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Diego f.
(2 reviews)
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Drums lessons and Latin Percussion lessons in Sydney area for all ages .

Each person has different ways of learning, that's why the class is designed according to each person's abilities and goals. We learn reading for drums, drum technique and we tackle different grooves and genres. Even We work to develop the creativity of the students to use, reinvent and create fills.

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Drum Tuition (Private) at your home, on your kit Caloundra (Qld) area

Beginners to Advanced I will be teaching at your house, on your kit at a mutual pre determined time. A stereo, and a rubber practice pad would be advantageous to the lessons . I require my students to have a music stand, good lighting and a digital metronome. You will also need to photocopy sheets I give out (or purchase books you might need. If you choose..

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Teaching Drumming from Traditional to experimental. For an ensemble or solo setting.

My teaching method is of coure adjusted case by case. Tho the tenets of listening, copying, adjusting , practica are all important. I will work from the famous book named progressive steps to sincopation for the modern drummer. Which is a great foundation for reading and getting to know the drum set.

Middle Park
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Learn from an active professional drummer with international touring experience. All ages/styles

1 on 1 private lesson. I cater to each individual student's needs. Past examples: Learning your favourite songs, rudiments (and applying them on the drumkit), assistance with percussion lessons at school, preparing for university auditions, how to record drums, how to become a professional, drum solos, learning different styles of drumming etc.

Byron Bay
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Afro and Latin Percussion in the Northern Rivers district with 30yrs experience

My teaching method is based in proper hand and stick technique. Technique means freedom. Also we will be learning traditional West African and Latin rhythms , and their function, covering tuning , timing and soloing. We will also be focusing on modern applications and rhythmic approach.

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University student looking to provide private music lessons for piano or drums as well as teach theory work

My approach to music lessons is to start at a level the student seems to be comfortable at. From there I encourage sight reading during lessons and helping with understanding the music. I am open to teaching any style of music preferred by the student.

(1 review)
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Teaching Beginners to play Drums - Must Have your own equipment at home

I teach the basics about the position to seat at drums, basic movements, teach practices to make at home without my presence - teach some training to develop the abilities, to achieve a higher level of drumming and control of the instrument.

Farmborough Heights
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Qualified, experienced Wollongong-based musician gives jazz drumming lessons, all ages/skill-levels (inc. special needs).

I teach the fundamental tools to give you the ability to approach any musical situation with confidence. Rather than teach 1000+ patterns, I show you how to rhythmically analyse any pattern to decode and learn for yourself.

Albion Park Rail
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Illawarra region: beginner to advanced drum tutoring from a drummer with over 15 yrs experience

My lessons are hands on and a safe space for experimenting and learning. I keep my lessons fun and informative, moulding my lessons around the abilities and interests of my students. I encourage my students to learn to hold rhythm, jam with other musicians, develop their own style of playing.

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Session drummer avalible for lessons, rock, punk,metal, north brisbane, asply, Rock on !

Focus on one or two drumming styles. While there is no harm in learning as many drumming styles as you can, focusing on a few will help you master them quickly. Once you master a style, you can move on to marketing your skillset as well as learning additional styles.

1st lesson free !

Drumming for fitness health and anger management. Double kick bass taught too.

My teaching method is to keep it simple at the start, not playing exactly as it's recorded, but as you can play it. I teach you how to play realistically to your talent and simple beats, simple tunes, usually tunes that stay in your head and you can play as easy or as complicated as you want. Making it fun and enjoyable.

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Experienced WWC accredited drummer offering lessons in rock, funk, blues or other drumming

My teaching method is in the initial lessons get the child playing to a level that they can have some fun and then begin working on the more intricate parts of drumming eg music reading, rudiments, syncopation etc. In the early stages I use words such as 'apple' to describe a rudiment with two notes 'a,' 'pple' becomes Left, Right for example.

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Deakin Commerce student giving Beginner drum lessons to interested parties in Melbourne.

I offer basic lessons while taking into consideration the student's present experiences and skills. I prefer a more casual approach to teaching. My lessons would only provide a basic understanding and foundation for percussion.

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Drumming Lessons in Lindisfarne! Drumming Lessons in Lindisfarne! Drumming Lessons in Lindisfarne!

My lessons will be based on my own musical experience, as well as my teaching knowledge and ability. These lessons are aimed towards younger individuals (16 or younger). These lessons will be best suited for beginner to intermediate drummers and learners.

Sandstone Point
1st lesson free !

Drum tuition with ex uk session drummer expert tuition covering all styles

my teaching methodology is based on starting out simply (depending on the pupils skills at the time)based on a modular approach starting with the most efficient way of holding the sticks and using the Gladstone method of "levels "as made famous by Joe morello and later introducing "control strokes" that connect the levels (stick height)using the book stick control by gl stone ,I later introduce...

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Drum lessons for people of any age or experience level; all music styles welcome

My teaching is very relaxed overall, as musical instruments take time and patience to learn. My lessons will start with the very basics and advance at the rate of the student.

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1 on 1 Drum Lessons in Bunbury for beginners main objective is to have FUN!

My lessons will be 1 on 1 and run for half an hour or an hour. My main aim is to have fun and pass on my knowledge from being in the game for 8 years.

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Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist gives individual or group lessons in singing, songwriting, guitar, bass, drums and percussion, and improvisation.

I am a firm believer that everyone is inherently musical, and I will strive to help you release any mental and energetic blocks that are holding you back from your full expression. My lessons are tailored to accommodate for your individual needs.

1st lesson free !

Experienced Argentinian drummer and professional musician specialized in jazz and Latin American rythms offers individual lessons and group courses

My lessons are divided in three topics: Reading/writing music, learning different styles from jazz, rock and funk to afro-cuban rythms, and playing along drummless tracks and metronome.

(1 review)
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RMIT student teaching drums with a focus on technique, chart reading, a wide range of genres and most importantly having fun and enjoying everything the instrument has to offer

My teaching focuses on the importance of good technique and helping to tailor lessons to suit the students musical interests. Lessons are created to suit the individuals level and interests, creating a fun and enjoyable experience.

Canning Vale
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JD Drumming gives hour long Drum lessons from home studio in Perth

Offering Beginner to Advanced Drum Lessons from my Home studio for $30 an hour. My name is Joel Dalton and I am a 24 year old Drummer. I have been playing for 10 years and have been teaching for a few years. I am studying a Bachelor of Music at WAAPA currently.

(6 reviews)
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Multi-Instrumentalist from the UK with over 10+ years teaching experience. Drums/Guitar/Vocal coaching

I always teach every student on an individual basis. Even within group lessons. I try to find the areas that most enthuse you as a student and focus on that direction whilst offering guidance towards other areas that may not be as familiar or as comfortable.

Port Fairy
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NightHammer's Drum lessons and music theory for people who want to rock out

my teaching method is i will first show you then get you to repeat the beat then build on speed, technique, rythem and also both reading and writing of drum notation and sight reading sheet music.

1st lesson free !

40 years drumming, Classical Percussion Including orchestral, Symphonic Band , and currently Brass Band.

My teaching method is to make learning the music interesting, Set a task for the student to achieve by the next lesson and make sure it will keep the student interested.

Diggers Rest
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Everything and nothing because i cant be fucked doing a real mans job

i have a big fucking cane and i love to abuse children with it.

1st lesson free !

I am a french drummer. Studied music in conservatory and USA. Don’t worrie, I am easy going

I like to adapt my teaching to students’ goals. If it requires lots of skills, I can provide it.

1st lesson free !

27 years experience as a professional musician. Over 16 years experience teaching drums/percussion.

I have a relaxed teaching style. Whatever style and whatever the student is into I will endeavour to give them best experince and knowledge needed.

Hem advai
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Trinity Guild Hall, London - Grade 5 completed international student willing to teach drum kit lessons

My classes are based on the notations used at Trinity Guildhall's notations for their grade examinations along with timings and Dynamics.

1st lesson free !

Student who finished year 12 to primary/high school students wanting to play drums

My teaching method would change to each student depending on what they have already learnt, i would teach how to play beat and patterns, to read drum charts and also how to play with a live band

Christophorus garry
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Perfect! Jack has been teaching my son drumming for the past few weeks. He is a wonderful teacher who really knows how to engage my son and keep him focussed and learning. Aidan looks forward to his lesson each week.

Sandy, Student
7 months ago
(1 review)

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