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College Grove
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University of Notre Dame Australia student available as a History Tutor in the Bunbury region

I base my lessons primarily on the students and if they have any questions or are confused about a topic. I then progress from clarifying questions to helping them prepare for assessments such as source analysis and/or essays. Will take individual lessons or groups with a max of 3 students.

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Friendly expert, international arts consultant with a masters degree in visual arts.

I’ll need to get to know your learning style, what you know and what you need. With my experience, I have a great deal of reference material at my fingertips, to point you in the right direction and guide you along the way. Most importantly, I seek to inspire your passion to learn more.

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Academic Writing Skills and Humanities Knowledge, Provided by Enthusiastic Third Year USYD Student in Camperdown/Inner West.

I like to teach with fun energy and optimism. There's no topic that cant be taught with good vibes and persistence. I enjoy simplifying tricky topics into relateable examples so that they become understandable. Likewise, I feel that it is important for me to be an approachable ally in my method of tutoring. Also, I will supply you with many 'fun facts'.

Flinders View
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Recently Graduated High School Student with High OP (9) Giving History-Based Lesson in Ipswich.

My teaching method can easily be adapted to students of different learning styles, such as visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. The lesson would be structured in a way that does not just give the student the answer so they can pass, it will be structured to allow them to be able to find the answer on their own through developed skills.

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Digital Skills support for Teachers and High School Students from TAFE instructor

Heavily scaffolded learning with a flexibility of depth- depending on need. I am here to support and facilitate your learning. Working with you to find your goals and the steps needed to reach them. flexible learning means it it self-paced with a high level of support available.

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Trained and practicing Visual Art teacher in Brisbane Southside available for high school and university level

Identify student learning objectives and focus area. Work through practical exercises be in physical making or writing for history. Discussion of key points, artists, and artworks for contextualisation. Systematic breakdown of assignment task sheets. Both digital and physical approaches to written responses.

Bell Park
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Melbourne University graduate with theoretical and real-world knowledge for (Art, Ancient, World, Australian) History students in Geelong and surrounds

My teaching method is based on my own experience in overcoming adversity and achieving academic success through finding motivation. As such, my lessons focus on 'pep talk'-type speeches to spark courage and enthusiasm. I am aware of each student having an individual learning style and will listen and mold my lessons to fit whatever seems most appropriate.

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Perth Students! Learn about World History and Different cultures around the world.

I base my class in teaching culture and history from differents parts of the world. I am also organized patient, understanding and capable of meeting with the demands teaching in tales. I can teach individualy or to a group of people. My classes are exciting and interesting.

North Lambton
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Studying Secondary Education at Newcastle University, with a focus on History and Geography, based in Newcastle, NSW

My teaching methodology is strongly based off the Growth mindset. The Growth mindset refers to the brains ability to constantly grow and learn new things through the right method of encouragement and the importance of a challenge. This is my role as a tutor, to encourage and challenge to ensure constant learning and the adaptation of a desire to learn and ultimately develop a growth mindset.

Ascot Vale
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Victorian College of the Arts student gives lessons in Media, Cinema History and Conversational English

I'm a friendly, 26 year old, easy going VCA student who has been making short films and exploring different cultures for the past six years. I offer development of skills and knowledge in practical filmmaking, cinema studies and secondary school media. I also offer conversational english lessons to foreign students.

North Casino
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Ancient and Modern History taught in the Far North Coast... where do you want to start?

I believe in building a strong rapport with students and making a dry subject like history fun and enjoyable through interactive activities. I believe that students should control their learning through questions and their own interests. This way they feel a better connection and ownership over what they are learning.

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I have a law degree from London and will like to teach

I have a very proactive approach towards my teaching method. I want the pupils to contribute and think critically in the class. I do not like to include my person opinions in the lectures and always welcome feedback. I look forward to working with your firm.

Mermaid Beach
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Argentinian psychologist and artist, passionate for everything i do, above all education

intuition, listening and watching to the students needs. I study and read every time to get in touch with the most accurate way to reach each student singularity. I worship authentic interest in learning, and take care curiosity doesn't get spoiled.

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Sacred Heart student giving arts, outdoor and social skills to primary, lower high school students

I can easily break down questions into what its specifically asking, I'll answer any questions relevant or irrelevant to the subject and i feel that if you are not stressed, you feel prepared and you are positive about the outcome of the test or mark, you will achieve a good mark as the student will not feel the pressure in the classroom

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A post graduate university student gives history lessons with over 15 years of teaching experience.

I have a post graduate qualification in Australia. I have over 15 years of teaching and training experience in staff members of hotels, companies and educational institutions. I have proven ability to develop comprehensive training programs. I have developed activities aimed helping non-native speakers learn the English Language.

East Bunbury
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ECU Painting Major give Art History/Theory lessons to secondary and uni students

I base my classes on periods of modern art history ( from Impressionism onwards). Class work addresses the social climates and changes in styles within these periods. Most class work is image response based focusing on visual analysis. Aiming to develop and broaden the students confidence and ability when writing about art.

Mount Hawthorn
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Fine arts student offering art history lessons in Perth to high school students

My teaching method is based on student preferences, however in particular I aim to use visual cues to teach such as mindmaps and diagrams. I find it helpful to create weekly goals that push students to better themselves over time. My teaching is mainly aimed toward year 10 to year 12 students however younger years could benefit also.

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QUT Art History graduate giving lessons to high school students in Brisbane

I base my teaching methodology on each students individual needs. No two students are the same and I recognise the fact that each student has different needs and learn at different paces. I can cater a semester or holiday study plan for students based on what they need from me.

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Life Long Learner teaches early career learners the dispositions to become life long learners themselves

If you are keen to learn and to achieve at school or university to the best of your ability, I can help you achieve your goals! I believe in student focused inquiry based learning drawing on evidence-based principles. Teaching and learning are active functions and focused on individual needs.

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University of Sydney History (Double Major) student interested in teaching private/group lessons for primary/high school students

I base my classes on maintaining the interest and focus of students and ensuring their are motivated to learn. I am interested in getting to know each of my students well so I can tailor my methods to each of them and make sure they get the most out of their learning.

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UWA Law and Visual Arts Student offering Art history/theory, English and History lessons to high school students in Perth

Hi! I'm Isabelle I am a 2017 high school graduate and was recognised as one of the school's high flyers and a member of the 400 club. My top four subjects were Visual Arts, English, Modern History and Maths Applications. I am available to start immediately and will create a personalised study plan for your child based on their own ability, goals, subject, age, and school curriculum.

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History or Herstory a unique approach to understanding events that shaped who we are

I assess the interest level and deliver stategies to make learning inventive fun and students wanting to learn even more

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Passionate towards the arts and art history, techniques and how art has shaped different historical and cultural aspects of society

To overlook the historical development of art and their creators, the influences of their time and how it has culturally shaped ours, as well as the symbolic meanings behind the art itself.

Brunswick West
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1st lesson free !

University art student, looking to tutor high school art students. I am friendly, welcoming, and was once in your shoes. I’m here to help you.

I base my classes on interacting with the art history, and becoming immersed in the history of art in such a way, it would be hard to forget.

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Community Services Student teach social skills of community to high school students

My teaching method will involve a lot of communication, so talking and discussing social issues and how we are to deal with them. I also would like to hear from students through presentation of what they think of the topic and how they understand it. I will also like to make it fun by creating a environment where students are free to enjoy and also learn.

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Australian Catholic Education student gives tutoring to primary and high school students

My teaching method is based on various theorists ideas and analysis. I want my students to enjoy the subject rather than doing it for the sake of doing it. It is very crucial for a child to learn when they want to .

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Studied History at ANU, Studying Teaching, Philosophy and Creative Writing at UC. Offering help to anyone in the Canberra Area. Personable, Great Communicator, Reliable, Passionate and Energetic

My approach to teaching is derived from my ability to communicate well with my students. I do my best to differentiate how I deliver content based on how my students learn most effectively. I always ensure that whoever I am helping has a full understanding of the content before moving on to the next stage, and that the information being delivered is relevant and relatable for them personally.

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Published author gives critical thinking and essay writing lessons to high school students interested in studying the Humanities and Cultural Theory

I proceed from an understanding of students knowledge, capabilities and backgrounds. I encourage students as active participants in the learning process, by acknowledging that all learning is a complex interplay of active and receptive processes. I engage students in discussion of ways in which study tasks can be undertaken.

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Discover Art History with Masters Student - over 15 years arts industry experience

Hi, I have a passion for Art History and I'd love to share it with you. I can tailor lessons to your current level of knowledge so whether you're currently a school student or complete novice, we'll discover the world of art together. I'm happy to focus on one particular area if you have something special in mind.

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