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University of New South Wales Student gives Geography and History Lessons to Students.

My teaching method comprises of all the means to make the student understand the best of the subject. I start by making them understand the concept and then ask to practice and learn along with me teaching them the base and final outcome.

1st lesson free !

Macquarie University Arts Graduate provide history lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

My degree in Cultural/Critical Studies encompassed areas of Ancient/Modern History including Greek/Roman/Hebrew/Australian cultures/Archaeology and Animals. Lessons are determined by students needs. Focus is primarily in Essay Preparation/Writing/Time Management and Correct Referencing. I encourage fun learning online. First Lesson Free.

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Murdoch Psychology Honours student gives lessons in psychology, journalism, and all humanities.

Learning should never be about feeling completely locked down in a space that makes you feel trapped. People learn best when they are engaged. Talking about an idea to the extent that it becomes a natural conversation is something that I value.

South Morang
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Latrobe University Masters of education secondary, Student, Humanities and Media , Melbourne/Northern Suburbs

My teaching method is catered to your child. Every child learns differently and therefore it will become my job to find what works for your child and use this method, this could be a visual learner, written, audio etc. In addition to this i am for an authoritative teaching style which sets expectations whilst providing care and building trust with my students.

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Perth Students! Learn about World History and Different cultures around the world.

I base my class in teaching culture and history from differents parts of the world. I am also organized patient, understanding and capable of meeting with the demands teaching in tales. I can teach individualy or to a group of people. My classes are exciting and interesting.

Ascot Vale
1st lesson free !

Victorian College of the Arts student gives lessons in Media, Cinema History and Conversational English

I'm a friendly, 26 year old, easy going VCA student who has been making short films and exploring different cultures for the past six years. I offer development of skills and knowledge in practical filmmaking, cinema studies and secondary school media. I also offer conversational english lessons to foreign students.

Malvern East
1st lesson free !

Recent graduate from the University of Melbourne with a Masters in Professional and Applied Ethics.

I like to tailor lessons to the needs of the student. Preferably something interactive that involved discussion and practice. But most of all, I like to make it fun, to try and follow the interests of the student while working on the core skills the subject requires.

North Casino
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Ancient and Modern History taught in the Far North Coast... where do you want to start?

I believe in building a strong rapport with students and making a dry subject like history fun and enjoyable through interactive activities. I believe that students should control their learning through questions and their own interests. This way they feel a better connection and ownership over what they are learning.

Mermaid Beach
1st lesson free !

Argentinian psychologist and artist, passionate for everything i do, above all education

intuition, listening and watching to the students needs. I study and read every time to get in touch with the most accurate way to reach each student singularity. I worship authentic interest in learning, and take care curiosity doesn't get spoiled.

North Adelaide
1st lesson free !

Recently completed PhD in history at Sydney Uni and tutoring students in Adelaide in the Humanities

To me, an ideal tutor is one that creates a supportive, encouraging, and positive environment for the student, and who challenges them to do the best to their ability. Ideally, a student should always feel comfortable asking the tutor as many questions as possible, and to feel as though their struggles/difficulties are valid and normal.

1st lesson free !

University of Sydney History (Double Major) student interested in teaching private/group lessons for primary/high school students

I base my classes on maintaining the interest and focus of students and ensuring their are motivated to learn. I am interested in getting to know each of my students well so I can tailor my methods to each of them and make sure they get the most out of their learning.

1st lesson free !

(Masters degree) Giving lessons on logic/philosophy/History/film productions near Perth/Mandurah/Online (With 10 years of experience)

I am currently 53 years old, so often I like to just get into the point. I can't guarantee you'll be a billionaire by the end of my lessons, but if you pay attention, you will flourish. I know learning can be hard sometimes, so I hope to do my best in making you do the best of your abilities.

1st lesson free !

Published author gives critical thinking and essay writing lessons to high school students interested in studying the Humanities and Cultural Theory

I proceed from an understanding of students knowledge, capabilities and backgrounds. I encourage students as active participants in the learning process, by acknowledging that all learning is a complex interplay of active and receptive processes. I engage students in discussion of ways in which study tasks can be undertaken.

1st lesson free !

History Teacher (current PhD student) available for private lessons in Melbourne (primary, secondary, uni students)

History tutor available for private lessons. I'm a current PhD student and hold degrees in History and Philosophy, Editing and Publishing, and English Literature. I can hold lessons at my home or at a venue of your choosing, flexible hours.

Macquarie Fields
1st lesson free !

Australian Catholic University Student provides the younger generations with the skills and knowledge they need to pass History.

My teaching method is to base each lesson around a certain module within the set topic. No one can adequately understand an entire topic as a whole so its important to extract the important questions that are most likely to be assessed.

1st lesson free !

English, Drama and Media teacher to teach all levels of English (5-17 age group).

I work with students to improve without feeling like anything is too difficult. I give positive reinforcement and encouragement at all times.

1st lesson free !

MA Graduate offering Film making and Film History Lessons in Peterborough, UK

I like to break things down into steps to make them manageable and useful rather than spout jargon at you. I have been privileged to learn from some of the best out there and would love to pass on that knowledge.

1st lesson free !

Graduated in audiovisual communication with a Master's degree in film directing. I offer classes in Film History and Film Language in Barcelona.

I try to approach the study of cinema from its creative side, through the analysis of the concepts and resources of cinematographic language, both to explain them in themselves and to understand the history of cinema. I also pay special attention to film analysis. I base my methodology on the training received during the master's degree.

1st lesson free !

Media Professional with teaching experience gives lessons in Media Studies for A-Level to Undergraduate students in Greater Manchester

As a current Masters student with previous experience in both teaching and media industries, I strive to provide extra help to those studying in media fields in a professional, yet approachable manner. This is through creative learning materials, workshops, and industry contacts.

1st lesson free !

Social Science Instructor with experience teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago

I dismiss my students by saying "go make mistakes". I believe that students are taught to adhere to social norms thus causing them to suppress their voice. Making mistakes provides opportunities for self-exploration and growth. During my time as a teaching assistant and public speaking instructor, I have found that students are typically driven by grades.

1st lesson free !

Masters student offering academic writing tutoring in Lincoln, 4 years experience in academic writing.

I base my classes on academic writing and researching techniques, at both undergraduate and post graduate (masters) level. In my lessons the first and foremost element to discuss is that of your expectations from my tutoring. Be that basic proofreading, learning writing techniques, or identifying where you are losing marks in your essays currently.

1st lesson free !

National Laureate to Excellence in Philosophy Studies offers personalized courses in Film and Philosophy.

The course would deal with the modes of representation of ideas and philosophical problems in audiovisual format.

1st lesson free !

History of art, history and humanities lessons with an enthusiastic tutor in North London

I create an inspiring and challenging environment for each student, responding to their individual needs, abilities and interests, and personalise teaching plans accordingly. Dedicated and ambitious, I aim for each student to build confidence and achieve their full potential.

1st lesson free !

Experienced creative practitioner teaching art, film, writer and theatre studies in Lincoln!

Whether one-on-one or in a group session, my teaching style can be described as student-led (another term for this is the heutogogical approach, however my background is distinctly pedagogical, which in other words is how our main educational institutions are run).

1st lesson free !

A PhD student in media and cultural studies offering lessons in communication, media and journalism related couses for over ten years.

My teaching method empasises on student centred approach to learning and I believe strongly in students participating in the learning process. My method includes but not limited to exploring examples from real life situation in order to explain a concept to students so that they can have a good grasp of my teaching.

1st lesson free !

Student of History and Performing Arts, minister school tutoring classes for any series

My classes are directed mainly to those students (both Elementary School I and II, High School or Pre - college) who need a school reinforcement in the areas of History or Arts. Thus, my classes are flexible, designed to meet the student's difficulties.

New Delhi
1st lesson free !

Published author and researcher available to teach History to +2, undergraduate, postgraduate

I try to be friendly with my student in order to ease out the pressure. Subject should be taught in the language which comes out from the daily experiences not through the academic jargon that one finds in the University level books.

1st lesson free !

Film Producer w/ History and Law Degree offering History and Media Studies tutoring services in Canterbury

I want my classes to be open and friendly, and based on discussion around a particular topic. I am a friendly and personable person, and create an environment where the student can feel relaxed and able to ask anything they want about particular subject.

1st lesson free !

Master's Degree in Social History teaches high school in Santa Monica, Uberlândia

I really enjoy art and discussions about culture, I always try to establish dialogue with artistic languages, especially cinema. Art is always a great instrument for systematizing knowledge that is awakened in class, and is a necessity in the style of evidence applied today.

1st lesson free !

Master in History by UFMG with experience in higher education teaches History, Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy.

My teaching methodology consists in working on the subjects in a creative and diachronic way, always situating the relevance and timeliness of the topics covered. I seek to create a teaching-learning atmosphere that is lighter and more communicative, giving the student space to express himself and contribute to the construction of knowledge.

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