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Struggling with high school English? Is essay writing confusing? Need someone to proof read your work? Give me a call.

I'm here to help, whatever the problem is I will try to assist as best as possible whether that assistance is in essay writing, analysing text or proof reading assignments. I specialise in poetry analysis, grammar, and helping people to write quickly.

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Communications researcher, English teacher, and published writer offers expertise to Melbourne high school and university students.

Mine is an encouraging, solutions-focused style of teaching that is highly individualised for the particular needs of each learner. I advance English proficiencies through positive reinforcement and by building foundations, not just of grammar and so on, but by offering students strategies to build academic practice and knowledge of the methods and rules of study itself.

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Multi-Published Bestselling Fiction Author and Tutor Gives 1-on-1 Creative Writing Lessons in any Genre

My teaching method is immersive. I give you the tools and you jump in right away. I'll help you work out why some bits feel slow, what's not working, and exactly how to fix it. My feedback is full of precise actionable feedback that you will know exactly where and how to implement.

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Award winning tutor provides English lessons from prep to level 6 to Geelong region

I make teaching fun and I'm gentle towards the needs of children. I ensure there are powerpoint presentations and clarity in my instructions ensuring the student is at ease and has a clear direction and goal. Working towards always improving oneself.

Cooks Hill
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Learn writing, editing or publishing from a professional with over 15 years experience

I work with my client to achieve their publishing, editing or writing goals. I will work with you to develop tailored lesson plans that move you towards becoming a better writer or to publishing your written work.

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University student, majoring in screen and writing, assisting with creative writing and English studies in Launceston.

I prefer to explore a few methods to determine what is best way for a student to learn. Lessons will be one on one as to maximise potential. I believe the teachers objective is to act as a guide. This gives the student to maintain the sense of freedom as they can bring many things that a teacher can't to their education.

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Aspiring writer and book blogger offering Literature Lessons in Sheffield at home or online

I base my approach on the pupils themselves, prefering to adjust to a style they would find more approachable and easier to understand and apply in their day to day school lessons. I believe there is no set method, but rather a versatile approach will help the most when dealing with the individuality of each child.

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Journalist and Imperial College Graduate offering English and 11+ tuition in Slough

My teaching style is patient and friendly. I focus on primary school-age children who are preparing for their 11+ exam. I use practice papers to help children prepare, and we go through as many papers as possible because practice makes perfect. I quickly identify when a child is struggling with any particular type of question and talk students through the problems using examples and illustrations.

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Time Academy’s consultancy services cover the areas of Foreign Language education, Certificate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., Post-Doctorate degrees; as well as Erasmus, Internship, and Work and Study

All academic services are provided by our consultants that have lived and received their post-graduate degrees in the UK or the USA, and hence who carry the title of ‘Doctor’. Students are informed in detail about the countries, universities and departments they wish to apply for.

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Qualified proofreader/copyeditor working online to bring style and clarity to your essay/dissertation

I work online with students. Following a brief discussion about the subject of the essay/dissertation, during which we troubleshoot any anxieties the student may have about their work, I read through the work and suggest areas for improvement then, once the student has completed revisions, begin the work of copyediting. I am a fast worker and can help turn a piece of work around to tight deadline.

Denby Dale

Dr PJ - West Yorkshire -Highly Experienced Academic with 4 years of experience at successfully supporting students of all abilities

I have an extensive portfolio of health care education and management experience that enables me to support students with a very wide range of abilities. - Which subject(s) do you teach? * Health & Social Care * Education * Management & Leadership - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Fiction writing - how to write a novel or a short story.

I believe teaching should be fun, stimulating and inspiring. I plan my lessons in order to offer a variety of creative and exciting activities, a perfect balance of conversation, writing and listening. I also believe that the student should be made comfortable in order to express themselves and gain confidence with their spoken fluency.

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Published author with teaching and creative writing qualifications offering novel & short story tuition in Glasgow

I give instruction from beginners level to those hoping to be published or already published. I explore students' background knowledge and experience and any current WIP. Discussing genres and what the students' aspirations for their writing re development and potential approaches to publishers. Each session is tailored to individual needs.

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English Literature graduate is offering an eagle-eye on proofing CVs and dissertations

The teacher’s primary role is to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, and to measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment, like group projects, student portfolios, and class participation.

Saint Ives
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Published author offering bespoke creative writing lessons, tailored to your writing goals

I am keen to teach anyone who wants to improve their creative writing, with a view to becoming published; whether traditionally or via a self-publishing platform. I am hands on, and use a combination of coaching and script doctoring to help writers produce a professional manuscript, be it a short story or full-length novel.

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Experienced English specialist offering English and literacy teaching up to an advanced level

My approach to teaching is to find out what each student is good at and what they need help with. I then build lessons that focus on developing weaknesses into strengths. I give lessons to non-native learners of English and to native speakers seeking to improve their literacy and their ability in writing texts and expressing themselves effectively.

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University graduate author looking to tutor in Creative Writing, English Literature, And Essay Writing.

My teaching method is a combination of example and practical learning. I like to get the students involved in their own learning, therefore my lessons will be as practical as possible. I am kind, supportive, and enthusiastic, and target all lessons to individual's specific needs.

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Professional magazine writer and English literature graduate offering English tutoring in Surrey

At the heart of it, I love my subject. But I would not have felt this way if I had not had teachers and tutors who instilled that passion in me to begin with. With this in mind, I try to bring an element of fun to my tutoring because when we have a genuine interest in a subject, higher grades come naturally.

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Published poet, writer, editor and tutor, able to put you on the road toward publication in the West Midlands.

I go on the basis that with creativity then everything is possible! And I encourage students to create their own worlds to explore, with me acting as guide and influencer. You can do anything with words. Exploring creativity and creative thinking. Writing is serious, but the best way to do it is in a creative, fun way.

Lee james
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Post Graduate Doctor of Creative Writing offering specialist tutoring in the UK

My teaching method is knowledgeable, concise and inspirational. I have achieved great success as a creative and this can only be naturally taught to others. Preparation and time management are just as important during the learning process in education and learning.

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Author of poetry book Sense Me, published in the UK, teaching creative writing, english language and critical writing from Guildford, Surrey.

My teaching methodology is to interact with students. Learning is a two way road and we'll always have a focus on one topic for the day that we'll explore and find out what has been written about it before and what are new ways to talk about it.


Catherine - Brockley - School English

I'm a passionate and supportive tutor with a PhD in English and six years' tutoring experience. As a lecturer in English at Goldsmiths, UCL and Kingston university, I teach a range of topics. My tutoring centres on the student's specific needs.

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Marketing Executive who has worked on large scale marketing campaigns. With an MSc in Marketing and further qualifications in Social Media

I have written 2 dissertations and as such understand the stress, worry and process. I’m calm, informative and caring.

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Poet and Editor of an international literary journal offering lessons in Glasgow.

My teaching experience is relatively new but I will plan a specific course depending on the students current level and requirements. I have a friendly approach to teaching.

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I’ll take you from an idea to a professional published children’s picture book.

Online and/or on-site creative writing sessions and step-by-step guidance on independent publishing resulting in your own professionally published book available for sale around the world.

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English written and spoken tutor for the highest results that you able to get!

My teaching method is understanding and reflecting. Thus, I believe taking times to listening to your problem, talking to you about it for more details, then I can suggest a solutions that may able to bring you to a higher level achievement.

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Experienced student writer looking to teach creative writing of all genres, York

My teaching methods are flexible and depend a lot on the students. I don't see the point in enforcing a certain way of learning when each individual will have different techniques that work for them. In the first lesson I would probably put some time aside to discuss how we want the class to work and so we both know what the goal is for the class.

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University Student, and Multiple Published Author Offering Writing Lessons At All Levels

My teaching method is to address your personal needs, and improve on your weakest points. Everybody is different, and most people do not realise what they are doing wrong. I will address these issues.

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Providing empirical dissertation help for undergrad Economics students in London/ Nottingham/ Colchester

My aim is to keep things as simple as possible . I enjoy breaking abstract concepts down to make them more palatable to my students, which I have found to be extremely effective from previous experiences. Communication is key, and students should let me know if they don't understand a particular topic or need more examples to aid them.

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Experienced proofreader and editor offering to proofread and edit IT and Engineering related documents

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their academic goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Quantity Surveying and construction management from Sheffield Hallam University. During my studies, I conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in mathematics, programming, networking etc.

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