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American student studying abroad in Sydney giving lessons in Hockey, Lacrosse, American Football

My coaching methodology is a positive approach. I encourage my students to work hard through positive constructive criticism. I try to give 5 compliments for a job well done for every 1 critique for something that can be approved.

Moreland Hills
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Student at CU Boulder - Avid basketball player and coach willing to teach!

I would love to teach basketball in a plethora of ways.

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Varsity football, basketball, and lacrosse player offering one on one help in Minneapolis

game like situations. I find it easier to learn when applying to real life situations instead of "by the books" kind of drills. I apply what I have learned from previous coaches, as well as what I personally found most helpful on my own.

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Lacrosse coach with 8 years experience at the high school and youth levels.

I approach coaching by instilling a passion for the sport in the player. If you don’t love it, you won’t give it your all.

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Ex-USA Collegiate Lacrosse Player with 10 Years Experience, will meet London-Based pupils!

Practice! Repetitions! But, GOOD repetitions. I believe that building strong muscle-memory is the key to success. Confidence, however, is also key and so as a coach I am tough but I love my players and I want nothing more than for you to succeed.

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