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Victoria Park
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Certified cook offer cooking classes to learn basic cooking skill to all

my teaching is based on very simple methodology . my more focus is on one o one training with the individual. this helps me to understand the different ideas and make better relations. i believe in open communication. so simple..

Surfers Paradise
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SCA authorised barista trainer offering private or team training in all aspects of coffee- Gold Coast based

I am very flexible with how my classes run and I can create a course to suit your situation/needs. Just tell me what you would like to gain from the session and/or how long you would like the session to run and I will send you a brief overview of the class including the knowledge and skills that will be covered.

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Barista training lessons: learn the skills to make the perfect coffee today!

My lessons are geared towards beginners. The three main areas that I focus on are: extractions, milk stretching and pouring.

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Learning to Cook from Home like a Chef in a Few Simple Steps.

My teaching method is all hands on. Smell, taste, feel, there all come into play with learning. They are our receptors which show us the most information for improvement. I will be able to sharpen your senses to increase your culinary skills.

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Professional barista tutor. Make consistently amazing coffee, find your flow and love your work.

My teaching methodology will start with the product itself. Getting to know the bean. This segment will cover; the roast, bean origins, grinding coffee and how to adjust the grinder. Different types of coffee (eg, macchiato, espresso, latte, cappuccino etc.) Pouring the perfect espresso.

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Hospitality Trainer for 13 years and 20 years experienced in the Hospitality Industry.

*My teaching methodology is about teaching and training practical work to students and up-skill staff within the workplace. *It is also important to gain Certificates/Qualifications for better job offers or career pathways. *Theory is important to start with the training, and then Practical skills based on units requirements, assessments and validations.

1st lesson free !

Old School knowledge from Leese's Nanna also helpfull tricks for tasty food success.

my grandmother taught me and many mother in laws along my way. NO qualification on paper only, and to be honest I am new to teaching but very easy to get along with.

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Coffee Industry Worker in Palm Beach QLD offering tips and tricks to improve Cafe Game.

I try and teach new things to people by breaking them down into their most simple components.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Sujan gives real cafe experience coffee extraction and art training with basics

Start from basics to art to deliver coffee to customers. The very basic and important parts where a good coffee is made.

West End
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1st lesson free !

Self confessed foodie and sweets addict teaches cooking lessons in Brisbane City.

I base my classes on recipes and ideas that the student wants to try. I will encourage them to step outside their comfort zone and challenge them. My favourite thing about learning to cook myself was taking a relatively challenging recipe and cooking it. My favourite thing about teaching someone else how to cook is how fun and relaxing it can be and also creating something.

East Cannington
1st lesson free !

I will provide you barista course certification and training as well.

I will first give you the demo and then you will have to keep trying until you show me that you have learnt.

1st lesson free !

The colour of the cafe and I can book tomorrow after I

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Hamlyn Heights
Karen (maryjane)
1st lesson free !

Passionate Coffee enthusiast and Barista Trainer available for consulting and training in regional Geelong

It is in my nature to make everyone feel comfortable and confident, to share the general history and theory of coffee and to provide a hands on approach to the technical and practical features of everyday equipment and machinery. This program is available to everyone.. whether you have some experience or no prior knowledge within the coffee industry.

1st lesson free !

New Culinary Tutor for Hire in Altoona Wisconsin USA Please Pick Me

My teaching method is always personalized to the client I work for at the time of the lesson. I am a optimistic, happy, smart, and all around fun person.

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College Student with 5 years of At-Home Baking Experience in Nogales, AZ

My teaching method is to demonstrate how to properly fold, mix, whip, and knead step by step, depending on what treat you are desiring to make! When teaching others, they intend to believe that the reason their desserts don't come out as they wanted is because they skipped a step or maybe over baked the treat; That is not true! The key is to when you are mixing your ingredients and to know when...

1st lesson free !

Pastry Chef with 5 years of experience and lots of love for baking.

My teaching method is very different. I do a lot by having you make the cake yourself so you can have a hands on approach. If you mess up, no worries, you can learn a lot by making mistakes and learning from them.

Clarence Center
1st lesson free !

Food enthusiast who has travelled the world only to fall in love with its flavors

I love to teach or try how to cook anything and everything. If I don't know then I am always up to learn it. I am up to help you learn in whatever way you feel comfortable and most able to learn.

1st lesson free !

Im a fresh graduated of bachelor of technical teacher education major in Food Service Management

I believe the classroom is a living community and that everyone, from the principal, to the students, to the parents, must contribute in order to maintain a positive atmosphere.

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