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Ormeau Hills
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Religious Educ, Theology/ Humanities, Thesis: An inspirational tutor/coach /mentor, passionate to teach & inspire students. With a PhD (cand) /ongoing research, up-to-date with current practices.

(1) My Attitude & Approach is reflected in my welcome word to each student: Keep Strong & Focused And Please Say With Me (x3): I CAN DO IT! Here’s Why. Any Academic Problem Is Resolvable And Is One Step In Time Into A Future Just Ahead Of You; So Bright & Colourful That Your Crunch Time Will Not Last. So, Stay Strong & Very Courageous.

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Highly qualified and experienced tutor with a BA-Education from Macquarie University and an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business.

My lessons are student-focused, such that the material and delivery are designed in relation to my students' individual needs. I seek to use a variety of materials and media to enhance and enrich the learning experience. Most importantly, I seek to develop close relationships with my students so that learning is relaxed, enjoyable and rewarding.

Bell Park
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Melbourne University graduate with theoretical and real-world knowledge for (Art, Ancient, World, Australian) History students in Geelong and surrounds

My teaching method is based on my own experience in overcoming adversity and achieving academic success through finding motivation. As such, my lessons focus on 'pep talk'-type speeches to spark courage and enthusiasm. I am aware of each student having an individual learning style and will listen and mold my lessons to fit whatever seems most appropriate.

South Morang
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Latrobe University Masters of education secondary, Student, Humanities and Media , Melbourne/Northern Suburbs

My teaching method is catered to your child. Every child learns differently and therefore it will become my job to find what works for your child and use this method, this could be a visual learner, written, audio etc. In addition to this i am for an authoritative teaching style which sets expectations whilst providing care and building trust with my students.

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Experienced HASS and Health Studies Teacher offering high quality tutoring in Perth

I am a strong believer in visual learning, as well as clear instruction and delivery of content. I have also seen the value of regular assessments in checking for student understanding. Students are encouraged to ask questions and as an experienced teacher, I can quickly identify instances where students may need a little encouragement in order to do this.

Fairy Meadow
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Nursing student with top grades in religious high school gives lessons in religious education and history

My methodology is that we need to target your learning style and peak your interest. Each individual has a different way of learning and absorbing information, by knowing which learning style works best for you success will come much easier.

Meadow Heights
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Doctor and master of public health student at Deakin uni gives science and medical lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

My teaching method is concept based interactive learning. I base my classes according to individual requirement of students or class and alter the course of classes in order to help students best understand the topic and key concepts. I try to include fun and humor in learning to get better attention of students.

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Utas student, (F 20) tutoring TCE & HIGHSCHOOL History, Religion, English, Philosophy ESSAY WRITING worked with Autistic, dyslexic and other learning difficulties happy to help anyone! :)

My tutoring philosophy : I think it's so important to first get the person I am tutoring interested and excited about a subject, I despise old school teaching on just rewriting the same thing over and over again (although I do see the benefit of doing exam practise questions.

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QUT Art History graduate giving lessons to high school students in Brisbane

I base my teaching methodology on each students individual needs. No two students are the same and I recognise the fact that each student has different needs and learn at different paces. I can cater a semester or holiday study plan for students based on what they need from me.

Rose Bay
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High School graduate and college students providing tutoring for Year 10 - 12 Psychology

My teaching method is to take what you are required to learn, and break your assessment takes down into easier to manage chunks - I then spend time explaining them in a simple way, and tailor lessons to different learning types.

Banksia Beach
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Qualified teacher, religious studies expert, looking to help students with their studies

I am a qualified teacher with degree level training in education. My approach is student centred. Method depends on literacy levels, language skills and processing. I have training with learning disorders. There are ways to learn that suits the individual.

Wavell Heights
Charles derick
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Religious studies Tutor;leader& mentor teaching religion to high school and university students

My teaching is based on the learner’s voice, time for reflection, opportunities for innovation, self-assessment and connection through social media and video conferencing

Glen Waverley
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Religious education tutor that has been tutoring since 2016 and has nothing short but good reviews

I base my classes on finding each individual student's strengths and weaknesses so that I can specifically focus on improving their weaknesses whilst ensuring their strengths become even stronger.

Palm Beach
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Master of Clinical Psychology student ready to teach others in the Gold Coast area

I believe that you're never going to learn anything if you don't enjoy it! I pride myself in teaching through multiple methods and working collaboratively with you to determine how you learn best. I tutor for a period of one hour at a time to ensure optimal learning.

Little Mountain
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Previous Pastor with degree in Theology and Leadership based in the Caloundra area

I am a quirky laid back storyteller. I prefer to use narrative to work through what is being learnt - everyone remembers stories! Based on what your needed, together we will work through the backgrounds, historical and cultural context, options and ideas and understand the story of what holds it all together.

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Murdoch History, English and Education student tutoring high school students in Perth

I believe in authentic learning, that is finding a way for student to relate the topic to themselves or something they enjoy.

Payneham South
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Behavioural Neuroscientist and Science Communicator with professional experience, providing education in Psychological Sciences

I mainly use the socratic method of teaching. I provide many many resources and help guide the student to find the answers.

Deer Park
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Psychology graduate, provides lessons to all students. Various topics such as; well-being , nutrition, history, economics and assistance with assignments.

My teaching method is based on my experience studying psychology. I do not teach students how to rote learn, as research as shown this to be ineffective. Rather, I focus on scientifically proven methods of learning, such as mnemonics as well as timed studying, specific nutrition and sleep patterns etc. that have been shown to be significantly more effective for retention.

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Theology / Practical Religious Studies Teacher with Masters degree; experienced and passionate in teaching online to groups and individuals.

My teaching method is didactic and designed to engage students in a collaborative and reflective learning journey. I like to begin with a knowledge based presentation based on the Bible and other authentic materials and move into reflective questioning leading to group discussion.

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ANU Masters student giving Humanities lessons to high school and uni students

One of the key requirements of humanities is to understand the topic from a deeper level and understand why and how certain things exist or have happened in the past. I focus on the student to have that clearer understanding and through the medium they best understand it with.

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ANU student giving lessons to primary/high school students in Studies of Religion in Canberra

My teaching method is to ask the student of their problem areas and tackling those. I would explain the topic of area basically and provide examples and sampler essays/questions, discussing how to approach and tackle them. I would then continue to go through questions with the student and take them through the process of answering.

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Studies of Religion 2U (3rd), 4 Unit English and 1st in Modern History (SFX) recently completed HSC, tutoring English, Modern History, Studies of Religion and Beginners German in Newcastle and Lake Ma

My teaching method is to work with the student to find problems and difficult areas to work on rather than merely pouring over countless exercises.

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B.A Liberal Arts Graduate of three years gives lessons to humanities students especially history

My teaching methodology is very relaxed and adjustable to each student's individual needs and learning styles. I approach life as one ongoing learning process which is shown in my love for learning and wanting to help any way I can for you to thrive.

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Primary education student gives lessons to uni students on pedagogical practices for teaching others

My teaching method is purely student-centered, focusing on the student's experiences of the classroom and they would seek to achieve as a teacher. I believe teaching through role-playing real-life teaching scenarios is helpful and experiencing a variety of resources firsthand is additionally vital.

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Western Sydney university graduate in psychology conducts psychology lessons for high school students

I am a very friendly and out-going person. I believe every student's learning style is unique. I structure the lesson and activities that suit the student's learning style. I also have experience in working with students with disability (especially, physical disability and slow learners). I structure lessons accordingly to bring about the best.

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Newcastle University Law student offering English, Legal and other subjects tutoring in Newcastle Area

I am currently in my second year of my law degree at University of Newcastle, and looking to help students reach their full potential. I have tutored primary school children and high school children in the past, and am proficient in the areas of English, general maths, legal studies and humanities at a high school level, and all subjects at a primary level.

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Year 12 Graduate Giving Year 11 and 12 WACE Religious and Life Education PRACTICE + PRACTICE EXAMS AND SAMPLE ESSAYS/ANSWERS!

My teaching method is to communicate key tips and pieces of knowledge effectively. I also have an abundance of practice papers, pre-prepared essays and long answers based on syllabus dot points.

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Economics and Finance UWA graduate providing Maths tuition to school students Perth

I base lessons on school curriculum and focus on topics that are taught according to school schedule. This will help solidify topics covered at school. When there are up coming tests or exams I will organise practise tests and help students focus on areas which they nee more confidence in. If students like I can provide practise exams/ test which they can do under exam conditions.

Newcastle upon Tyne
(11 reviews)

Michael - Blakelaw - Philosophy

I am a tutor and proofreader. I primarily tutor in the North-East of England. I am prepared to take on students of any disposition, from the nervous and struggling type to the confident and capable type.

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