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Fully Qualified Passionate Chef/ Cake Designer/ ready to teach you in Noosa.

l like to use fresh and if possible local ingredients. Starting with the basics is key to my teaching also like to make sure my students are confident before l move onto the next stage. when ever possible like to teach my students multiple ways of doing things.

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Pastry tutoring with World Wide and Australian trained pastry chef with over 30 years experience

Firstly its imperative that I listen to my students. Find out what information they really need to know. I believe in talking and showing. Pastry is huge. Talking about recipes and how to do it is one thing but when you physically show them how to do it and the process involved its a different story.

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Perth girl who gives cooking classes to anyone! cooking is something fun and relaxing

teaching method is having fun, cooking safely and make sure it taste amazing! teach you how to cook so then you can make it at home for family, friends or yourself at home! winter dishes, summer and lots more! yay!

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Want to have some delicious food and easy cooking come learn with me

Systematical learning with great experience and creativity . Easy cooking and baking methodology for beginners as well .

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The spices of life is with delicious cooking and eating with joy..!!!

my teaching method is going step by step so that the people can understand in a better way and they can opt it very easily.sorting things first and then understanding what to do with them and knowing about the dish which we are going to make . All the age people who are interested in cooking can join..

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Chocolate Making Workshop This Workshop will teach you how to make different types of chocolates like 1.Dryfruit chocolates 2.nutella chocolates 3.oreo chocolates 4.truffle chocolates 5.assorted choco

My Teaching method is simple & it changes according to the type of students Learning method is simple Practice class for all those interested in learning how to make chocolates Workshops will be held at my place or else need a group of 5-6 students to conduct it at someone else’s place

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Beginners lessons in Baking/Cake Decorating/Cake Art - By a certified pastry chef

Sharing recipe at the start of the class and full live demonstration from ingredient prep to cake prep. I'll provide a shopping list to help you find ingredients. Available 24/7 through email. The class is meant for beginners who want to set foot in the direction and never baked before.

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Teaching Food Technology in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for DFP Almarai candidates

Technical Training Specialist with Almarai Company , Al Kharj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Home cook with experience teaching and a love for food and food science

I want to share my love of food and cooking with other people. Besides being a necessary skill for survival, cooking and food is one of the best ways of bringing people together.

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Cake Decorator with Baking Diploma giving cake decorating and baking classes in Toronto

My teaching methods are one-on-one and easy to understand. Students have free will to whip up their own creativity into decorating cakes. These classes are open to all, you do not require a certain level of education to attend. A typical class would be in an extremely relaxed environment where you can get creative with shapes, colors and moulds to make your perfect cake.

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Crash Course on Cooking with Cannabis at Home for students living in Canada

in our Crash Courses, we got over the science behind why Cannabis affects the body, how the process is done in creations of Edibles, how to make Infused Butter and Infused Oil, how to properly dose the Infused Ingredients and what kind of recipes can be made with those ingredients.

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College Student with 5 years of At-Home Baking Experience in Nogales, AZ

My teaching method is to demonstrate how to properly fold, mix, whip, and knead step by step, depending on what treat you are desiring to make! When teaching others, they intend to believe that the reason their desserts don't come out as they wanted is because they skipped a step or maybe over baked the treat; That is not true! The key is to when you are mixing your ingredients and to know when...

Navi Mumbai
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An enthusiastic home cook who also runs a small home based baking business.I teach Indian Cooking and modern baking techniques.

I am a hands on teacher with focus on Easy-to-learn detailed techniques, both basic and advanced.

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Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels

Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels

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Certified Health Coach with over 20 years medical experience, offering healthy cookery classes

I make all my classes very practical, easy to follow & fun to take part in. I will teach you how to create delicious, healthy meals that are simple to make, from every day ingredients.

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I am soon trying to open up my own bakery so I want to give people experience and knowledge about baking

My teaching method is to give my experience on what I know. I am going to give information about the topics of different pastries or baked goods. I am very flexible and have no problems with questions.

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We teach Home tutorial/online Professional chocolate making course both basic and advanced

We will teach from roots of the subject which anyone can learn and gain knowledge in few hours. We create a friendly environment which u are feel free to ask any regarding subject. We give long support till u perfect in subject.

Navi Mumbai
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Bake your way through life and add a little sweetness to it with this Chocolate making class.

I use traditional ways, that my grandmother and my mother have been using since years with a little bit of my expiremental skills.

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Cooking class for people who have a passion and a dream together let’s make the dream come true

I like to teach people in a way there comfortable with and everyday push them that extra bit.

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Cooking is good to teach without food we cant live so every one should learn this and my famliy says that my dishes are so yummy and delicious....

My teaching method is first to make list of what to do plan your program and then list the thimgs you need and collect that and then do so you can do easily you work and then theory..

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DO YOU LIKE CHOCOLATES AND WANT TO TRY MAKE IT AT HOME? Learn How to make chocolates in easy and fun way!

I learn how to make chocolates through YouTube, friends and family, take their advice and make chocolates in a hygienic way and try and sell them.

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Learn homemade chocolate making and impress your near and dear ones with your handmade chocolates

Well I believe in teaching like a friend from scatch so my students can understand better . . . .

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1st lesson free !

Study to gain knwoledge not the marks Be brilliant not the ranker!!!

I teach students to make concept clear in their mind and i dnt allow them to just mug up things

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Confectionery Chef with a Sweet Tooth...Come and Join in...Let's bake it right!

In regards to my professional qualification am an MBA in marketing, born and raised in India have been excelling beautifully in my field with an overall working experience of more than 8 years. I have been through ups and downs and feel each and every one of us needs a guide, a friend, a teacher or may be in simple words a LIFE COACH.

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Hello everyone! Are you all ready to learn all the lip smacking dishes from me? Be it bakery or be it cooking here is everything that you can learn within seconds! Soo hurry up?!

I'll be starting from culinary basics so that all the cooking enthusiasts have strong building blocks. Also i'll provide the cooking techniques from the whole world along with some vegetarian and vegan substitutes. Trust me you will fell in love with cooking.

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Homebaker giving classes on 100% vegetarian bakery, cakes and healthy bakes in kolkata

My teaching methods are simple. Baking will be made easy just like another cooking methods. I have taught a lot of students at my place. The main strength of my classes are healthy baking.

Marseille 2e
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Pastry courses for individuals adapted to any level on Marseille and the surrounding area

Being a pastry cook by profession, I am adept at teaching pastry simple or more complex according to the choice of the student. Playful and in a good mood for a better transmission of techniques and other knowledge. Suitable for any level.

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Lets all come together and take an adventure without actually needing a passport. My name is tracy

I am a secondary student who has finished her GCSEs. I am interested in cooking and I have a lot of fun whilst teaching this gracious skill to loads of people around the world. I organise sessions in Newham borough of London but I can also personally come to a tutee in case of any inconveniences .

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Poonam from amritsar helps students in chocolate making from last two years

My teaching method is very easy nd simple. I will teach you in easy manner way u needed .

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