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Scooting lessons around the Clare/Pirie/adelaide districts in all aspects of scootering. flat/park/street/tech

my teaching method is by getting out and getting people to give it their all to learn and push their knowledge and ability to the fullest, i want it to be fun exiting and rewarding always hands on activity with fun at mind, i wouldn't put anyone in danger and make sure they are comfortable with what they are learning and that they achieve their goals i can also teach them how to make edits and...

Surfers Paradise
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I used to be a sponsored amatuer skateboarder when i was young,, this just helps me educate and spread all the extra fun

my teaching methods are very simple but also one on one and group effiecient ..i have alot of patience and am a very forgiving person and always show a never give up attitude .

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Lets have a session together and ill pass on my knowledge to you witch I have gathered over time

My teaching methods will change according to your level of surfing. Maybe you need some more tips how to pop up or you need to work more on your bottom turns or even maybe you never though you would do, therefore let’s have a chat first and we can take from there but I can guarantee that It evolves a lot of fun and interaction with nature.

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Book your sessions, learn and have a memorable time of Long-skateboarding in Barcelona

Hi, I'm # Kleón and I recognize that teaching longboard is very good! Whoever wants to learn in an intelligent, different and fun way, I am willing to help you start skating very well, z that you learn in the shortest possible time! ... The modality that I like the most is the Dancing & Freestyle.

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Want to shred at the skatepark but to scared to practice in busy places

With skateboarding there really is no structure when it come to teaching methodology, some people pick it up quick and other don't. Because of this my methodology with differ from student to student. but will ultimately start from the very begging, from skateboard terminology to simply standing on the board.

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