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Qualified Early Childhood teacher who has experience working with Special Needs children

My teaching method is to base all of my lessons around he needs of the children I work with. I believe this is essential in order to allow them to learn to their best potential. I also believe it is important to use a play-based approach with younger children.

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Early Intervention Teacher and Secret Agent Society Practitioner, available for school support, transition to school and social skills.

I am good at supporting individual children at home or in class in a positive way. If I can make it fun I will but the important thing is to get children to want to learn and not find it a chore. I believe everyone learns differently and it is a matter of finding what works for the individual so that they achieve and learn at their own pace.

Mary joy
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One-on-one reading support services to students with reading disabilities within Stirling suburb

I base my methodology on the learning style of my student. I give motivational tools and timely rewards and proceed with the lesson according to the student's pace. I value mastery of learning and assess before moving on to another level or lesson.

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Literacy Support for students with Special Needs needing tutoring in literacy skills

Students learn differently so it is important for me as a teacher/tutor to discover how a student learns best, their strengths and weaknesses, gaps that they have in their learning and ways I can help them to achieve their best and learn despite any learning difficulties that they may have.

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A qualified teaching assistant with a passion to make learning fun, for special people

My teaching philosophy is to allow a child to learn at his/her own pace and my job is to provide that encouraging environment, so the student does not feel pressurized. I don't aim at grades but in positive learning. Home is a comfortable place for any one and giving the student an opportunity to learn in his/her comfort zone can bring positive outcomes.

Modbury North
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SA qualified/registered teacher with over 25 years' experience in numerous subject areas.

I engage students through incorporating their strengths and interests. All ability levels are catered for, while providing modelling and immediate feed-back regarding progress. Homework activities can be provided upon request, for students to practise concepts covered during lessons.

Burleigh Heads
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Experienced and dedicated Educational Therapist gives school support lessons to special needs students in GoldCoast

I´m passionate about human connections and how we learn. My main areas of expertise are Dyslexia, Dysphasia and Dyscalculia. Nevertheless, my approach to learning disorders is that they are a consequence of context demands, so I work on the relationship between the learner and his/her context. I focus on strengths rather than weaknesses, in order to build confidence and self-esteem.

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Hey there , I am gonna teach you with the reading methods and styles

My teaching technique will depend on your suitability, the way you like..

South Gladstone
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I teach reading to children who have ADD. I live in South Gladstone and the reason I chose this subject is because I also have ADD and its easy to understand children who struggle to read, i am very p

i am 22 years old i would love to teach students who have ADD to learn to read. My lesson structure and methods would include reading books and help pronouncing words and sounds properly. My philosophy is to help them feel more confident.

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Sydney-based Learning Consultant with Montessori Diploma, BA (Hons) and dyslexia/learning difficulties experience

I either provide personalised tutoring programs to students, but alternatively also assist with schoolwork/homework in a range of subjects including English, Maths, French, German, HSIE, History, music (piano), including techniques to overcome learning or developmental difficulties and increase students' confidence.

North Bendigo
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Experienced teacher assists in the development of skills to develop reading ability.

I am a great believer in developing phonological skills in a systematic way with a fun approach and using technology.

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THE AUTISTIC EDUCATOR. SYDNEY, NSW. An #actuallyautistic Educator with a lifetime of experience teaching, mentoring and advocating for Autistics.

I want to be accepting and supportive of Autistics to help them through the difficulties they face with understanding and DEEP empathy. I have lived it. We are all different but we have many things in common that help me relate to Autistics in a major way. I REALLY want to help Autistics become the awesome people I know the majority of us are capable of being.

Forest Glen
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Primary Teacher with six years experience with students with special needs in particularly with Reading and English skills.

I base my teaching practice on teaching to the students specific interests whilst ensuring links to the curriculum. If a student is interested in what they are learning they are more likely to connect and engage. I have had significant experience with students on the Austism Spectrum as well as other learning challenges. I have worked with over 10 students with ASD.

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Online Reading Teacher Aide helping with your reading with a Diploma Education Support

Hi I have a Diploma of Education Support I have a helped students through face to face using technology and worksheets.

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Project Eng. teaches maths, physics, English if needed, and effective Management techniques

I like to help students who find difficulties in various subjects particularly maths , physics and others if needed. For this reason, I like to try and implement various methods that would allow students solve complex problems with simplicity.

North Tamworth
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Qualified Teachers Aide offering tutoring for students with Disabilities and additional needs

I enjoy seeing my students succeed, I like to start my lessons with revison and build on prior knowledge therefore the learning is enjoyable and i am setting them up with confidence and in most cases willingness to try new and bigger projects.

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Experienced special needs teacher who likes working with children who need assistance

Individually developed learning programs following initial assessment and in line with the Australian Curriculum making learning enjoyable for the child

Sunset Beach
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Experienced Early Childhood specialist giving private tuition to children with learning difficulties.

I believe in hands on learning and project based discovery. I focus on the child’s interests and strengths to assist their confidence and curiosity. I believe that every child has the right to learn and structure lessons to scaffold what they already know. Lessons are fun and engaging for the student which builds confidence in their own abilities.

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Experienced teacher K-12 all ages, most subjects, tailored help for your needs.

I believe it's important to start where the student is "up to" and then build on from there. This may involve assessing that the student may have missed out on a very early, basic skill. I don't believe in trying to "prop up" their learning by just showing them how to do the particular question/skill that they present with as needing help with.

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Primary Education (Special Needs) Students passionate about Special Education and Inclusion, Fremantle & Rockingham Areas

My teaching philosophy is centred around inclusion and the ability to reach high potentials. I have high but achievable expectations of students and find this gives students satisfaction when they complete a task. My lessons are geared towards students additional needs who like a fun and engaging environment.

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Expert And Engaging Online Dyscalculia Maths Tutor. Your Child Will Learn in a Supportive and Nurturing Environment.

Your child will receive one hour of Dyscalculia tuition. I tailor the class to your child's needs and I determine this based on their interests, personality, primary mode of learning (kinesthetic, auditory, visual), ability level and emotional state. I provide a supportive and nurturing environment so that children can feel safe and develop or master their love for learning.

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10 years experience in handling children with dyslexia add adhd confidence building


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Qualified ABA therapist with 10 years of international experience gives intervention at home

To Assess the concerned child. To lay out an IEP for the individual To use a method, best suited for the child"s development.


Maths/ English SEN tutor - London - MSc Educational Psychology graduate - six years experience working in schools supporting children with SEN

I am an experienced and enthusiastic SEN and academic tutor, with 6 years' experience working with children and young people in education. I foster an approach centered on developing confidence, self-belief and an autonomous learning style. My tutoring style uses a person centered approach, that enables the student to manage their own learning overtime.

(3 reviews)
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BSc graduate and SACE registered Mathematics Teacher offering lessons to learners with Math difficulties.

I base my classes on the principle of self-conceptualization and knowledge construction. In my classes, the learner is given a chance to understand concepts his own way.

Santo André
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Student of Engineering and Mathematics at Federal University that gives exact classes.

I base my classes on an exposition of the subject, a theoretical approach, and from there I work solving exercises and taking questions as they appear, the exercises are solved with my supervision at first, and then the students solve while I cast doubts.

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Actuarial Science student from University of Western Ontario teaches calculus for students from London, Toronto (Ontario)Canada

My teaching method is helping students to understand the concepts and definitions in depth rather than memorizing. I will also try to solve problems in many ways so that students can have a broad picture of the topic they are studying. At the end of every class, I will also summarize everything to give students an overview of the lesson.

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A-level Maths student looking to help GCSE mathematics and GCSE numeracy students succeed

I mainly like to use Past papers and worksheets. I like to use lots of colours and some mindmaps. I prefer to explain problems in a practical way that students can identify with. I try to give students clues when they are stuck and try and get them to work through the problem with as little guidance as possible so they can achieve independently.

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Highly qualified, open and friendly primary school teacher willing to tutor 4-12 year olds, or adult learners, in Reading, Writing and Maths. I am willing to travel to you.

I think my class would tell you that our learning is based on enjoyment and engagement! I like to use a wide variety of resources and ensure that the learners’ needs are being appropriately met. Nothing should be too difficult or too easy! Like Goldilocks, we want our learning to be just right! Fun is a major factor with lots of discussion and interesting, engaging resources.

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High school student teaches math, literature, art, and other support classes in Tijuana

Specialized classes in basic subjects or focused on a subject according to the needs or preferences of the student, in order to reinforce the knowledge or improve the performance of it. Focused on classes to students of primary or secondary level to guarantee the knowledge of the topics to be treated. The place to teach must be agreed (library, cafeteria, center, etc.).

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