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Para Hills
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Uni Adelaide Master designer gives creative lessons to anyone who interesting in creative at Adelaide.

I will ask what is the most thing the students wanted to know. and will give them a guid to open the new angle for the subject. The structure will be the question, and discussion. focused on the exploration, research, and explanation. then come up with ideals. and last is review for empphasize memory.

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Le Cordon Bleu student studying to be a chef in Sydney. Have been in Hospitaly Industry for about 4 years.

My teaching classes will provide you with recipe details and a result delicious to eat. My teaching methodology is simple and interactive that makes you fall in love with every small step of cooking. I will start with basic cuts followed by tradition recipe of India or French (as per request).

Victoria Park
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Certified cook offer cooking classes to learn basic cooking skill to all

my teaching is based on very simple methodology . my more focus is on one o one training with the individual. this helps me to understand the different ideas and make better relations. i believe in open communication. so simple..

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UOW student with 5 years of experience in traditional, healthy, spicy, or mild and easy Indian cooking. If you love Indian food, there's more to it than the restaurant curries.

Do you love Indian food? Does a curry or a spicy stir fry excite you, while its cooking process intimidate you? My classes would cater to your personal requirements, we would work on what interests you and bring the best version of your culinary skills while cooking. Indian food is more than just the restaurant curries, it has a rich history.

Upper Coomera
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My qualifications and experience provided me with excellent hospitality skills in commercial cookery, implementation of food safety procedure and work place hygiene procedure and knowledge in a number

I acquired a Certificate IV in TAE as well as Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery from TAFE Queensland. and Certificate III patisseries I was working as a commercial cookery trainer since from February 2010 at Spencer College in Brisbane .

1st lesson free !

Food, glorious food! Join me for hands on cooking with a variety of cuisines designed specifically for your interest.

Prepare to get dirty! I run fun and interactive hands on courses, covering a brief history and development for a variety of cuisines, as well as some of the science behind cooking. If you are a beginner cook and looking for a relaxed environment to learn some of the tricks of the trade then this is for you.

1st lesson free !

Learn to be your own chef in sweet, healthy ,traditional and asian ways

My teaching methods is mostly get my students involved in the practical session rather just explain how to do it and i manage to teach simply and easy way to make it a success with available resource.

1st lesson free !

Classically Trained Qualified Chef /Tutor/ Trainer now available in the Central West

My teaching method is to demonstrate the dish, then supervise the student's re-creation of the dish. I'll flesh out the process with some historical context and show the student that it's easy to produce quality food with the right strategies and techniques.

1st lesson free !

A food passionate HK lady is going to teach the simple Asian dishes that you can do it at home too

Cooking is not something can be done by theory. The way I teach people is a small group practical lesson.

Nurul syafiqah
1st lesson free !

A Malaysian girl who enjoys cooking as much as she loves eating

I can teach by online and face to face as well (whichever comfortable for everyone). I know what will work to make my lesson in class interesting.

1st lesson free !

Qualified Chef with knowledge in traditional, modern and molecular gastronomy will give cooking lessons.

I based my teaching method on Outcome Base Education where all of the topics or subjects to be discussed has goals to meet at the end of each sessions. In cooking classes, I will discuss the background of the topic that may include it's history, methods, application, preparation and presentation. At the end of each sessions, students must fully understand the subject by individual assessment.

1st lesson free !

University Pantheon Sorbonne graduate in Visual Arts, Creator of successful Hand Painted silk scarves Rainbowmadzuko is seeking to share knowledge and experience.

I have always loved baking and cooking from a young age . I like to make the class fun and let the student explore their passions, I am a true believer that education should be fun to be memorable. Cooking should be healthy and fun.

1st lesson free !

Housewife mom teaching cooking fun in mooloolaba. Playing with food to learn.

I am Mrs. Tamrakar-Maharjan. I love cooking varities of cuisine and travelling. My teaching method is very exciting and I like to keep it simple. Timing and colours are very important factors while cooking. I hope you will enjoy cooking with me.

Russell Island
1st lesson free !

Chef for 50 yrs have wealth of experience in all facets of cookery

I have taught students and qualified cooks and chefs from High school students to compete in the Gold coast show who received a silver medal to teaching Asian cooks the correct method in Asian cookery and also working out work plans for large brigades. I try to teach with the method of keeping things as simple as possible until the students have proved they can move to the next level.

1st lesson free !

I am delivering Asian cooking classes at tafe college, community gardens etc. I am qualified in Traning and assessment. My fee is $65/hr.

My teaching methodology is VAK (visual,auditory and Kinesthetic. I use PowerPoint presentation, videos and demonstrations.

1st lesson free !

Enthusiastic architectural student teaching how to cook real Asian food with over 6years experiences.

I teach by giving out the students my own recipes also teach them in details so that they know the right amount of seasoning and the real Asian cooking methods.

1st lesson free !

Misbah have been cooking since 12 year old , experience have developed cooking passion and love in my heart

My teaching method is basic. If you love to learn something , it always better learn from the basic so you can have roots in that particular subject. You can inovate anything , if you know the rules and method .

1st lesson free !

Qualified Chef gives back to the trade that gave him his career

I base my methods on adapting what is required with students capabilities As you get out what you put in we can prove & improve our abilities in ways never realised.

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Malaysian teaching traditional and simple cooking in Adelaide for students and housewives

I have experience in teaching online, face to face and also attend to enquiries over the phone if required. In many occasions, I will demonstrate by cooking with the class especially if the participants would like to enjoy meal after lesson.

1st lesson free !

Cookery trainer in Melbourne with 28 years of cooking experience and 8 years cookery training

I have full hospitality culinary experience, as well as in management, food development, kitchen design, team building, cookery training and other relevant knowledge and skills. As a professional chef and culinary trainer, I am highly motivated to continually improve my skill. I am goal oriented, hardworking, creative, honest, reliable, organized and multi-talented.

Dundowran Beach
1st lesson free !

Learn the culinary art of Commercial Cookery in Dundowran Beach, Hervey Bay

My teaching method is a hands on approach, a very visual experience. Students gain knowledge and experience in the culinary art of basic cooking skills to advanced preparation and service.

1st lesson free !

Brazilian Chef graduated in 2017 gives simple cookery lessons for anyone who wants to make beautiful

First class: - Food handling safety - Basic terms and cuts: methods of cooking - Ratatouille - Consomme - Tempura - Mango Chutney - Pea soup with bacon --------------------------------------------------------------- Other Classes Techniques + recipes - Pasta with Bechamel sauce and prawns - Eggs: Poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce/ Tamagoyaki - Ceviche - Karaage (deboning a...

Saint Clair
1st lesson free !

I cook my Thai food for myself all the time. Almost everywhere I’ve tried Thai restaurants overseas they are full of MSG and sugar and I hate that. I can teach you to cook healthy Thai food that I alw

Very basic and easy. Everyone from kids to adult can learn and make it together. I will teach and let you make it to show me days after days so you remember it.

1st lesson free !

I consider my free time to be a search for gastronomic delight… I will go above and beyond, both budget and means, in an attempt to try the latest and greatest food around me…that is wherever I travel

I would love to teach my traditional but easy approach to cook some yummy Indian cuisine. From the breakfast menu to lunch and dinner course menu.

1st lesson free !

Indian student here gives very typical food lessons and various food preparation methods.

method in cooking will be my method depends upon what we are cooking. Specially I will concentrate on Indian style of cooking that too mothers way and granny way of cooking. I cook all types of food and won tandoori night event in india.

1st lesson free !

Learn to cook from an Indian Creative Chef from Down Under, Sydney.

My teaching method is online or face to face if your in Sydney. I like to be practical and would like to cook along with you. Let me know what dish you want to learn and we can do it together and eat together.

Juan manuel
1st lesson free !

A proffesional chef gives cooking lesson. Please let me know what do you want to Cook. let's start!

they will be totally personalized classes, where each student will learn the recipes, all the cooking methods, temperatures and correct methods

1st lesson free !

Singaporean Asian cooking practical home cooked style easy to learn and serve

Practical hands on approach and cooking lessons depending on what you want to learn and covering basic cooking Asian way

Jane Brook
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Yummylicious Asian & Easy recipes home cooking either Swan or Mundaring Area, Western Australia

I prefer to plan timing for prepping, cooking, plating, and eating.

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