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University of New South Wales Student gives Geography and History Lessons to Students.

My teaching method comprises of all the means to make the student understand the best of the subject. I start by making them understand the concept and then ask to practice and learn along with me teaching them the base and final outcome.

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VCE AUSTRALIAN HISTORY TUTORING- specialised, affordable + comprehensive support from a pre service teacher!

My biggest aim as a tutor and pre-service teacher is to create a supportive, encouraging and inclusive learning environment where my students have the room to grow, learn, ask questions and seek feedback.

College Grove
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University of Notre Dame Australia student available as a History Tutor in the Bunbury region

I base my lessons primarily on the students and if they have any questions or are confused about a topic. I then progress from clarifying questions to helping them prepare for assessments such as source analysis and/or essays. Will take individual lessons or groups with a max of 3 students.

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Highly qualified and experienced tutor with a BA-Education from Macquarie University and an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business.

My lessons are student-focused, such that the material and delivery are designed in relation to my students' individual needs. I seek to use a variety of materials and media to enhance and enrich the learning experience. Most importantly, I seek to develop close relationships with my students so that learning is relaxed, enjoyable and rewarding.

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Year 12 student able to tutor primary and early high school students.

I prefer to look at the child’s needs and making sure to mould my teaching to their way of learning, to maximise the knowledge that your child would get from each lesson, all while maintaining a positive attitude and encouraging your child and cultivating their love for knowledge.

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Melbourne Uni Master of Teaching (Secondary) specialised in Civics, Politics and History

Questioning is my main method. My question will lead you to find the answer by yourself over an interesting and challenging process. Once you've got to the good answer, it will become part of you that you will never need cheat sheets for. The questions will highly resemble what you will have in the SAGs and final exams, which in the meantime facilitates improvement of writing style.

Gladstone Central
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UNDERGRADUATE ESSAYS - Get the results you want - Help with Academic Writing - Essays, Reports, Academic Writing

I use a dialectic approach to teaching (the 'socratic method'). This method uses argument and counter-argument to identify strengths and potential opportunities, and or weaknesses, in your academic writing before you submit for grading. This method also leads you to a better understanding of your subject matter ('deep learning') and improves your grades.

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BA(hons) Student Tutoring Secondary and Tertiary Humanities (General) Online. Albany, Western Australia

Personally, I work to meet an assignments criteria while drawing on my own skills and interests to create authentic and fortified pieces; and this what I encourage my students to do. I find the key to excelling in any subject is to find your niche: be that what you're good at, what interests you, or an angle that gives you new means or motive.

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Bachelor of Education and Teacher of History, Geography and Physical Education, Tutor in Newcastle

My teaching philosophy has been developed through practice and my own learning and educational experiences. I strongly believe that my mission as a teacher is to promote positive learning through creating a respectful and safe environment that allows students to feel comfortable to share, learn and collaborate.

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Academic Writing Skills and Humanities Knowledge, Provided by Enthusiastic Third Year USYD Student in Camperdown/Inner West.

I like to teach with fun energy and optimism. There's no topic that cant be taught with good vibes and persistence. I enjoy simplifying tricky topics into relateable examples so that they become understandable. Likewise, I feel that it is important for me to be an approachable ally in my method of tutoring. Also, I will supply you with many 'fun facts'.

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UQ Philosophy PhD Candidate offering humanities, English and history tutoring to high school and tertiary students in Brisbane

My teaching method is broadly based in the model of humanities university tutoring, with an emphasis on closer analyses of subject content and helping the student to relate the topic to a wider context. I am available for both general ongoing assistance, as well as help with planning and writing assignments.

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Bachelor of Education student teaches History (all levels) to high school and uni students.

I am flexible and can adapt my lessons to my students. I believe that knowledge is power. I like to break work down and do it in steps - I believe this is the best way to learn and remember.

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Experienced educator and university student in Melbourne's South East teaches humanities, politics, history and social sciences.

I have personally run educational programs in of 40+ high schools in the past two years, giving me a wide range of experience in teaching students of a range of backgrounds. I have worked with ESL students, students with learning disabilities and children of all knowledge backgrounds, being able to adapt content to suit their needs easily.

Birmingham Gardens
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History/Humanities Tutor / Newcastle Region / 4th Year Education & Humanities University Student

My teaching methodology varies depending on the size of the class, I prefer to tutor students individually, as students have a variety of learning styles.

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Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall - Confucius

Hi, My name is Fabian and I am currently completing my final year of Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anient History. I want to assist you in your ancient history studies and offer one on one private tuitions in the comfort of your own home. I am suited for teaching and assisting with the ancient history subjects for both primary and secondary student up until VCE.

Brown Hill
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Deakin PhD candidate, offering English, History, Politics, International Relations to Uni/High School

People learn at their own pace, so keeping an open dialogue and keeping the student comfortable with what they are learning is important. Fundamentals are also extremely important, and a big part of my teaching will be geared toward that.

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Macquarie University Arts Graduate provide history lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

My degree in Cultural/Critical Studies encompassed areas of Ancient/Modern History including Greek/Roman/Hebrew/Australian cultures/Archaeology and Animals. Lessons are determined by students needs. Focus is primarily in Essay Preparation/Writing/Time Management and Correct Referencing. I encourage fun learning online. First Lesson Free.

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Biology graduate giving geography lessons by using the new methodologies in teaching.

my name Is Melissa I have a bachelor degree in biology, and I am still doing my master in environmental sustainability. i also took a course in the new methodologies of education, which helped a lot in my tutor and teaching career.

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Master of Teaching graduate gives humanities lessons to high school and uni students

I have recently graduated from a Masters of Teaching and am interested in sharing my skills and experience. I cater my lessons to the student using fun and creative activities! I asses the current skills of each student and identify areas of improvement. I believe that all students are capable of excellence.

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History expert providing online tutoring to improve understanding to students enhancing their knowledge base

I am an experienced online tutor eager to encourage students to understand History as a basis for connecting with today's society. I love sharing the joys of our historical past with students helping them to better their focus so that when giving answers they will experience the sensation of what history has taught them.

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Liberal Arts graduates gives lessons on history, philosophy, theology & literature for high school students & university students

My teaching method is based on the socratic method. The best way to explain a concept and understand something is through discussing it. I will raise questions to the student. I will not directly give the answer if I believe that the student can arrive to the answer on his/her own. I will also encourage the student to ask questions back.

Flinders View
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Recently Graduated High School Student with High OP (9) Giving History-Based Lesson in Ipswich.

My teaching method can easily be adapted to students of different learning styles, such as visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. The lesson would be structured in a way that does not just give the student the answer so they can pass, it will be structured to allow them to be able to find the answer on their own through developed skills.

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Get a lesson in History in the suburbs of Melbourne by an American with a knack for those olden days

My teaching methodology is geared around each individual student. Depending on the needs and goals of the student my methodology is incorporative of a variety of approaches. My goal is to be personable with my students as to inspire improvement and a desire to study.

Malvern East
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English exchange student studying Arts at Monash University available to teach in Melbourne with a long standing passion for history.

My preferred subject to learn and teach is history. My teaching philosophy is little and often. I have made the mistake of leaving revision/assignments to the last minute but I have always aimed to work ahead of schedule to relieve stress.

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University of Mebourne Arts student and Dux (98.75 ATAR) providing VCE year 11 and 12 tuition in History: Revolutions, Global Politics, Literature and English

Having recently completed year 12, I have an intimate understanding of these subjects and can offer invaluable guidance in concepts and content; essay writing, exam technique and short answer questions; and general management of stress and the year 12 workload.

Mount Pleasant
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Exploration of ancient and modern Western history with Curtin uni student, Perth

I will adapt to your favoured learning method so you attain the best outcomes possible in the subject areas chosen. I will assist with general learning/interest, homework, assignments, essays and exam preparation. I find it important for you to question and think critically during the lessons and I will be encouraging this.

Redland Bay
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Griffith Masters Student giving International Relations lessons to University Students in Brisbane

I approach my topics by first breaking down to its basic components and definitions, delving into the background behind it. This better informs the individual of not just what but why, which will enable a greater understanding of the topic as it is explained in greater detail. Through understanding the basics the more advanced aspects can be more easily comprehended.

Croydon Hills
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Hi, I am a Deakin Student studying to become a teacher! This year, I tutored both History Revolutions (French and Russian) and English. My history revolutions student is currently in the top of her cl

I am so passionate about all of my students and believe in creating a nurturing environment from the basis of positive psychology to help foster the best grades that they can! I teach them the skills that they need for their SACS and Exams so that they can tackle these assessments head on with confidence! I primarily use my lessons to teach skills such as writing and content and I cater each of...

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First-year Deakin University Arts student, tutor for Psychology, History, and personal development

I am a very descriptive tutor, in that I like to explain concepts and ideas as clear as possible, with the aid of visual materials (PowerPoints, diagrams etc.). I am also a big believer in collaborative learning, and love to use services such as Kahoot and Menti to encourage others to express what they have learnt.

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Pre-service History teacher and Monash History H1 Honours Graduate gives lessons to secondary school students.

Student-centred teaching which encourages student curiosity and critical analysis is the foundational element of my teaching pedagogy. In the classroom, my placement experiences are often geared towards working to engage students in delving into the historical past in ways which work to nurture the changing landscape that is history.

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