordination skills, boost your brainpower, and even get a little exercise during a session! Learning an instrument is hard work, teaching skills like focusing, discipline and perseverance.


Having a goal to work towards is important, as it keeps you motivated and looking forward to things. Drumming opens you up to the world of music and can help you feel part of a scene and community, make new friends and find more interests.


Besides all of this, drumming is fun! If you love music and expressing your creativity, then learning drums is a great place to start. Being in a band, playing gigs and creating music together is one of the best feelings!


If you’ve been itching to start learning drums, here’s your sign. View our teachers, find the teacher profile that suits you best, and book your first lesson.

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