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Redland Bay
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Griffith Masters Student giving International Relations lessons to University Students in Brisbane

I approach my topics by first breaking down to its basic components and definitions, delving into the background behind it. This better informs the individual of not just what but why, which will enable a greater understanding of the topic as it is explained in greater detail. Through understanding the basics the more advanced aspects can be more easily comprehended.

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Female English Tutor, in NSW, Milperra. Conversation, theory and application based lessons

I base my approach on conversations which are centred around theory and application. I enjoy having in-depth discussion on content in order to fully understand and engage in topics which always allows for better understanding of material. Having my students express their opinion is a key element of lessons.

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La Trobe University Student with a MPhil in Politics provides History/Politics tutoring in Geelong

My teaching philosophy is based on Wilhelm von Humboldt's idea that students' educational path should be like a string which provides students with some guidance but also allows them to take their studies in whatever direction they see fit.

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Politics and Law student teaching ATAR Subjects - All Areas - Very Experienced and flexible

I teach in a very constructive, informative way using past experience and knowledge to encourage students into enjoying the subject.

Glen Waverley
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Religious education tutor that has been tutoring since 2016 and has nothing short but good reviews

I base my classes on finding each individual student's strengths and weaknesses so that I can specifically focus on improving their weaknesses whilst ensuring their strengths become even stronger.

Victoria Park
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Griffith University student teaching students in the Perth region history, politics, religion and more

I teach literally anyone, because I believe in the value of history towards people's personal lives as well as their studies. Whether they be high school students, university students or even older non-students, I am happy to sit people down and teach them history. My teaching plans are personalised based on topic, the extent of knowledge necessary and the learning goal that you are hoping for.

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ANU Masters Student offering International Relations tutoring for undergrads and high school/ college students

My prefered teaching method is personalised based on the student's goals. Tailoring the sessions based on their study outline to aid their understanding of the course. After our first meeting, we'll establish a timeline of topics and upcoming assessment. Each session will be discussion based, with the goal of confirming and filling out your knowledge rather than new content.

North Narrabeen
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History: Gap year student using strong people skills, a background in children's education, and recent personal experience to guide and assist current primary and highschool students.

I focus on the growth of relationship between student and tutor, and the growth of confidence of the student. I consider it important that each student feels safe, respected and supported. I usually address their specific needs as I get to know their strengths and weaknesses, and I tailor my teaching to each individual student.

Stuart Park
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Final semester bachelor of laws student - can tutor year 11 or 12’s in Legal Studies or English

My teaching method is using a personal approach, by listening to the student and breaking down the issues and problems

Mount Waverley
akshay reddy
(1 review)
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Postgraduate in Public Administration, gives tuition in Geography, History, Civils, Public policy, Current Affairs for Students from Class 7th to Undergraduate Degree Students in Hyderabad.

My teaching method is more practical oriented. I believe in interactive education. I make sure my class has a sound grass root knowledge rather than being mere exam oriented. I teach for CBSE and ICSE students in Social Sciences and also Under graduates of Public Adminstration, History and Geography.

Dr jan
(1 review)
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I am specialized in Foreign policy by having a strong theoretical background.

My teaching method is essentially based on powerpoint and going through the readings together sometimes. However, I am quite flexible about teaching method since each has a unique level of understanding and learning. Considering this, I open to various teaching method based on the student's suggestion.

(2 reviews)
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PhD politics student offering Politics lessons at A-level and University level in Leeds.

My teaching method is starting with the basics and slowly building up a knowledge base so the student can fully understand the subject. I do this through an interactive style, rather than just talking at the student as I want to engage them. I also set weekly essays to assess the progress made during that week on the material we have covered. I have tutored friends at university and college.

New Delhi
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Pursuing a major in International Relations, willing to offer assistance to high school students engaging with Political Sciences. I also offer Russian classes for basic level students.

My teaching method is extremely discussion oriented and student centric. I believe knowledge can be best grasped by relating it to the world around us than mugging up.

(4 reviews)
1st lesson free !

History Post-grad Student offering History and Politics Lessons Up to All Levels

My sessions usually involve both subject knowledge and essay technique, as both are equally important in studying history and politics. My online lessons are very interactive and I adapt them according to each student's needs. I offer support to students through assessing their weaker points and helping to build on these and through developing consistency in exam and essay technique.

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A level Modern History student looking to help those who do GCSE History.

Mini-tests are very useful for a topic overview, so are he making of mindmaps and linking all the knowledge together I will set them things to watch, looking at sources for the time and linking it back to previous knowledge, looking at the criteria and forming answers based on that.

(4 reviews)
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Bachelor student in Political Science at UiT offers a good introduction to the subject for you with political interest

My teaching method is to contribute to creating interest and understanding around politics and what function it has for our society. I think it is therefore important to have a mutual relationship for you who wants to learn and me to get the knowledge you need and want to learn more about.

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Recent graduate offering History and Modern Studies tutoring in the Glasgow area.

I believe each child approaches learning in different ways, and I find it useful to first understand where the child feels they are struggling. From here, we can tailor individual plans to help the student develop and gain the necessary understanding of topics they are struggling with.

1st lesson free !

A-Level Politics - it's happening all around us!! Study in your time

Politics is all around us and is all-encompassing so you will not have an issue with difficulty in learning! Lessons will be interactive, analytical and in depth in order to ensure success!

(3 reviews)
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An aspiring Policy Maker who wishes to have on ground practice of sharing knowledge through teaching.

My classes would be interactive making the students figure out the flow and sequence of information rather than me spoonfeeding. It would grow a natural sense intuition on which Foreign Policy analysis is based on and make conceptions clearer too.

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MPhil student based in London teaching Politics, History, and Economics in London with specialties including US/UK domestic politics, International Relations, Economics, and Russian history/politics.

In teaching students preparing for GCSEs and A Levels, I have found that the key is to first illuminate difficult and abstract material into relatable concepts. Once the concepts are fully grasped, applying them becomes enjoyable and easier to digest. Learning in the context of the examination is also important to achieve high grades.

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PhD student and Assistant Lecturer at the University of East Anglia; offering Politics, History and Philosophy lessons.

Essentially, my pedagogical ethos is a very student-centred approach. What this means is that the student remains at the centre of teaching-learning practice as tutorials are designed in such a way to enable and encourage active participation.

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Educator on YouTube, I teach Current Affairs and International Relations in Kannada and English

I base my class on Images and Explanations. I keep adding easy and Medium questions to keep the class Interactive. I have been teaching Current Affairs and International relations online since 2 years now. The approach is Continuation with Background. Classes are usually meant for Civil service Aspirants and other Enthusiasts interested in current happenings.

(1 review)
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History and Politics Student with 3A*s offering lessons in London and Edinburgh!

Before our first session I will ask for two or three areas to focus on so that I can prepare some materials tailored around the needs of the student. This will be aimed at offering different perspectives on the historical events, political processes or set texts to help the student orientate themselves within a debate and to encourage critical thinking.

New Delhi
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A Political Science Commentator with 15 years of experience in Delhi, a journalist and professional writer

I love to join academic and professional discourses, sometimes personally and mostly digitally. Come and join me if you want to know is why India Gandhi's electoral loss in 1977 was not Spiral of Silence but Atal Bihari Vajpayee's loss in 2004 was. Come join me to know the foreign policy basics of Congress and non-Congress governments.

1st lesson free !

Masters student, studying International Studies and Diplomacy offering Political Science lessons- London

My teaching method is based on interactive learning. As political science is a theoretical subject it is important to understand it rather than rote learning it, hence I adopt a rather non-conventional method of teaching, which is highly interactive.

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University law student offering GCSE and A-level history and politics lessons in Northampton

My method of teaching is developing a series of notes as a main guide, and then developing on those notes through the session, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. I base my teaching method on the same way my teachers did through my time studying at A-levels, and how my current tutors take classes now.

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Cambridge University student offering lessons in History and Politics up to University level.

I'm very happy to give lessons to GCSE and A level students, particularly A level students who may be interested in applying to Oxbridge. My lessons are flexible to my students, but I prefer to study history by theme, and look at politics primarily through institutions and ideologies.

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Law graduate offering legal, politics, history, public policy and geography lessons with a perfect fun twist.

My teaching mode is interactive and l try make sure that my student is involved and also able to ask question as l believe the more questions you ask the more you learn. In addition l try make each lesson a different experience by adding new ways to ask questions such as bringing articles relating to the subject matter.

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A passionate and professional, highly motivated, proactive and positive self-employed lecturer of Politics, History and EFL providing courses for adults and children

I base my lessons on J. A. Comenius methods - "School as a game" - learning through simple “nature’s way”, that is, learning based on having fun by connecting gained and new knowledge instead of memorizing.

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