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Ormeau Hills
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Religious Educ, Theology/ Humanities, Thesis: An inspirational tutor/coach /mentor, passionate to teach & inspire students. With a PhD (cand) /ongoing research, up-to-date with current practices.

(1) My Attitude & Approach is reflected in my welcome word to each student: Keep Strong & Focused And Please Say With Me (x3): I CAN DO IT! Here’s Why. Any Academic Problem Is Resolvable And Is One Step In Time Into A Future Just Ahead Of You; So Bright & Colourful That Your Crunch Time Will Not Last. So, Stay Strong & Very Courageous.

College Grove
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University of Notre Dame Australia student available as a History Tutor in the Bunbury region

I base my lessons primarily on the students and if they have any questions or are confused about a topic. I then progress from clarifying questions to helping them prepare for assessments such as source analysis and/or essays. Will take individual lessons or groups with a max of 3 students.

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Highly qualified and experienced tutor with a BA-Education from Macquarie University and an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business.

My lessons are student-focused, such that the material and delivery are designed in relation to my students' individual needs. I seek to use a variety of materials and media to enhance and enrich the learning experience. Most importantly, I seek to develop close relationships with my students so that learning is relaxed, enjoyable and rewarding.

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Psychology lesson and academic support for Middle and High School students in Adelaide tutored by University of Adelaide Honours Student.

Anyone can learn! Because the mainstream teaching style does not suit everyone, my teaching methodology is individually focused and I place great importance on understanding where each student is at in terms of their learning journey. Learning requires to brain to be relaxed, so I approach all learning concerns with compassion and patience.

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Bachelor of Education and Teacher of History, Geography and Physical Education, Tutor in Newcastle

My teaching philosophy has been developed through practice and my own learning and educational experiences. I strongly believe that my mission as a teacher is to promote positive learning through creating a respectful and safe environment that allows students to feel comfortable to share, learn and collaborate.

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Academic Writing Skills and Humanities Knowledge, Provided by Enthusiastic Third Year USYD Student in Camperdown/Inner West.

I like to teach with fun energy and optimism. There's no topic that cant be taught with good vibes and persistence. I enjoy simplifying tricky topics into relateable examples so that they become understandable. Likewise, I feel that it is important for me to be an approachable ally in my method of tutoring. Also, I will supply you with many 'fun facts'.

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UQ Philosophy PhD Candidate offering humanities, English and history tutoring to high school and tertiary students in Brisbane

My teaching method is broadly based in the model of humanities university tutoring, with an emphasis on closer analyses of subject content and helping the student to relate the topic to a wider context. I am available for both general ongoing assistance, as well as help with planning and writing assignments.

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Bachelor of Education student teaches History (all levels) to high school and uni students.

I am flexible and can adapt my lessons to my students. I believe that knowledge is power. I like to break work down and do it in steps - I believe this is the best way to learn and remember.

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Experienced educator and university student in Melbourne's South East teaches humanities, politics, history and social sciences.

I have personally run educational programs in of 40+ high schools in the past two years, giving me a wide range of experience in teaching students of a range of backgrounds. I have worked with ESL students, students with learning disabilities and children of all knowledge backgrounds, being able to adapt content to suit their needs easily.

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ANU student Canberra looking to tutor in humanities (social sciences, English, politics)

I believe every student requires a different approach to learning, and that I can provide a thorough, yet flexible teaching style to fit each individual.

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Liberal Arts graduates gives lessons on history, philosophy, theology & literature for high school students & university students

My teaching method is based on the socratic method. The best way to explain a concept and understand something is through discussing it. I will raise questions to the student. I will not directly give the answer if I believe that the student can arrive to the answer on his/her own. I will also encourage the student to ask questions back.

Flinders View
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Recently Graduated High School Student with High OP (9) Giving History-Based Lesson in Ipswich.

My teaching method can easily be adapted to students of different learning styles, such as visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. The lesson would be structured in a way that does not just give the student the answer so they can pass, it will be structured to allow them to be able to find the answer on their own through developed skills.

Boambee East
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Masters Graduate available to teach the Social Sciences; specialising in Children and Young people's rights

I use a holistic approach with my students. Knowing your learning style, your passions in life, and those things that may be a barrier to your learning experience will all be addressed from the moment we begin. Even the most boring of subjects can be enhanced with a positive approach.

Malvern East
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English exchange student studying Arts at Monash University available to teach in Melbourne with a long standing passion for history.

My preferred subject to learn and teach is history. My teaching philosophy is little and often. I have made the mistake of leaving revision/assignments to the last minute but I have always aimed to work ahead of schedule to relieve stress.

Croydon Hills
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Hi, I am a Deakin Student studying to become a teacher! This year, I tutored both History Revolutions (French and Russian) and English. My history revolutions student is currently in the top of her cl

I am so passionate about all of my students and believe in creating a nurturing environment from the basis of positive psychology to help foster the best grades that they can! I teach them the skills that they need for their SACS and Exams so that they can tackle these assessments head on with confidence! I primarily use my lessons to teach skills such as writing and content and I cater each of...

Bell Park
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Melbourne University graduate with theoretical and real-world knowledge for (Art, Ancient, World, Australian) History students in Geelong and surrounds

My teaching method is based on my own experience in overcoming adversity and achieving academic success through finding motivation. As such, my lessons focus on 'pep talk'-type speeches to spark courage and enthusiasm. I am aware of each student having an individual learning style and will listen and mold my lessons to fit whatever seems most appropriate.

South Morang
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Latrobe University Masters of education secondary, Student, Humanities and Media , Melbourne/Northern Suburbs

My teaching method is catered to your child. Every child learns differently and therefore it will become my job to find what works for your child and use this method, this could be a visual learner, written, audio etc. In addition to this i am for an authoritative teaching style which sets expectations whilst providing care and building trust with my students.

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University of Adelaide Teacher Trainee and SSO, offering support in Psychology and English!

My teaching method is diverse, and dependent on the students needs. I specialise in English and Psychology, and I like to make these lessons as FUN and interesting as possible. I start off with the beginning concepts, and continue to build a learning bridge so the student is 100% comfortable in their knowledge and skills.

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Experienced HASS and Health Studies Teacher offering high quality tutoring in Perth

I am a strong believer in visual learning, as well as clear instruction and delivery of content. I have also seen the value of regular assessments in checking for student understanding. Students are encouraged to ask questions and as an experienced teacher, I can quickly identify instances where students may need a little encouragement in order to do this.

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University of Adelaide student offering engaging and interesting history lessons in Adelaide

History has become an ever important topic in recent history, engaging students through social media and television whilst engaging them in theory work is vital. Practical and theoretical components. Relating to students and providing a fun yet informative experience is important to me.

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Female English Tutor, in NSW, Milperra. Conversation, theory and application based lessons

I base my approach on conversations which are centred around theory and application. I enjoy having in-depth discussion on content in order to fully understand and engage in topics which always allows for better understanding of material. Having my students express their opinion is a key element of lessons.

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VCE History Revolutions Tutoring (RAW 46 Study Score) giving at home tutoring

I spend the first lesson assessing any issues for students, as well as tackling any immediate homework/SACs. I then will tackle learning important content, as well as understanding how to structure answers and essays. Depending on the dedication and expectations of my students, I will encourage them to complete additional essays for me to mark.

Saint Lucia
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UQ International Studies student gives modern history/ foreign and current affair/ politics/ social skills lessons to high school students in Brisbane

I believe that to achieve the optimal outcome out of studying, one cannot rely entirely on the given materials but must exude a curiosity or exercise an effort to find out more details of the problem and apply their critical thinking skills in coming up with their own resolution to the problem.

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History and International Student helps teach all year levels History students in Gatton/Ipswich

I don't have a specific teaching method, however I like to talk and explain things or different concepts as well as possible so that it can be understood. I believe that reading, writing and talking about a learning concept are the best way to learn and understand. I also believe that learning should be fun and to make sure that something is achieved every lesson, whether big or small.

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Third Year Flinders University Psychology (Honours) student gives Psychology and Humanities-type lessons

I base my lessons on what needs to be done for the student to succeed at that current moment.

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Specialising in Politics, Theatre & Secondary Teaching as part of a Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Education (Honours) Degree at Monash University.

My teaching methodology has been developed and refined through teaching placements and tutoring experiences at secondary schools. My primary intention is to develop student knowledge through a range of multi-skilled activities, adapting my teaching processes to best serve the student's learning preferences.

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A doctorate student willing to mentor individuals seeking skilled knowledge of human behavior

My teaching method is collaborative and supportive. I like to work with students who are open to learning and exploring, they should be willing to ask questions and put forward their perspectives and how they see the relevant topic. I can conduct classes one on one or in group sessions also depending upon the need of individuals and topic at hand.

Andrews Farm
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Student-teacher at the University of Adelaide tutoring in History and English and French

My teaching method for History and English is to emphasise the stories that are contained within History or English texts. Stories are more engaging and interesting than historical dates and grammar. These things must be learned, of course, but I aim to couch the heavier technical facets of these subjects in the stories and the meanings and lessons we can learn from these stories.

Malvern East
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Recent graduate from the University of Melbourne with a Masters in Professional and Applied Ethics.

I like to tailor lessons to the needs of the student. Preferably something interactive that involved discussion and practice. But most of all, I like to make it fun, to try and follow the interests of the student while working on the core skills the subject requires.

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